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  1. You can challenge the results and get your own independent body fat analysis...The IHSAA accepts several alternative tests.
  2. ref medical authority

    If you want to be mad at someone be mad at you wrestlers coach. He should have made sure that the correct form was used.
  3. ref medical authority

    So the officials should put the other 100+ wrestlers and themselves at risk of infection to let one kid wrestle? Covering up a skin condition is not an option and is not allowed.
  4. Classes for the 2014-15 Season

    I didn't think that the IHSAA recognized class wrestling. Shouldn't this say "Coaches Association" classes or something similar?
  5. 77 & Counting

    The streak stayed intact because they dropped out of the National Duals this year. What a ch1cken sh1t move. http://www.usawrestlingnation.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=3959&start=0
  6. Lake County Tourny

    This tournament has lost it's luster. It's basically the Harvest Classsic plus Munster. (without Penn) :-[
  7. Disqualification QUESTION

    This is incorrect. You only serve a suspension for flagrant misconduct not any DQ. You can get DQ'd but no suspended for locking hands, unnecessary roughness, etc.
  8. cody phillips this past weekend..

    Who cares! Cody is a beast and will be{space}for some time [.} [E]everyone has a bad match once and a [no space]while[.] I know the match would be different if it was wrestled again! And it probably will be in the future. Beat his ASS Cody! How about this " Who cares? Cody is a beast and will be a beast for some time. Everyone has a bad match once in a while. I know the match would be different if it was wrestled again and it probably will be in the future. Beat his ass Cody!
  9. Yes, this is very successful group of wrestlers from a very young age to present. How many in this photo went on to be successful at a 'small class' school? Could it be that it's not so much about the school you go to as it is about the wrestler having opportunities to be practice and compete with top caliber talent and having very dedicated parents that give the wrestler the opportunity?
  10. 4 over 1

    Eggs over Easy