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  1. Varsity B\2 dual results this year

    Penn Varsity B 2-3 at Tom Cameron 1st at Westview Invite 7th/15 at Bill Kerbel Invite 5th/9 at Culver Academies Invite
  2. The Snow

    Yes we do. Got to sneak all 45 coaches in!
  3. The Snow

    Uncle Jimmy, we don't leave at 3am. It is more like 3:30am
  4. I am surprised Hook didn’t say it was “week”!
  5. Notable results and upsets regional edition

    120 Sparrow penn dec 8-0 Schuller Wawasee 126 DeMien penn dec 11-4 Alexander wawasee
  6. Most to Semi-State?

    Penn has 10 7 champs 2 seconds 1 fourth
  7. Predictions for Penn regional ?

    Ouch, Uncle JIMMY THAT HURTS! Needed to do something while my classes played roundball!
  8. Predictions for Penn regional ?

    Sorry for the late reply! Got stuck watching awful 8th grade boys playing 3vs3 "Roundball" in class. I love how all 8th grade boys think they are the next Curry, Harden, Ball, etc. When none of them are over 5"8 or 150lbs dripping wet. Why cant I get the next Snyder, Burroughs, NaTo, IMAR, etc. Thats right, Got to love Indiana Basketball. When what I should be allowed to teach is the basic fundamental of the greatest sport on earth. Oh wait, I cant because of liability issues. I will stop my rant now and get to my breakdown of the Penn Regional. I am calling it the TRIPLE CROWN OF HORSE RACING THIS WEEK. Sectionals was the tune up race Mishawaka (Lexington Stakes) and Plymouth (Tampa Bay Derby) for the Final Three Races of the year. Regionals (Kentucky Derby), Semi-State (Preakness), and State (Bellmont Stakes). This should be a real tight Race with Three Jockeys looking for the Win, Penn (14), Wawasee (14), and Mishawaka (12) all competing for the "Grand Daddy" at the end of the day a Regional Title! All race results will be in no particular order. Lets Start with the 1st Race of the day: Post Time 9:30am 106- Two great young horses looking to mix it up. Should be a great race with the winner setting themselves up nicely for the "Preakness" next weekend. Jace Alexander- Wawasee 35-2 Andrew Sinkovics- Mishawaka 28-5 Hunter Boynton- Penn 14-7 Dominic Smith- Plymouth 26-9 Dark Horse Gate 15 Maxx Szucs Clay 24-11 Post-Time 9:45am 113- This will be a very interesting race but I think all four horse will come from the Lexington Stakes Brendon Mark Mishawaka- 26-3 Evan Light Penn 24-9 Trevor Penrod Riley 25-5 David Hudson Washington 14-4 Dark Horse Gate 1- D'Angelo Shumpert Triton 29-4 Got to Get out of Gates Early Hudson Washington vs Shumpert Triton Penrod- Riley vs Romo Wawasee Post Time 9:55am 120- Calling this race will be tight with only three real horses looking to reach the finish line first. Cant call it a photo finish but which horse will stand tall at the end. Setting themselves up for the Preakness next weekend! Chris Schuller Wawasee- 28-2 Vince Sparrow Penn- 22-12 Alex Coleman- CMA 29-8 Todd Hardy- Washington 26-12 Post Time 10:10am' 126- Get those binoculars out and watch the finish of this race. Of the top three horses in this race anyone could win on any given day. Glad I paid top dollar to sit at the finish line for the weekend. Some Horse is setting themselves up at next weekends Preakness. The other three will have to find a way to workout of a tough gate next weekend. Remember these are in NO PARTICULAR ORDER! Granddaddy RACE OF THE DAY! Joey Zahl Adams 23-8 Zane DeVault Plymouth 35-4 Tanner DeMien Penn 25-7 Braxton Alexander Wawasee 34-2 Dark Horse Lane 12 Dawson Leed LaVille 23-3 Out of the Gate Zahl Adans vs Leed LaVille Post Time 10:20am 132- This is a two horse race from what I have seen this year. Two "Studs" have set themselves apart. Need to battle tough anything can happen! Germia Brooks- Wawasee 31-2 Manzona Bryant- CMA 29-0 Gabe Weeks- Mishawaka 26-5 Logan Hill- 26-9 Dark Horse Gate 1 Nate Riggin Triton 30-5 Out of Gate Riggin Triton vs Hill Penn Post Time 10:30 138- The 5th race of the day here at the Derby is another interesting race. If I was a betting man (which Im not) I would bet a trifecta on this race, with the top three horses setting themselves apart from the field. But a young horse may surprise some people in this race. Dont think he has enough to place top 3. Adam Davis CMA 33-0 Preston Risner Penn 26-8 Garrett Stuckman Wawasee 30-6 Drew Mason Mishawaka 18-13 Dark Horse Gate 2 Nick Felke LaVille 24-2 Out of the Gate Mason Mishawaka vs Felke LaVille Post Time 10:40am 145- This is really a one horse field. This horse has stood out all year long. I would take the bet on this horse winning the race and play the odds. The other three horses will be looking for places 2-4. Jacob LaPlace- Mishawaka 33-3 Gavin Banks Plymouth 31-8 Isaiah Faroute- Wawasee 18-12 Jeffery Harper Penn 24-9 Dark Horse Gate 4 Elijah Peck CMA 30-6 OUT OF THE GATE Harper Penn vs Peck CMA Post Time 10:50am 152- I am a betting man here and will take the parlay here. These three horses will be in a race till the end. It might not be a photo finish but it will be tight till the end. Graham Calhoun- Plymouth 39-0 Aaron Brooke- CMA 27-1 Joe Walker- Mishawaka 24-9 Jeremy Williams- Washington 27-7 Post Time 11:00 am 160- This is a very intriguing race from top to bottom. All of these horses have big wins but also have losses to one another. This race will come down to stamina and technique. Who will be in the top four is the question. I will say that all four horses will come out of the Lexington Race! Donya Harris- Washington 27-10 Ben Kensinger- Mishawaka 2-9 David Sheley- Riley 37-10 Colin Wilson Penn 16-9 Out of the Gate Gabe Hissong CMA VS Donya Harris Washington Dylan Deadmon Bremen vs Colin Wilson Penn Post Time 11:10am 170- The 10th race of the day is wide open. I think I'll grab my mint julep and sit back and watch, which one of these 4 horses want to break away from the field and end upon top. Pretty sure three of the spots will come from the Tampa Bay Derby. Noah Brown Penn 25-6 Jacob Trefren CMA 29-2 James Snyder Triton 30-4 Xavier Ortiz- Wawasee 22-7 Out of the Gates Tecory Gordon Clay vs Xavier Ortiz Wawasee Post Time 11:20am 182- Whichever horse comes out on top here will set themselves up with a great starting gate next week at the Preakness. Those that finish 2-4 will have a lot of work to do to make it to Bellmont. This race could also have great implications on the team race as well. Max Chaffee- Penn 19-1 Michael Boland- CMA 19-0 Blake Davis- Plymouth 17-7 Alex Castro- Wawasee 32-4 Dark Horses Cody Timmerman Mishawaka 19-14 Out of the Gates Blake Davis Plymouth vs Cody Timmerman Mishawaka Post Time 11:30 am 195- A deep weight class here and a stumble out of the gate could lead you down a path of no return head to head with a real Triple Crown Winner (Davidson). Want to start strong and finish strong! Lexington Stake Race prepared these four horses to move on. Rockne Hurley Penn 22-4 Jonathon Thomas Adams 33-6 Garrett Sandefer Mishawaka 14-4 Aaron Williamnowski- St Joe 30-8 Post Time 11:30 220- A good horse got a bad draw and is going home early. This will have implications on the team race, a good post for next weekend. NAte LaFree Plymouth 34-3 Casey Conery- St Joe 7-5 Adam Berta Penn 27-5 Anthony Hatter LaVille 23-2 Dark Horse Joe Kuhl CMA 24-7 OUT OF THE GATE Berta Penn vs Kuhl CMA Perish Wawasee vs Conery ST. JOE Post Time 11:40 am 285- Down to the last race of the day, final post of the afternoon. Its been a long day and I hope everyone sticks around for a great race of upperclassman horses. Two horses have never lost a race this year who is going to leave with the title. The top 4 horses only have 9 losses combined on the year. Isaiah McWilliams Washington 38-0 Elisha Tipping Wawasee 29-2 Alex Faulkner Mishawaka 29-7 Alex Cartwright Laville 25-0 Dark Horse Yehezquel DeVault Penn 24-15 OUT OF THE GATES DeVault Penn vs Tipping Wawasee First of all I do not condone gambling in anyway shape or form. Thought it would be fun to reference the great wrestling we have up north. Hope everyone enjoys. And if you do not like my predictions on things so be it. I am not perfect or a rankings guy. Please prove me wrong! Looking forward to the Regional this weekend.
  9. Predictions for Penn regional ?

