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  1. brickfor6

    Weight Classes, just for discussion

    I would like to see this too. We have about 7- 106 pounders and 6 of them are in the range of 82-95.
  2. brickfor6

    Wrestling room art work

    If you are looking for someone to do your walls shoot me a private message, I know a guy.
  3. brickfor6

    Ever wonder who...

    this is awesome! wish we could put in order by number of qualifiers/placers/champs highest to lowest. See who is in the lead and so on...
  4. brickfor6

    An Idea to Think About.

    I guess that I have never thought of it like that. You are right that it is much easier to just pick up and move now. I think that we are leading into a bigger picture of maybe adapting a different set up to our state....Do I dare say it? Classed wrestling. I would hate to see this happen but this could be where we are heading because of athletes leaving smaller programs to go to bigger ones. I think that it is already instilled in some minds that "for me to get better I have to train with so and so." This is happening over and over again. At the end, there really isn't a good answer for Coach Ps thought.
  5. brickfor6

    Pre season State Champ Predictions?

    This hurts my head. Everytime I read your post I read them in a Yosemite sam voice. I just hope we either see a Garcia/Mendez, Curtis/Mendez.
  6. brickfor6

    An Idea to Think About.

    How often did transfers happen in the 70's 80's 90's? Not very often...Now ask yourself the question why didn't it happen often? Do you think it is because kids were built different? Coaches weren't recruiting? Kids believed they could win where they were at? Why is it happening so much now?
  7. brickfor6

    Hobart Looking for Dual

    Hobart High School is looking to add 1 or 2 more duals to their schedule. If you are interested or know any school that is interested please contact... Zack Johansen zjohansen@hobart.k12.in.us 219-689-1613 OR Jason Cook 219-508-3170 THANKS!
  8. brickfor6

    Past State Brackets

    First off thanks for putting this together. (not complaining) but 2017 match ups and scores are wrong. only looked at 138, but Brendan black won 11-0 round 1, 7-1 round 2, Fall 2:33 round 3, 10-2 round 4. also faced names---Chaz Boyd, Nathan Conley, Jacob laPlace, and Kris Rumph.
  9. brickfor6

    2018 Head Coaching Changes

    Jason Cook is now the new head wrestling coach at Hobart. We are excited to get things rolling! Jason has great goals and I personally am looking forward to working with him. Congrats Jason!
  10. brickfor6


    Jeremiah Reitz will be in tonight! 6-8 $5 each please
  11. brickfor6


  12. brickfor6

    RTC's Still Running?

    Hobart will be running into July
  13. brickfor6


    NO RTC THIS WEEK 5-23-18
  14. Hobart is searching for their next head coach here is the link to the opening... https://www.applitrack.com/hobart/OnlineApp/JobPostings/View.asp?AppliTrackJobId=1161 Just a little extra info on the Hobart job Middle school record in duals 64-0 in the last 5 years Hobart Wrestling Club is one of the longest and largest running (78’) non academy clubs with typically 50-60 wrestlers and several state placers at the ISWA levels. As well as wrestlers Training with RWA,Elite,and Bulldog Elite Hobart Wrestling Club also acts as a booster for ALL of Hobart wrestling. This year a beautiful new mat was purchased...new singlets. HwC hosts 2 open tournaments drawing a combined 800 wrestlers plus Golf outings and other fundraising events. The Hs is less than 10 years...old great wrestling room,fieldhouse, and gymnasium...already expanding weight and cardio rooms and building a new pool. New Athletic Director that seems to really have his eyes on what the program could be. Former wrestler and CP coach Jake Rodriguez as an Assistant Pricipal which is nice to have understanding people in the Administration. RTC host as well as IHSAA regionals host..To go along with a great tradition...and community support...could be a great job for someone who wants to pump some new energy into this program and take it up to yet another level!! we have some young hungry Brickies coming up !!

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