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Montgomery is going to be at Brownsburg. 

Ben Dalton will be a Monrovia. 

Look for Tyler Conley, Jaden Reynolds, Brady Mckivitz, and Clayton Peters to be very tough at Avon. 

EMD have another very tough in coming class with Fitts, Boarman, Ross and Freeman (I think).

Chesterton has Ellis and Bates coming in. 

Perry has Little Cottey and Little Warren. 

I would love to know if any of the Region kids are going to make their way over to Crown Point. 

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Top 25
Rank/ Name/ Grade/ Projected High School/ Current Weight/ Projected HS Weight

1. Jesse Mendez--7th grade--Lake Central/Crown Point/Mount Carmel--107--(113-126)
(USA wrestling schoolboy 105 triple crown winner, 5X USA National Champ, Tulsa Champ, 2X Ohio TOC champ, 2X Middle School state champ, Super32-3rd, schoolboy Pan Am Greco gold medalist, undefeated at Middle School Nat duals(X2), undefeated at VAC holiday and NHSCA Duals(X2), undefeated in both styles at Schoolboy duals, ranked #39 on Flo Wrestling junior High Big Board, ranked #14 on Youth1 top 75 youth wrestlers, Schoolboy World Team member)

2. Blake Boarman--8th grade--Mater Dei--117--(113-120)
(7-3 at VAC holiday duals, 6-1 at the Middle School duals, USA National Champ, Tulsa Champ, 1st, 2nd and 7th at Middle School State)

3. Noah Mis--8th grade--Mount Carmel/Marian Catholic--110--(106-113)
(9-1 at VAC holiday duals, 8-1 at NHSCA Duals, 8-0 at AAU Duals, 5-2 at middle school Duals, 3rd at USA Nationals, 1st, 1st, and 2nd at Middle School State)

4. Raymond(Brock) Ellis--8th grade--Chesterton--144--(138-152)
(7-1 at Greco Cadet Duals, 9-0 at VAC holiday duals, 7-0 at Middle School National duals, 2nd at Preseason Nationals and USA Nationals, Indy National Champ, 8th at middle school state)

5. Evan Bates--8th grade--Chesterton--150--(145-152)
(8-0 in freestyle and 6-2 at Greco at Schoolboy duals, Middle School State Champ, 6-0 Christmas Duals, 5-2 at NHSCA duals, ISWA triple crown winner, 7-3 VAC Duals, 6-1 at Middle School National duals, Winter Nat. Champ, 5th Preseason Nationals)

6.  Zeke Seltzer--7th grade--Cathedral--107--(106-126)
(3rd place in Freestyle Nationals, 9-0 at the NHSCA duals, Central Regional Champ, 7-1 schoolboy duals freestyle, 5-2 Middle school duals, 2X runner up at Middle school state, ISWA State Champ

7. Cole Ross--8th grade--Mater Dei--115--(113)
(9-1 at VAC holiday duals, 6-0 at Middle School National duals, Tulsa nationals 6th place, 1st and 3rd at Middle School state)

8. Gavinn Alstott--8th grade--Floyd Central--105--(106-113)
(8-0 at AAU middle school duals, 8-1 at NHSCA duals, 7-0 at Middle School National duals, 6-1 at Heartland Duals, 3rd at TOC, Middle School State placed 2nd, 2nd, and 5th)

9. Kysen Montgomery--8th grade--N Putnam/Brownsburg/Plainfield--114--(106-113)
(6-2 in freestyle at Schoolboy Duals, NUWAY national champ, Runner Up USA Nationals, runner up at TOC, Indy National champ, 7-1 at Heartland Duals, multi freestyle titles, 2nd and 5th at middle school state)

10. Scott Fitts--8th grade--N. Posey/Mater Dei/Kentucky?--135--(145-160)
(Dixie National Champ, 9-1 at VAC holiday duals, 8-1 at the NHSCA duals, 8-0 at heartland Duals, 6th at Tulsa nationals, Preseason nationals 7th, 1st and 7th at Middle School state)

11. Alex Cottey--8th grade--Perry Meridian--97--(106)
(8-2 at Disney Duals, 9-0 at the NHSCA duals, 7-0 Cadet Greco Duals, 8-0 Cadet Freestyle Duals, 5-2 Middle School Duals, 4th at TOC, Middle School State 2nd and 6th place, Multi ISWA triple Crown winner)

