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  1. FLO v. Track

    I absolutely hate FloArena - it is awful on mobile, I just want to see the entire bracket at once. Not a fan of the overall dark design either... Track isn't much better tho, it feels outdated (like if you go from event search -> tournament -> results and then if you refresh the page your back at either the event search or the tournament listing instead of the results). Also a while back they were not storing passwords safely... (plaintext)
  2. FloNationals

  3. Jeffersonville High School Head football position, in a 6A school (largest IN class). In an athletic program with 20+ varsity sports it’s important for us to find a coach that understands that football is a driving force behind the entire school athletic culture and wants kids involved in other sports. Multi-sport attitude is a must. Jeffersonville has two feeder middle schools, each with a football team headed by football coaches that do double duty coaching both football and wrestling. At the high school you have a newly renovated weight room with 6 classes of weights during the day saving you work much after school. The high school wrestling coaching staff has three coaches that all played football at the high school level or higher that promote the development of the programs together. Jeffersonville is a diverse school in Indiana, one mile north of Louisville, KY (msa of 1,269,702 people). Tons to do in the city, on the Ohio river and minutes away in the woods at state parks. If this job interests you: Send email to principal Julie Straight Jstraight@gccschools.com Athletic director Todd Satterly Tsatterly@gccschools.com Head wrestling coach, strength coach, and middle school football coach Danny Struck Dstruck@gccschools.com When the job is fully posted you will find it at: https://sky.gcs.k12.in.us/scripts/wsisa.dll/WService=wsFin/rapplmnu03.w While the job might not be posted yet, you can fill out an online application in advance
  4. Jeffersonville RTC Schedule

    48 wrestlers from Jeffersonville, DuPont manual (KY), Louisville Central (KY), River Valley, Parkview and Homeschool all taking advantage of getting better together with Coach Angelo Crinzi of Lindewood-Belleville at the Jeff RTC - we will resume RTC after Spring Break 3/29 with Ryan Kirst of Ashland University Ohio.
  5. Jeffersonville RTC Schedule

    Coach Quinn from Ancilla Junior College will be in tonight, starts at 5:15, looking for a packed room tonight! Two Jeff alum currently wrestling for him
  6. Jeffersonville RTC Schedule

    Coach Freije was awesome!! A great teaching session with over 40 kids! Would love to see more kids from neighboring schools take advantage of this great opportunity... Next Thursday is Coach Ryan Quinn from Ancilla College 5:15-6:45 PM. Jeffersonville has two alumni wrestling for Coach Quinn at Ancilla, which is a junior college in North Indiana. More information on Ancilla College can be found here.
  7. Jeffersonville RTC Schedule

    Reminder, practice starts at Jeff at 5:15 to 6:45 - USAW/ISWA card and gas pitch in for the clinician. See you there
  8. Jeffersonville RTC Schedule

    More information on Kentucky Weslyan and Coach Frieje can be found here. They are working on getting the recruitment form up soon... Also we will be having Angelo Crinzi from Lindenwood-Belleville University in on the 3/15/2018, 5:15 to 6:45. Lindenwood-Belleville is a NAIA school located just outside St. Louis in Illinois, about a 3.5 hour drive from Jeffersonville. LU-B had a women's national champ this year in Niauni Hill and their men's program is on the rise. More information about LU-B can be found here
  9. I found this - https://grfx.cstv.com/photos/schools/tam/genrel/auto_pdf/comp101-4-multi-sport-sas.pdf I looked in the NCAA Guidelines - http://www.ncaapublications.com/productdownloads/D118.pdf and found these
  10. NAIA National Qualifiers from Indiana

    The NAIA school I went to had a dual with IU and SIUE and we went to some decent D1 opens (Joe Parisi Open, Michigan State Open) As a whole the NAIA competition is getting alot better too
  11. Multi sport vs wrestling only

    Jeffersonville Kameron Fuller - Football and Wrestling Luke Smith - Football and Wrestling New Albany Aaron Mosley - Football, Wrestling, and Track
  12. Varsity B\2 dual results this year

    Jeffersonville's VB wrestles a ton over in KY, these were some of the results I could find Duals Trigg County, KY 42.00 Jefferson, IN 35.00 Oldham County (#3 dual team, #5 indv team), KY 72.00 Jeffersonville, IN 6.00 Jeffersonville, IN 39 Central Hardin, KY 27 Jeffersonville, IN 45 North Hardin, KY 30 Central, KY 45.00 Jeffersonville, IN 36.00 Jeffersonville, IN 42.00 Apollo, KY 34.00 (#15 dual team, #15 indv team) Jeffersonville, IN 48.00 Central Hardin, KY 24.00 Jeffersonville, IN 48.00 Desales, KY 30.00 La Rue County, KY (#13 dual team, #15 indv team) 42.00 Jeffersonville, IN 36.00 Wayne County, KY(#7 dua team, #8 indv team) 45.00 Jeffersonville, IN 26.00 Jeffersonville, IN 60.00 Meade County, KY 24.00 (#21 indv team) North Hardin, KY 47.00 Jeffersonville, IN 36.00 Jeffersonville, IN 66.00 Owensboro, KY 18.00 Placed 3rd at Valley Main Event and 5th at Capital City Classic (KY) as a team in individual tournaments
  13. Team Performance at Sectionals

    Kentuckiana/Southern Indiana Jeffersonville, 13 - 10 Champs, 2 Runner Ups Columbus East, 13 - 9 Champs, 3 Runner Ups Floyd Central, 13 - 5 Champs, 3 Runner Ups Madison, 10 Jennings County, 9 Seymour, 9 New Albany, 8
  14. Which Teams Advanced 14 to Regionals

    I guess so...
  15. Which Teams Advanced 14 to Regionals

    Jeff has 13 moving on, I believe Columbus East as 13 as well