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What are the number one things to teach a beginner

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I have noticed that stance, posture, motion, and reinforcing basic chain wrestling has been effective for myself. What do you think are the best things that you have taught a beginner wrestler, that made them an effective wrestler?

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Body awareness, wrestling in the middle, shooting with head/face up, blocking with head, hand fighting/control, not to tie up, sprawling, standup, hand position on stand up 2 on 1, blocking legs, don't stop until the whistle and on and on and on. Great wrestlers seem to pick it up naturally, good wrestlers practice hard, average wrestlers come on after years of training. 

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The referee is ALWAYS right!!


not when he tries to hold up an exhibition match at Heartland (claiming an insurance issue) when the ISWA/USA wrestling Guru tells him differently.  This should be a lesson for you feez.............when Mrs. Rioux tells you its OK you can take that to the bank !!!! 

LOL, all good buddy

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