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  1. toughest conference in the state

    conseco is NOT a conference tournament...next time try reading the topic subject so you arent so confused
  2. toughest conference in the state

    dont forget the NIC... with penn, mishawaka,s.b. riley, s.b. clay and the rest
  3. toughest conference in the state

    with all the conference tournaments coming up in the next few weeks i was wondering which one is the best.
  4. Al Smith Brackets

    it is no different when we are at the state finals. how many times have you seen semi finals matches look better than the finals. if you want to be the best , you have to beat the best.
  5. Weight allowance?

    if either school was out for weather there is a 1lb allowance for the dual or tournament the next day if they cannot practice.
  6. Crown Point vs Merrillville

    the dual is jan. 5 at crown point
  7. Penn in Perspective

    no disrespect intended but i doubt that if a kid wants to be part of a team they would choose wrestling. wrestlers put themselves through more than any other athlete in any other sport. i have been to penns practices and the penn staff doesnt allow slackers. congrats to penn coaches and wrestlers. keep it up
  8. Penn JV @ North Newton?

    coach harper told me that the j.v. team at portage was the 4th string team. either way coach harper is doing a fantastic job. 102 wrestlers on the team.WOW!!
  9. Team State Broadcast

    it will be on broadcastsport.net ;D
  10. Leo vs. jimtown

    i have never been to leo,but i dont think i have missed a jimtown open in at least 10 years. the weigh-ins are complete on saturday night and the only changes that will be made on sunday will be if a wrestler doesnt show up and it would put someone right in the finals.

    great job ! ;D after talking with you during the consolation matches i am impressed with you as a person. you are mentally older than your years. im sure you will keep the intense focus and work ethic that you already have. good luck in the future! im impressed
  12. Fort Wayne regional coach of the year

    maybe duck and run should have ducked sooner. ;D with his comments it sounds like he bumped his head. DUCK :-*
  13. Stahl vs Corpe

    why dont you all let the state finals decide who is the best wrestler this weekend. the fact is, corpe wrestles for elkhart memorial and stahl wrestles for mishawaka. nothing will change that fact. i personally know both of them and they are still kids. some of you are acting like kids on this post . good luck to both of them this weekend. ;D
  14. You haven't seen anything

    after shaking hands i blow the whistle. 12 seconds later there is a fall. the wrestlers return to center to shake hands. the wrestler that was pinned looked at his opponent and said " dude, yer f%&*ing strong! you just kicked my f&$@ing a%$. that was said as a complement and not negitive towards his opponent. i dont care who you are, thats funny!
  15. Elkhart Memorial Sectional

    congrats to nick,collin and jeremy on their championships and the rest of the jimmies for their placements. good luck on wednesday! ;D