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  1. loscoz

    Beards- Hyway and ISWA

    It is there a certain person making the determination of what is abrasive and what is acceptable? Or is it a ref determining it on the mat?
  2. loscoz

    Cathedral on FIRE

    Those days of the fans are a thing of the past at Mater Dei in my opinion. The number of wrestlers have been dropping in the wrestling room and also through their feeder league. Only those who love the sport are following it but the kids aren’t the same either it is a different look for them and it’s sad.
  3. loscoz

    Blake Boarman

    Blake will be there ready to wrestle! Good luck to all the wrestlers this weekend. First time in 10 I won’t be able to make it and it sucks!
  4. loscoz

    Mappes vs South?

    Before someone tells me to follow the link post on how to become an official, I would love to but due to injuries sustained in the military that is an impossible task. Now the officials at Evansville were the worst I have seen in a while. The ref with the #3 was one the the most inconsistent and I believe he cost a few kids from advancing to the next round starting from round one. He would call out of bounds when one foot came close and let others wrestle till the were both on the Ice. I wish I could find my phone because I have three matches he refer that the same situation got different calls. Sorry for putting you out there but you need to be more consistent and hopefully I can gain enough mobility to become an official
  5. loscoz

    Freshman/Sophomore State

    What do you think the schools from the south think about the drive to team state in Ft Wayne? It’s a haul for us but that’s the price we pay to participate in this great sport.
  6. loscoz

    Holiday Classic

    As a Mater Dei grad all the above are true and the secret passways, elevators, the heated swimming pool and the Secret healing pool
  7. loscoz

    Article: Evansville Semi-State Preview

    Great article but I am confused by the 132 comments of Nick Lee following the path of Paul Konrath and Will Egli... I do not think that Lee or Konrath are even on the same map as Will Egli and if they are they are going in the opposite directions! I will not get into the logistics of it all but it baffles me that because a kid is outstanding at whatever sport he is in and people enjoy what he can do to help a team achieve its goals that they( adults, family, coaches, teammates and faculty at the school) over look the kids behavior and chalk it up to kids being kids until he does something that they can not overlook. I feel bad for the kid because yes things happen in life that we have no control over and we don't always make the best choices and have to live with that. I know that I am probably going to be told that I am wrong for saying these things and this wasn't the proper place for it but aren't we suppose to be molding these young boys into respectable young men that follow rules,regulations and laws even if we do not agree with them and to become functioning members of our communities? I guess what I am saying is yes praise your kids for doing well and put them on a pedestal but be that person who cares enough about the kid to let them know they have done wrong before it gets to the point where you don't have say in the outcome.
  8. loscoz

    Castle Regional Pick Ems'

    I think Simms pulls this one off simply because of what IU has stated. From my understanding they have all been close matches which could have gone either way especially if the ref's were different, they would not taken injury time out as Simms has mastered from the spectators point of view. This will come down to wether or not Welch can continue to stall and make it look like he working on a move which I must say seems to be a Castle style that has carried over to Reitz wrestling. Seems to be a connection
  9. loscoz

    Jasper Team Regional

    With the above statements being, and not being said by stick and joe and anyone else, the fact is there was an incident that involved a parent and a TEENAGER, with the ADULT who did but did not do whatever was asked to leave. Now maybe I could be wrong, but you do not get escorted out of a High School sporting event throwing kisses, and I am not talking about chocolate drops either. If this so called adult who someone claims to be 6'2", and no common sense and I say this because, she should have had enough sense and respect for whoever she was there to cheer on to remove herself from the situation. Easier said than done I know and as for her being provoked, not saying she was or was not, she is the adult and should be held accountable for her actions! Not unless that is acceptable behavior for where she is from or it was how she was raised. Hopefully there will be no encore!!!
  10. I think that it is up for grabs, MD is diffently dropping off but I do think that after getting thier butts handed to them they have improved and Reitz is on a roll. Not taking anything away from Castle they have good group of wrestlers but it will come down to which coach gets their young men fired up, with that being said MD will not be a factor. MD is NOT wrestling like the teams before them and there is no motivation from the coaches. That is the observation of an outsider looking in. This my opinion and opinions are like well you know and they all stink!

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