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  1. Mattyb

    Moves and Transfers

  2. Mattyb

    Moves and Transfers

    Sorry... I was wrong... TheCountyTMZ is reporting that KT is in fact a Bulldog. Welcome young man!
  3. Mattyb

    Moves and Transfers

    I do know that a couple solid Madison kids moved to TheCounty. All of our kids have been in school for a bit (balanced schedule). No KT here.
  4. Mattyb

    Moves and Transfers

    No doubt!!! I hope to see the annual end of the season run by this stud. I hope that politics does not get involved. Best family in TheCounty.
  5. Mattyb

    Super 32

    Very early in sign up process. We got big guys going.
  6. Mattyb

    Super 32

    From the super 32 website: 12-16 wrestlers per weight class will be seeded. Seeding will be done by a committee and will primarily be determined by performance in state and national events.
  7. Mattyb

    Super 32

    They seed but I don’t think that they do a set amount in each weight. Could seed 12 in one class and 16 in another (I think).
  8. Mattyb

    “Battle of the Burgh” PA

    Great job men. Pumped to see Silas back doing what he does!!!
  9. Hector was spot on!!! Closest match for Team Shutt was 40 to 12 in the finals to team California. Asa and Carson went unbeaten for Team Shutt. Had an Asa vs. Watts match up along the way.
  10. Mattyb

    IHPO 123

    Got Triple crown awards... may have to skip this one.
  11. Mattyb

    IHPO 123

    All good stuff!!! Thanks for the breakdown Joe.
  12. Mattyb

    IHPO 123

    Could we see Mendez, Littell, Curtis, and Moran all in this weight class???!!!! Would that be considered the best IHPO bracket of all time???
  13. 35 teams from 10 states. Should be a good one. Looking forward to seeing the Indiana boys go after the best kids from the Northeast. Couple Avon kids will be wrestling for the Team Shutt National team. Look for them to make a deep run. Pistol Pete will be out there to give us updates via TheCountyTMZ
  14. Hey.... I have a middle schooler (10x ISWA state champ). If someone is willing to give him a $52,000 a year education... I would be open to listening. "Pick your spot".... that's what I've been saying all along. If an opportunity is there and the parents think it is best for a kid..... then go for it. Even better if they get to wrestle for a good team. Even more better if they get a discount!!! I have absolutely no issue with kids getting opportunities because of their talents in athletics. I hope that every wrestler in the state gets the best education possible. If wrestling helps to get them that.. then good for them. I just agree with Lewis. Just don't see much of a difference between P/Ps and Culver. With that said... do what you all want. I have one winding down a wrestling high school career and one that's going to start one in a couple years. I have seen kids switch schools, drive hours to get to private schools, parents get legally separated, people getting apartments in other towns, etc... etc... The parents clearly thought that they were doing what was right for their kids. Nobody can never knock a parent for TRYING to do what is best for their kids.
  15. I really don’t know..... I really hope he is. I guess we will all find out soon! His parents are on here some. Maybe they will tell us????

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