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  1. NFHS Survey--Please get this in ASAP

    I must have missed the question about going to college out of bounds.....
  2. Nice article, great kid! #TeamBalboa
  3. 2018 Hypothetical IN All Star Matchups

    This fight..... I mean.... match happens every day.
  4. 01/22/2018

  5. 01/10/2018

    Columbus East
  6. IndianaMat Poster Hall of Fame

    Man... TripleB beat me to it... Legendary poster right there... Well known from the streets of Broad Ripple all the way to Windsor, Canada.
  7. Big Matches Tonight

    Cade tried to give it a go today, but just didn’t have much to give. We decided it was better for him to rest up and hopefully be able to compete at HHC.
  8. Big Matches Tonight

    Cade Rooks is getting over an illness. Believe me, he would have loved nothing more than being able to compete against Brownsburg. Good dual tonight. Thanks to Brownsburg for being willing to switch the date on late notice and coming down to compete. Fantastic team.
  9. Seeding Meeting Change???

    There is definitely a negative correlation between a kid with a tougher schedule and the number of forfeits he receives. It’s certainly not an r value of -1, probably more like a -0.6. That certainly doesn’t mean the kid who wrestles the toughest schedule in the state doesn’t see a lot of forfeits. I would bet a great deal that Mason Parris gets a ton of forfeits, where as probably any other Lawrenceburg kid with the same schedule has less forfeits. It also doesn’t mean that a kid with a very weak schedule catches a ton of forfeits either. But I think on average, a kid with a tougher schedule receives less forfeits than a kid who wrestles a stronger schedule. No one can look at those numbers above and say who wrestles a tougher schedule. Give me the team names and I probably could. I could tell you the teams in our sectional and how their schedule stacks up with the other teams because I am familiar with them. The debate is, when the only remaining determination of a seed is winning percentage, is it better to only look at the actual matches wrestled, or include the forfeits he has taken. I say, only the matches wrestled.
  10. Seeding Meeting Change???

    First....Ask the coach the reason for the forfeit to your kid. Then...if he is just ducking your kid...Call the coach out on here by name and make it public to those who read this site
  11. Seeding Meeting Change???

    I agree with this. But to me, this is just a general statement that doesn't really apply to the issue of using forfeits to determine seeds. I'm not scheduling a team that has a lot of forfeits because I want my kids to get matches. Do you think a coach will decide... hey, I'm not scheduling team xyz anymore because we can't use their forfeits in the seeding meeting? Maybe someone thinks this way, but it seems crazy to me.
  12. Seeding Meeting Change???

    I have never once, nor have any of my kids, ever, ever, equated the purpose of the regular season to garner a record to get seeds at sectionals.
  13. Seeding Meeting Change???

    It's certainly not perfect, and I'm not arguing it fixes all seeding issues, but I believe it is better than before.
  14. Seeding Meeting Change???

    Joe, in this scenario, the other kid would get the seed with the forfeits added into his win percentage. He gets the seed either way.
  15. Seeding Meeting Change???

    Gotcha... I guess my reply is it’s still the same as before. If a coach was going to try and cheat by giving false info on matches won, he was probably cheating before giving false info on the kids record.