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  1. Holiday Classic

    As a Mater Dei grad all the above are true and the secret passways, elevators, the heated swimming pool and the Secret healing pool
  2. 1996 State Championships

    Now who has the team state videos from the same year?
  3. What if, wrestlers

    Egli is not attending Mater Dei because of code violations.
  4. here is the link to watch black vs rumph

    Watched it again 11-11 should of been out!
  5. Best wrestling duo

    My mistake thought it said coaching dual mind is not right late night last night
  6. Best wrestling duo

    Mater Demi's Mike Goebel and Randy Helfrich! 12 state championships! Mr. Goebel the motivator and Mr. Helfrich technician together they produced some awesome teams and wrestlers.
  7. Evansville Semi-State rankings updated

    Why is he not wrestling anymore? Good kid and I thought he would of been a state placer this year if he stuck it out because the young man had so much potiental but I guess life happens.
  8. Bethel

    Looked like Lee was controlled this time and it's probably because he knows Bethel can capitalize on any of the slightest off balanced movement due to being over zealous.
  9. Egli's

    No longer attends MD! Good kid
  10. Evansville SS Rankings

    I have been using this saying for along time
  11. Best excuses

  12. Mater Dei

    Joe and Matt Lee were there today but Nick is in Pennsyltucky and sign of Paul! No sign of Paul K.
  13. Does Nick chase Brayton

    B. Lee is good but B. Jourdan kept it close at semi state and I will add Lee looked relieved after that match ended and I think that was as close to a defeat he had in semi state and state combined. This should be saying Brayton Lee is chasing competition so he is going after Nick Lee or Joe Lee to see if he can maintain his smile or have it turned into a frown. I think the frown would be the outcome though and I don't think either match up will happen good luck to all 3 next season!
  14. What will Blake Boarman do in HS

    Well you are more than likely one of the kids from MD feeder system and I say that because Patrick his dad will encourage him to be the best he(Blake) can be. Patrick also has made it a point to help Blake realize to always wrestle the toughest competition and if you lose its ok as long as you did so by wrestling your best and you learned from your loss and by the looks of his recent losses he has done just that. By the way the win against Blaine Mayer was from 2015 and Blake wrestled up a weight class to face the best competition from Westside Catholic!
  15. IHSAA meeting

    I was thinking this was real until #4 read it and read it a couple more times and was thinking how and why? I really thought someone's lost their mind. Then #5 I realized oh yeah April fools day though most wrestlers at Mater Dei would love the wrestling up a class because they could eat!