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  1. Lake central harvest classic

    From the LC website - Harvest Classic Andrean High School Brother Rice High School Calumet High School Griffith High School Hammond Clark Hammond Morton High Schoo Hanover Central High Scho Highland High School Hobart High School Lake Central High School Lake Station Edison McCutcheon High School Penn High School Perry Meridian High School Portage High School River Forest High School South Bend Washington High School. It lists 17 teams. If you look on the Brother Rice web page, they do not have the Harvest Classic on their schedule so who knows maybe they aren't coming.
  2. IndianaMat after state meet and greet?

    Also probably do lunch at the frontpage after semis. Good food and "pops" without the crowds .
  3. IndianaMat after state meet and greet?

    Kilroys has been a ggod time the last couple years . Will there be cake again ?
  4. Team Race

    In Illinois they will wrestle their team sectionals next Tuesday night and that will determine the teams that will participate in the State finals which will take place that Saturday only 4 days after the team sectional. Indiana could do the same thing with our regional champs meeting the week after our individual finals. Its a good idea but lets not hold our breath .
  5. Ford Center/Evansville Semi-state arena info

    All semi states have 4 mats . All but Merrillville use 4 mats until placement round.
  6. Crown Point Regional

    Ouch. Freshman mistake I guess. Thats too bad seemed to be having a solid year.
  7. Crown Point Regional

    What happened to Lamore from CP? Noticed that the alternate wrestled yesterday.
  8. Calumet Regional

    What time is start time? Ive heard 930 but IHSAA site says 9. Which is it?
  9. Crown Point Regional

    Do the math maybe you'll get it. 80 percent of 56 regional qualifiers from CP is 44. Find it hard to believe that only 12 wrestlers from Laporte sectional will qualify for the Semi State. Crown Point sectional is good but not that dominant . Probably be more like 33/34 from CP sectional will qualify for M'ville.
  10. Crown Point Regional

    So you're saying that out of the 56 wrestlers who will qualify for Merrillville Semi State that 44 will be from the CP sectional? You're out pretty far on that limb aren't you?
  11. ref medical authority

    How about this scenario. Just think how many coaches have a " connection" with someone in the medical field, whether it be a friend , relative or even a spouse who may be qualified to provide a signature on the IHSAA forms that can be printed out in advance. So now this coach has a wrestler who has had a skin condition flare up overnight and since this coach has some pre signed paperwork available, they now only have to fill in the blanks. Hopefully this isn't happening but just another reason officials need to have final say when medical personel are not provided by the host school.
  12. QUICK PINS for 2014-2015

    Jan 24 th 145lbs Steve Lawerence at Hobart Invite 07 seconds
  13. Hobart Garry Burkhart invite

    Thursday night.
  14. Hobart Garry Burkhart invite

    No SB St Joe this year . Only 8 teams
  15. red vs Angel who you got?

    probably 2005. 2015 angel would get the major.