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  1. Major Off Season Events Left

    Outlaws are taking 10 teams to Virginia Beach not sure how many high school. Yes.. I’m taking Avon to Disney. Team Brewer planning on doing Fargo and plan to bring back an AA. With that said, Grand River is that weekend.. lots of kids going there. Looking to repeat at IHPO. Dont forget the Grappler Fall Classic a week or two prior to super 32. Avon boys hitting Super 32 hard this year looking to bring back multiple AAs!
  2. Indiana Mat 101

    Pretty sure the only thing new for you is the screen name... typically people that come out the gate like you, have been here and just switched things up... I could be wrong... but most likely not.
  3. P4P king of ‘19

    Pretty sure that the topic of adoption came up a few times at Conleys house while we watched our state finals with a 2 time world champ from Russia (Teamers coach). That dude was insanely awesome!! Very cool stuff. Thanks for allowing us to help out. It was a cool deal.
  4. P4P king of ‘19

    My guess is more than 1 weight class... but I can’t say without a doubt. Just an educated opinion. In my mind it is an apples to oranges match up at this time. Note that I have too much respect for both boys to say who would beat who... just don’t eee then matching up next year. Btw... one thing that they have in common.. They were both on the ISWA team that set a record finish of third place at Heartland Duals... Heartland was just past weekend. Had a good time looking back on that team this weekend.
  5. P4P king of ‘19

    It was tainted when the couple of Avon dads were let in on Saturday! And yes.. Asa was a big 125 one last time. Honestly... I really don't see him in the 120s many more times if any. Maybe it will happen. But... my opinion is no.
  6. P4P king of ‘19

    He’s going to Fargo this year. He has a goal to AA at NHSCA, Flo, Super 32 and Fargo. If he sets his mind on something... it typically happens!
  7. Awesome job

    With this said... not a single person (including B Lee) wanted him to win on a stall call. They toed the line and B Lee brought the house down! That last stall call was needed to leave no doubts. B Lee is the man!!!
  8. Awesome job

    Agreed Lewis! Refs were second to none.
  9. 2018 Dream Team Classic April 14

    Great to spend time with some emd friends!!!! Mr. Ross brought a great group of kids. Save travels.
  10. 2018 Dream Team Classic April 14

    Wow.... that’s it .... wow
  11. P4P king of ‘19

    Garcia is way bigger... been around both kids for years... they will NOT dodge each other if it happens. To be honest ... it will not happen
  12. Most of team USA are hanging at Conley’s.... fortnight going down. Text me if you want to join. Also took a couple guys to see the track. 317-201-0644 Brewer
  13. 2018 Dream Team Classic April 14

    I take it that Parris and Whitman are just weighing whatever they want.... or do they have to weigh in at 227??? Seems like these guys just need to get weights up for college. Just curious...
  14. 2018 Dream Team Classic April 14

    Year two would be much easier. Plus... From what I understand, you have some great host families that are going to make sure these guys have a blast. I'm sure the team feedback from team USA will be awesome! BTW.... Thanks for doing this.
  15. 2018 Dream Team Classic April 14

    Any chance we get this again next year?