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  1. Weight Lifting on Game Day

    Absolutely 100% workout/lift on game/meet day. Of course it's bball, but research some of Michael Jordan's game day workouts.
  2. Columbus East PE opening

    PE job and coaching opening. Please contact Chris Cooper at cooperc@bcsc.k12.in.us This job will fill quickly.
  3. Columbus East open spots for Grand River Rumble

    297 filled, still need a 97, 102, and 187
  4. Rumble on the river,Mt.Vernon

    We were a little short handed on the second day as a few of our guys couldn't be there both days, we fft 3 weights. Nice dual though.
  5. Team Balboa.... We are looking for 97, 102, 187, and 297 lb wrestlers. Weighins Thursday, July 13, wrestle on Friday. You will get between 5-7 dual matches. Contact me if interested. Coach Cooper, cooperc@bcsc.k12.in.us
  6. Columbus East needs a 182 plus 5 for the Mount Vernon duals this Friday/Saturday. No Cost. Please contact me if interested. cooperc@bcsc.k12.in.us
  7. Rumble on the river,Mt.Vernon

    We will be there.. Team Balboa
  8. Disney Duals

    I couldn't say enough good things about Team Balboa. Kids battled hard all duals vs some very tough teams, especially after all the other wrestling we did down here before the duals. Thanks to Social Circle GA, Manatee FL, and Brandon FL teams and coaches for allowing us to come workout and compete at their schools. Very coachable and hard working group. It was nice to see all the Indiana teams compete and do well. Hope everyone has a safe trip home.
  9. Virginia Beach Duals, Columbus East

    Still need a 173.
  10. Columbus East 6-way duals 1/6/18 needs 1 team

  11. Virginia Beach Duals, Columbus East

  12. Columbus East needs a 173 lber for NHSCA Duals in Virginia Beach over Memorial Day weekend. Cost is $75 (does not include gear). Contact cooperc@bcsc.k12.in.us for more info.
  13. Disney Duals spots- Columbus East

    Both Disney spots have been filled. Thanks!
  14. Disney Duals spots- Columbus East

    Disney 175 has been filled. Still need a 173 for Virginia Beach and a 290 for Disney.
  15. Columbus East needs to fill 2 spots for it's Disney Duals team. We need a 175 and 290. Contact me for details, cooperc@bcsc.k12.in.us, dates are June 7th - 17th (includes a competition stop in Atlanta, and a 3 day mini camp in Bradenton, Fl. Also need a 173 for Virginia Beach duals over Memorial day weekend.