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  1. 2018 IN vs IL All Star Classic Dual Team

    What does the IL lineup look like this year?
  2. Professional Wrestling League

    Very cool, but why not just use the senior level weight classes?
  3. Who impressed you the most

    Sam Hansen is a hell of a kid, I was happy to see him make the finals.
  4. Blake Boarman

  5. Best Weight Ever?

    119 in 2006 also had 3 returning state champs, and none of them made the finals.
  6. Live Bracket Reaction Thread

    Slivka v McIntosh Saturday morning
  7. Let’s here what you think as it happens!
  8. Best line of the article.
  9. Semistate bracket changes

    Danny Payne (Cambridge City Lincoln) will be the alternate, so just move Payne to Rose's spot vs Viduya. Rose will wrestle Smiley, Ragle will see Beatty. The Beatty v Ragle opening round match will be a fun one.
  10. Semistate bracket changes

    I heard they will change Saturday morning.
  11. New Castle Semi State Predictions

    What a break for Ragle.
  12. I can't believe that this topic hasn't been started yet. In the spirit of fun, I will put my picks for the weights we don't have a wrestler. Good luck this weekend everyone! 106: Bailey (Cathedral), Cottey (Perry Meridan), Simone (Hamilton Southeastern), Hadley (Lapel) 138: Melloh (Cathedral), Moore (Beech Grove), Harrington (North Central), Strueder (Fishers) 152: Wagner (Zionsville), Rodgers (Cathedral), Browning (Franklin County), Warren (Perry Meridian) 160: Eiteljorge (Carmel), Coffman (Union County), Davis (Perry Meridian), Mosconi (Cathedral) 182: Allred (Shenandoah), Rolfes (Lawrenceburg), Below (Perry Meridian), Gobeyn (Zionsville) 195: Penola (Zionsville), Hansen (Roncalli), Bohman (Franklin County), Bynum (Pendleton Heights) 220: Parris (Lawrenceburg), Burton (New Palestine), Cornwell (Elwood), McClaine (Lebanon) 285: Stone (Elwood), Adams (North Montgomery), Fuller (Zionsville), Greene (Beech Grove)
  13. Wrestlebacks Poll

    Shun the non believers!
  14. Wrestlebacks Poll

    Who voted no? Show yourselves,heretics!
  15. Master of the Move 2018??

    I can't argue with domestic results being in favor for Humphrey. Howe might have been the 2nd or 3rd best guy in the world at one point behind Burroughs. Hell he had Gadzhimagomedov beat at the Yarygin, but some interesting officiating didn't allow him to get the gold.