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  1. Multi sport vs wrestling only

    Jeffersonville Kameron Fuller - Football and Wrestling Luke Smith - Football and Wrestling New Albany Aaron Mosley - Football, Wrestling, and Track
  2. Varsity B\2 dual results this year

    Jeffersonville's VB wrestles a ton over in KY, these were some of the results I could find Duals Trigg County, KY 42.00 Jefferson, IN 35.00 Oldham County (#3 dual team, #5 indv team), KY 72.00 Jeffersonville, IN 6.00 Jeffersonville, IN 39 Central Hardin, KY 27 Jeffersonville, IN 45 North Hardin, KY 30 Central, KY 45.00 Jeffersonville, IN 36.00 Jeffersonville, IN 42.00 Apollo, KY 34.00 (#15 dual team, #15 indv team) Jeffersonville, IN 48.00 Central Hardin, KY 24.00 Jeffersonville, IN 48.00 Desales, KY 30.00 La Rue County, KY (#13 dual team, #15 indv team) 42.00 Jeffersonville, IN 36.00 Wayne County, KY(#7 dua team, #8 indv team) 45.00 Jeffersonville, IN 26.00 Jeffersonville, IN 60.00 Meade County, KY 24.00 (#21 indv team) North Hardin, KY 47.00 Jeffersonville, IN 36.00 Jeffersonville, IN 66.00 Owensboro, KY 18.00 Placed 3rd at Valley Main Event and 5th at Capital City Classic (KY) as a team in individual tournaments
  3. Team Performance at Sectionals

    Kentuckiana/Southern Indiana Jeffersonville, 13 - 10 Champs, 2 Runner Ups Columbus East, 13 - 9 Champs, 3 Runner Ups Floyd Central, 13 - 5 Champs, 3 Runner Ups Madison, 10 Jennings County, 9 Seymour, 9 New Albany, 8
  4. Which Teams Advanced 14 to Regionals

    I guess so...
  5. Which Teams Advanced 14 to Regionals

    Jeff has 13 moving on, I believe Columbus East as 13 as well
  6. Middle School State Committee Forming

    https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfk03NFI7cv2-0m3QzNxqZvwG7xsc4x1LNk5UZ_YGuku7rRCw/viewform?c=0&w=1 This is the latest form for this year
  7. Best and Worst Sectionals

    Correct, 10-8 in OT
  8. Best and Worst Sectionals

    Don't worry about them Jeff boys, I recommend locking up with them too while your at it
  9. Hoosier Hills Conference

    Reminder to bring JV for JV conference. We will be running it in the upstairs gym
  10. Lesnar vs. Snyder

    Snyder wins Better question is Stephen Neal vs Snyder
  11. New Uniforms

    We see a lot of two piece teams in Kentucky and have had no issues wrestling them...
  12. Tournament Delays?

    Hoosier Hills Conference tournament is postponed, new date is not confirmed.
  13. Girls State Friday.

  14. Hoosier Hills Conference

    https://www.accuweather.com/en/us/madison-in/47250/weekend-weather/332937 Yea looks like we have some ice and water from Friday freezing
  15. Southern Scuffle--Indiana boys

    https://www.flowrestling.org/results/6070392-2018-southern-scuffle/23512 Finals will start at 7pm ET with 184-pounds.