    That 56 wrestlers will qualify to East Chicago next weekend. All joking aside it is a toss-up in a lot of weight classes. I will post my thoughts later this afternoon.
  10. Which Teams Advanced 14 to Regionals

    Penn advances 14 7 champs 4 seconds 2 thirds 1 fourth
  11. 01/19/2018

  12. New Uniforms

    At least everyone else has their two piece singlets. We haven't even got ours yet. We are at 12+ weeks now. Lots of angry parents and kids!
  13. 01/11/2018

  14. Seeding Meeting Change???

    Sorry we were not "ducking" you. We had the flu bug go through and didnt find out till 4:30 in the morning of Team State. Penn doesnt "duck" anyone to save our records.
  15. Northern Indiana Conference Quick Breakdown 1/10/18 Teams (13): Bremen, Elkhart Central, Jimtown, John Glenn, Mishawaka, Mishawaka Marian, New Prairie, Penn, SB Adams, SB Clay, SB Riley, SB St. Joe, SB Washington Teams Ranked: #17 Penn, #20 Mishawaka, Jimtown #5 2A Weight Name-School SS-Ranking State Ranking 106 Nate Hadary- Penn EC-#5 #15 106 Andrew Sinkovics-Mishawaka EC-#7 113 Brandon Mark-Mishawaka EC #7 120 Hunter Watts- Jimtown FW #1 #1 120 Vince Sparrow-Penn EC #8 126 Tanner DeMien EC #3 #11 126 Hunter Whitman-Jimtown FW #3 126 Joey Zahl- SB Adams EC #8 132 Matt Gimson- Jimtown FW #1 #8 132 Logan Hill- Penn EC #6 138 Preston Risner- Penn EC #5 138 Connor Gimson- Jimtown FW #8 #10 145 Jacob LaPlace- Mishawaka EC #2 #8 145 Jeffery Harper- Penn EC #7 152 Xander Stroud- Elkhart Central FW #1 #10 152 Joe Walker- Mishawaka EC #4 #8 160 David Sheley-SB Riley EC #8 170 Noah Brown- Penn EC #7 182 Mike Chaffee- Penn EC #3 #13 195 Rockne Hurley-Penn EC #7 #11 195 Jonathon Thomas- SB Adams EC #8 220 Adam Berta- Penn EC #7 285 Isaiah McWilliams-SB Washington EC #1 #1 285 Nick Connor- Elkhart Central FW #5 285 Alex Faulkner- Mishawaka EC #7 #16