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  1. JC3390

    Wow - Fattore pinned himself!

    Agreed. I have just seen others piling on the Refs and don’t see where that is appropriate here. The Ref was right on top of this and made a judgment call. Who are we to argue other than saying that we wouldn’t have called it that way because of a specific reason. That reason should be something other than he’s a great kid or he deserves a chance to wrestle under the lights. It should be something rules based not emotionally based. It was a tough call glad I didn’t have to make that decision.
  2. JC3390

    Wow - Fattore pinned himself!

    At what point do we want the Ref to make calls that are not “technically right”?
  3. JC3390

    Wow - Fattore pinned himself!

    Unfortunate...however he is flat on his back at this point. Tough call but I don’t see how you can blame the Ref.
  4. JC3390

    Pics from Evansville SS

    One of the photographers was James Tomlinson. He shoots for the Columbus Republic. james@jamestomlinsonphotography.com Telephone: (812) 379-8587
  5. JC3390

    Hoosier Hills Conference

    Jennings County has already canceled school for Friday January 12th.
  6. JC3390

    Jeff Classic Information

    Got here at 8:00 this morning and 11 hrs later we have just finished the face off for the finals. Long tough day on kids and spectators.
  7. JC3390


    Brooks Wathen
  8. JC3390

    Middle School State Registration

    That may be so but it is 5:20 EST on 2/13 & registration is still open.
  9. JC3390

    Middle School State Registration

    Anyone know why they extended the regestration deadline from 2/12 @ 11:00 CST to 2/14 @ 8:00 CST?
  10. JC3390

    Hoosier Hills Tournament

    I believe JC # 2 is wrestling at Triton Central.
  11. JC3390

    Undefeated Wrestlers?????

    Justin Baldwin, 160 lb from Jennings Co. is 24-0
  12. On 12/4 Jennings County also defeated: New Albany 65 - 7 Floyd Central 54 - 18 Bedford North Lawrence 80 - 0 This info was posted on 12/4 by coachmo
  13. JC3390

    Scottsburg Warrior Classic

    Jennings County # 2 will be there.

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