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  1. Sweats McFurley

    NCAA Nationals

    Bo obviously has the upper hand with Myles but as far as anyone else in the country with the ability and experience to beat Bo Nickal it's pretty much Martin.
  2. Sweats McFurley

    NCAA Nationals

    Advantage Bo but MM is the only person that has ever really had his number. I don't see 285 as a guarantee, let alone bonus for the Bucks.
  3. Sweats McFurley

    NCAA Nationals

    ...and for God's sake can we get Quint Kessenich to stop interviewing people during matches, or at all for that matter.
  4. Sweats McFurley

    NCAA Nationals

    Definitely thought Zain would push for bonus points, perhaps the thought of losing his final college match was there. Nolf says he can turn anybody in the country, let's see...

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