12. Brady Mckivtz--8th grade--Avon--126--(120-132)
(Runner Up and 4th at USA Nationals, Indy National Champ, 1st, 7th, and 8th at middle school state, ISWA triple crown winner)

13. Tyler Conley--8th grade--Avon--112--(113)
(7-3 VAC holiday Dual, multi ISWA state champ, 3rd at NHSCA, Middle School State 3rd, 4th, and 7th)

14. Jaden Reynolds--8th grade--Avon--130--(120-132)
(Dixie Champ, Best of the Midwest Champ, 2016 Triple Crown Winner, Runner up at Middle School State)

15. Ben Dalton--8th grade--Monrovia--95--(106)
(7-3 VAC, multi ISWA triple crown winner, 2X Middle School state Champ)

16. Tyler Turley--8th grade--Hobart--150--(145-152)
(9-1 at VAC, 8-0 at Heartland Duals, 3X USA National All American, Indy Nationals champ, 2nd, 3rd and 5th at Middle School state, multi ISWA state champ)

17. Cheaney Schoeff--6th grade--Avon--85--(106)
(Middle School State Champ, 6-0 at Christmas Duals, 9-0 at VAC duals, 7-2 at the NHSCA duals, NUWAY Nationals Champ, 6-1 at Middle School National duals, 6-1 at Heartland Duals, multi time ISWA triple crown winner, 3rd and 5th at USA Nationals)

18. Aiden Warren--8th grade--Perry Meridian--143--(145)
(8-1 at the NHSCA duals, 5th and 8th at middle school state, multiple ISWA state titles, 3rd at Preseason Nationals)

19. Preston Teusch--8th grade--Huntington--90--(106)
(2X Middle School State Champ, 5-2 at Middle School Nat Duals, Dominate the Dells Champ, NUWAY national champ, Indy National Champ)

20. Alec Freeman--8th grade--Mater Dei--89--(106)
(9-1 at VAC holiday duals, 5-2 at Middle school duals, 7-1 at Heartland Duals, multi ISWA state titles, 2nd, 3rd, and 7th at Middle School state)

21. Robert Bowman--8th grade--Mount Carmel--156--(152-160)
(Central Regional freestyle champ, 1st and 4th at USA National, Indy Nat champ, 7-1 at Heartland Duals, 8th at middle school state, ISWA triple crown winner)

22. Johnny Parker--8th grade--Cathedral--143--(138-152)
(6-1 at Middle School National Duals, USA National Champ, 3X ISWA triple crown winner, 2X Indy Nat Champ, Runner Up at Middle School State)

23. Cameron Allen--8th grade--Plainfield--100--(106)
(Runner up at Flo Kickoff, 3X NUWAY national champ, Indy Nationals champ, ISWA triple crown winner, 2nd, 2nd, and 3rd at Middle School State)

24. David Pierson--8th grade--Warren Central--98--(106)
(7-1 in freestyle and 8-1 in Greco at Schoolboy National Duals, 5-2 at AAU duals, multi time ISWA state champ)

25. Stephen Roberson Jr--8th grade--Portage/Crown Point/Mount Carmel--96--(106)
(6-1 at Middle School Nat Duals, 2X NUWAY Nat champ, 2X USA National All American, multi ISWA state champ, 1st, 3rd, and 4th at Middle School state)

Updated on 7/7/2017

Honorable Mention: (Roberson, Munoz, Bryer Hall, Ty Lehman, Koontz, Erb, Sanderfur, Muncie, Baumann, Duncan, Goodwin, Nelson, Wagner, Timmerman, Heath, Ross, and Ison

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Shenandoah has a very solid kid named Justin Hummel who'll undoubtedly make an impact on our lineup 126-138.  A couple other kids I've gotten a pretty good look at that show a lot of promise is.....Keon Sullivan from Warren Central.  He's tall, athletic and pretty strong.....but seems a little undersized to roll at 170 with the elite guys.  Tons of potential though.  I also like Garret Sandefur of Mishawaka.  I think he can impact their lineup nicely with continued hard work.  

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