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IHSWCA Spring Clinic Meeting Minutes

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IHSWCA Spring Clinic – 2017

University of Indianapolis


Business Meeting Minutes


Old Business:

  1. Meeting minutes (minutes from February – IHSAA St. Mt. meeting) - Sam Riesen – IHSWCA Secretary
    1. Minutes read
    2. Accepted by Bob Hasseman (Franklin Central HS)
    3. 2nd by Dave Thompson (Whiteland HS)


  1. Financial Report (JD Minch)
    1. Money In

                                          i.    $9,250 checking

                                        ii.    State dual profit down

                                       iii.    State Duals - Date hurt the event, attendance down 500

                                       iv.    State Duals - Previous year 2,500 fans, this year 1800

                                        v.    State Duals - Made about $2500

                                       vi.    Made about $500 at fall clinic

                                      vii.    Made about $11,000 @ MS State

b.    Money Out

                                          i.    Indiana - Ill all-star duals

1.    Equipment

2.    Paid refs

                                        ii.    Scholastic duals

                                       iii.    Donated

1.    $1,000 To ISWA

2.    $500 in memory of Tom Clark


  1. Membership Report (JD Minch)

a.    Members

                                          i.    323 members paid

1.    Some signed up but didn’t pay



  1. “Regional Coaches of the Year” presentations – Greg Ratliff - IHSWCA President
    1. Coach Ratliff presented the 8 RCOY awards to the recipients in attendance




New Business:


  1. NWCA/USAW Scholastic Duals report (Tom Miller- Lafayette Jefferson HS)
    1. Gold placed 3rd, lost to Ohio, and Illinois
    2. Blue placed 8th
    3. Event is growing

                                          i.    Encouraged coaches to support it

                                        ii.    Get best kids on best teams

  1. OW

                                          i.    Mason Parris (Lawerenceburg HS) name O.W.

                                        ii.    Donnie Krider (Laffayette Harrison HS) was commended as well.

  1. Exposure

                                          i.    Several college coaches in attendance

  1. Date

                                          i.    Moved back a week next year

  1. NWCA Report-Dave Cloud (Pendleton Heights HS)
    1. National Clinic

                                          i.    Moved to Daytona

1.    Could fly into Daytona or Orlando

2.    Encouraged coaches to attend

                                        ii.    Weight Program

1.    NWCA wants Indiana back on their online weight program

                                       iii.    Greg Warren

1.    Greg Warren will perform at Pendleton Heights H.S. is September


  1. IHSAA Coaches Summit – May 9, 2017 (Danny Struck – Jeffersonville HS)
    1. Coaches meeting

                                          i.    May 9th

                                        ii.    IHSAA offices

                                       iii.    IHSAA asked to discuss weight management

                                       iv.    Section seeding

                                        v.    Questions

1.    Bill Flatt (South Bend Riley HS)

a.    Discussion of handling of alternates admission into semi-state and state


  1. IHSAA New Sectional Alignments – (Greg Ratliff – Edgewood HS)
    1. Discussed realignment
    2. Try to make sectionals and regionals more even
    3. The principals/ Athletic Directors chose to send teams elsewhere


  1. IHSWCA NEW WEBSITE (ihswca.org) – new webmaster
    1. Ihswca.org
    2. New webmaster- Nick Stewert (Jeffersonville HS)


Other Business:


  1. 2017-18 Important Date Sheet – work in progress – will be posted on website


  1. Announcement of 2017-18 & 2018-19 IHSWCA Vice President & Secretary


  1. (Greg Ratliff – Edgewood HS – incoming President, Jake O’neil- Wabash HS- Incoming VP, Sam Riesen- Chrubusco HS- Secretary, JD Minch- Executive Director)



Good of the Cause


NWCA COTY Nominees- Dave Cloud (Pendleton Heights)

a.    Gary Black (Shenandoah)- COTY

b.    Keith Davison (Chesterton) – ACOTY


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