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  1. Mike here is what I got for you.

    106- Nate Hadery 10th

    113- Evan Light 11th

    126- Tanner DeMien 12th

    138- Preston Risner 12th

    195- Max Chaffee 12th

    1. ontherise219


      Light is going 113 i had him at 120 I will switch around the rankings I appreciate the message 

  2. East Chicago semi state rankings

    Dont forget about Evan Light from Penn. SS tix round last year. Had some really big wins last year.
  3. East Chicago semi state rankings

    Hadery penn beat Cruz last year
  4. Early 2018 Mr. Gorilla Poll

    Is this a Shute sighting or Mason Paris Sighting?
  5. Ncaa tickets

    Tix still aviaiable for Friday and Saturday. Sessions 3-6 still open. Pm me or txt me at 574-274-8694. I am already in St. Louis so we will need to meet. Coach hershberger
  6. Ncaa tickets

    I have a set of 8 in section 314 and 315 for all sessions please pm me if you are interested.
  7. The Toughest Kid on The Block

    Great read, I will share this with my Jr High Kids.
  8. Zack Davis Naval Academy (Penn High School) had to injure default in conso semis. He will finish 6th. He was wrestling very well. Did pick up a huge win knocking off the #19th ranked kid in country at 157.
  9. Best 1xer

    Drew Hildebrandt Penn 9th-8th Place 10th- 6th 11th- 2nd 12th- 1st He had a great 1st year at Central Michigan placing in a lot of Open Tournaments. He has a great future.
  10. Girlfriends

    Amen awood Henry Wilk always said" girls weaken the knees"
  11. Most influential people in the sport today

    Tom dolly Henry Wilk Fran McCann These men have given their life for the sport of wrestling. And they have helped me in so many different ways in life.
  12. 4x Semi State Champs

    Reitz lost to Hildebrandt last year in the finals.
  13. 2/4/17 Matches

    My bad guys, trying to type up in between ping pong matches in PE class. I'll edit it.
  14. 2/4/17 Matches

    Rochester Regional 138- #7 Trace Manspeaker Penn vs #16 Graham Calhoun Plymouth Semis 170- #5 Tavonte Malone Adams vs #6 Jarod Swank Penn Finals Each has 2 wins against each other 195- #13 Moser Bremen vs #20 Hochstedler Penn (Finals) Other Ranked wrestlers at Rochester this weekend 106-#18 Evan Light Penn 113- #4 Kory Cavanaugh Penn 120- #10 Tanner DeMien Penn 126- #8 Adam Davis CMA 132- #8 Manzona Bryant CMA 152- #3 Kyle Hatch 152- #8 Kassisus Brethitt Riley 160- #17 Micah Calhoun 182- #16 Austin Faulkner Mishawaka 285- #1 Isiah McWilliams SB Washington S.S Rankings at Rochester Regional 106- #10 Trevor Penrod Riley 120- #6 Alexander Wawasee 126- #8 Germia Brooks Wawasee #9 Jeffrey Harper Penn 132- #7 Preston Risner Penn #9 Tristan Moreno SB St. Joe 138- #7 Jacob LaPlace- Mishawaka #10 Aaron Brook CMA 145- #9 Gavin Bank Plymouth 160- #10 Jacob Atkins Riley 182- #9 Alejandro Castro Wawasee #10 Max Chaffee Penn 195- #8 Jacob LaFree Plymouth 285- #5 Alex Faulkner Mishawaka #9 Alex McBee Culver Community #10 Dan Clark Rochester