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  1. Kendrick Maple on staff doesn't hurt the situation.
  2. Coach Bill Hawkins back @ CP

    Is RWA no more?
  3. Multi-time Middle School State Champs?

    Alec Viduya also finished 1,2,3
  4. Half-Way through the season Champs?

    I have heard that Fair and Littell is going to wrestle off for the 113 spot.
  5. What will Blake Boarman do in HS

    Alec Viduya is going to Roncalli but who is going to coach him with Lance Ellis retiring from coaching?
  6. What will Blake Boarman do in HS

    All the losses were within the last 14 months; the latest loss coming at middle school state in February.
  7. IHSWCA Middle School State

    Any new predictions now that most wrestlers are registered? It looks like 95 and 117 are loaded with talent.
  8. IHSWCA Middle School State

    When does registration close? Typically registration closes Thursday night, but on Track it says that registration closes Saturday night. Just making sure everybody make the deadline.
  9. IHSWCA MS State results and IHSAA Champs

    Was there anyone who did not have any early success that kept on grinding and won a state title. The one person that come to mind is Deondre and his two titles.
  10. With MS state coming up next weekend is there any correllation between being a MS state champ and being an IHSAA state champ? Have there been any recent MS state champs that did not do well in high school be it injuries or focusing on other sports etc. Have there been any recent IHSAA state champs that did not place in MS state?
  11. With MS state coming next week what is the correllation of being a MS state champ and being an IHSAA state champ? Have there been any MS state champs that fizzled out when they got to high school? Have there been any high school state champs that did not even place in MS State?
  12. IHSWCA Middle School State

    Will Matt Lee make an appearance? He has not wrestled at MS State the past 2 years. He will definitely be in the mix whatever weight he goes.
  13. IHSWCA Middle School State

    I don't believe Mattingley is eligible to wrestle middle school state this year.
  14. Micic transferring

    Where is Stevan planning to go? Hopefully becomes a Boilermaker.