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  1. Melloh and Mulkey

    Guys it’s OK to insult his refereeing skills. You could say it was a horrible call. It is your opinion to say he’s the worst referee ever. You could even say that he should be banned from refereeing. But to assault the mans character something altogether different. effectively you’re calling him a cheater.
  2. Blake Boarman

  3. Melloh and Mulkey

  4. Ouch

    I'm a big fan of Brayton; he is the current face of Indiana wrestling. Every account i read about him, folks really gush. That being said, the "knee break" was too much. Very unfortunate. His wrestling speaks for itself; let it do the talking!
  5. Melloh and Mulkey

    1proud, you bring to a discussion what a hyena brings to an opera. "you can't put the match in the hands of an official" PLUS quoting the song that any sports fan has heard for the millionth time! what insight! what originality! genius!
  6. Melloh and Mulkey

    I have never seen someone called for stalling, but that does not mean it is not a thing. Can anyone quote a rule, rather than their strong opinion?
  7. mat 3 stream?

    Thanks guys!
  8. mat 3 stream?

    Swin i post the link link and it takes me to mat 1 no option for another mat
  9. mat 3 stream?

    I’m on track wrestling and I can only get Matt one. Does anyone out there have good advice?
  10. If wrestling was a class sport........

    How about the Issa host did not ask mike Goebel a single time about how much Mater Dei Recruits? The fix fix is In! Fake news!
  11. Upsets, surprises and great matches

    At evansville, who had a biggef day than Cayden Rooks? Beats Mills in the semis, then Asa in the final. What a day!
  12. Upsets, surprises and great matches

    No chatter about mills v rooks??
  13. Upsets, surprises and great matches

    Boe v cash was awesome boe is the very definition of bad post season draw
  14. Any good spots in Evansville Friday Night

    On behalf on the Indianamat community, I think everyone recognizes what a special breed you and your Castle Wrestling Brothers are for having strapped on the singlet of the gods. furthermore, most, if not all, recognize your elevated cognive skills and social supioriority for choosing to live in Warrick county, rather than the crime infested rathole that is Vanderburgh county. I admire your troll-busting discernment that demands the appropriate point of reference. i do, however, feel like a bit of an outsider, as I do not know your true identity. Bruce Wayne? Peter Parker? Clark Kent?
  15. Any good spots in Evansville Friday Night

    Blue bolt is expanding the range of topics of which he incessantly and incoherently rambles. Proud!