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Here are my TEC picks:


106-Luke Markley-Centerville


113-Max Harris-Union City


120-Jason Hale-Winchester


126-Brandon Purtha-Hagerstown


132-Wes Craft-Tri


138-Javon Phillips-Centerville


145-Great match here between Coffman and Prescott, but I'll take Coffman


152-Best weight class I've seen in a long time in this conference!

Isaiah Michaels-Centerville


160-Josiah Jackson-Tri


170-Chance Faith-Tri


182-Dave Berger-NE


195-Wes Hertel-Union County


220-Brodie Campbell-Winchester


285-Clark Minges-Union County

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Don't count out Elijah Phillips of Centerville he is a returning TEC Champ and has a win over Purtha this year and two wins last year. Purtha also beat Elijah twice last year so its a 3-2 between them and there always exiciting matches. With Wes Craft at 126 this will be a exciting weight class to watch. I think Sabastain Thompson (sorry if spelled wrong) of Winchester could add to the excitment if he is at 126.

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