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  1. Extra training Forbidden?

    Let's be real with ourselves here, Coach Tonte and the other highly successful teacher/coaches are the exception, not the rule. I keep thinking of all the non-powerhouse schools that produced state champs. I'm almost certain that those kids who ended up being state champs at their mediocre program had stellar off-season/academy coaching which helped catapult them to success. I think it could go either way. Think of it this way; a kid who has Michael Jordan as their coach will have no need to go to anyone else for coaching, since you have the BEST at hand. BUT those who don't have Michael Jordan as their coach have to go elsewhere to get better.
  2. Trent, Just want to give a big thank you for everything you have done for wrestling in the state of Indiana, as well as allowing me to begin my own coaching career. The three seasons I spent coaching at Yorktown were a great experience where I truly learned how to be an effective coach and mentor in this great sport. Congrats on a great career and I'll be seeing you at Semi-State in February! Logan Lee
  3. Wow, didn't fully realize BB is that loaded this year! Crazy stuff when you think about teams past. Crown Point's 09' team was straight up stacked from what I remember. Not much happening at the next level with that group though, save for Tsirtsis's natty title.
  4. Football vs Wrestling....risk/reward

    On a side note: one thing that ticks me off are those wrestling coaches who wish for their school's varsity football team to lose in the playoffs so that they can get their wrestlers back. I've always viewed that as selfish and out of good character.
  5. Coyte Cooper TEDx Talk

    Anyone know what his PhD is in?
  6. New Cathedral addtions

    To the blind eye, one may think this was a college wrestling thread, not a high school one. Ya know, since transferring is becoming the norm.
  7. Update on Indiana Boys in College

    My brother Hayden Lee (Garrett HS/Marysville HS, Ohio) is currently in his redshirt junior year at University of the Cumberlands.
  8. As some of you may have heard, a coach who is pretty well-known in wrestling circles in Indiana, Tony Latora, lost his youngest son Dante in a car accident. Since Tony and his leg camps have had a great impact on some very good Indiana wrestlers, this tragedy hits close to home for all of us. If any of you on here know Tony, him and his family are fantastic people and have helped wrestling grow immensely in both Michigan and in Indiana. With all of that being said, please send your prayers, condolences, good vibes, etc.. to him and his family in this time of grief and sadness. His family needs the wrestling community now more than ever.
  9. Tsirtsis was looking a bit "plump" when I saw him wrestle at the Midlands back in late December. With that said, I think 149 would be a much better choice than 157 in my honest opinion.
  10. NCAA Division I updates!

    Dang... Guess I didn't realize how good Massa was in comparison to Hughes. He'll get better with time though, that's for sure!
  11. NCAA Division I updates!

    Huge potential match-up in the 2nd round with Hughes vs. Massa!
  12. Favorite wrestling moment ever!

    My favorite moment is what my avatar image is. The day David Taylor got STUCK by Bubba Jenkins in the finals. The reason this is my favorite wrestling moment is because how rudely Bubba was ousted by Cael and the incoming Taylor. He got his revenge back on the wrestler who took his spot and the coach who didn't believe in him. Poetic justice at its finest
  13. IHPO Alumni in College

    My brother's first year at this tourney he pinned THE Nick Lee. Literally one of Nick's few losses in Indiana. Also, Nathan Boston was the eventual champ that day.
  14. Wabash

    Love Wabash and their success! Just goes to show you don't have to have the "D-1 only" mindset to still be damn successful. All the guys on Wabash can attest to that! BIG BIG props to you guys! Keep it up!!!!
  15. Best Matches Ever

    Quiroga vs. Tsirtsis in the semis at state immediately comes to mind.