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ECIC still has quite a few teams with the exception of Delta this year. Any predictions?

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I know the seeding meeting is tonight.... but I am not sure what all teams are there this year...

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Ben Logan, Blackford, Bluffton, Churubusco, Coldwater, Ft. Wayne Wayne, Frankton, Greenville, Heritage, Jay County, Marion, Monroe Central, Muncie Central, Norwell, Southern Wells, Union City, and Wes Del. Tournament will begin at 9 am on Friday and fans can follow the event on Trackwrestling.

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Dont know much about the Ohio teams, but the top 3 teams seem to be Jay County, Frankton and Muncie Central. Busco with a few studs can make some noise as well.


Some possible fun matchups:

138 Cooper MC vs Mikesell Greenville, OH

138 Leazier Busco vs Cooper/Mikesell 

145 Young MC vs Winner JC

152 Leonhard JC vs Klettheimer Fr

170 Hemmelgarn JC vs Hayden MC

170 Hemmelgarn/Hayden vs Miller Fr

195 Reyes MC vs McCune Nor

HW Dunn MC vs Schwieterman Coldwater, OH

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Very well ran tournament as usual with lots of excitement! Here's my run down

106: Abbott of Wes-Del completely dominated this weight class with all four falls

113: Exciting overtime match between two Ohio kids in the finals

120: Fugiett had a nice run handing both the top two seeds their first loss of the season

126: Houser won however didn't wrestle like expected. Especially when he was a Louisiana high school state champ at 113.

132: very close match between Fiechter and Meiring. Both looked very solid during the tournament

138: Strait looked very good taking out first seed the first round, but in the end Leazier came out unchallenged

145: matchup between Young and Winner was very exciting and Young started out with two quick takedowns however it was Winner who came out on top. Very good top rider

152: Torbush and Leonard was one of the most exciting matches of the night, yet Leonard was able to put Torbush to his back during sudden victory

160: Javier Johnson looked really solid but Berkibile was a brick wall. Still was a very good match

170: Ivan Hemmelgarn won outstanding wrestler and looked better than anyone at the tournament. Pinning everyone except for Hayden in the semis, that was the real finals match

182: Cole Baker came out untouched with four falls.

195: Delph had the least amount of mat time out of anyone and won his second straight ECIC title

220: Kilgore and Hare was one of the most exciting 220 matches I've seen in a while. Whole place was roaring for the big guys! Hare with the overtime win

285: Schwieterman was very solid taking out the first seed and then breezing through the finals 13-0.

Jay County as a team looks very dangerous and watch out for them at sectionals/Regionals

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