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  1. Tournament Delays?

    Conference Indiana rescheduled for next Friday
  2. Thoughts on a rule change proposal for 2018

    I hate the 4 point nearfall . Would like to see out of bounds rules . the stalling call is very inconsistent. I do agree with hitting someone for intentionally fleeing.
  3. Gunnar Larson

    Congratulations Gunnar and family. What a great young man . Thank you for your future service and you will always be a HighRoller.
  4. box office ?

    They are open Monday-Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The box office hours of operation will vary on weekends and event days. For exact hours on weekends and event days please call the Bankers Life Fieldhouse Box Office at (317) 917-2727.
  5. One coach, multiple teams?

    Sorry I didn't read the original post just the heading.
  6. One coach, multiple teams?

    The subject said one coach multiple teams I did not see anything that said anything about a state championship sorry for misunderstanding
  7. One coach, multiple teams?

    Brian Seltzer. Elkhart Memorial, Lawrence North. (Cathedral)
  8. Jarred Brooks to fight at UFC 208.

    He got winners Pay.
  9. Jarred Brooks to fight at UFC 208.

    On a good note Dana White told Brooks he is excited to have him in the UFC and will get him a top 5 contender. #monkeygod
  10. Upsets / Big Matches

    Yeah. Justice was winning 2-1 and the Ref hit him with second stalling for throwing up . Otherwise match would have ended that way. I'm not one to complain but that kid has been sick for a while and pushed himself and did what he needed to get through. He should have just vomited on the mat . I'm still proud he gave it his all.
  11. Indiana High Rollers in VA Beach Duals

    Finally home from VA but didn't want to leave out High Rollers White. They put on a strong performance and Repd IN well also. Too tired to think too much but a couple stand outs to me on High Rollers White 106- Justice Cash was competitive every match wrestling in his first big dual in the high school division 4-3 113- Kory Cavanaugh is a hammer 126- Camden Chatterton Very undersized and still wrestled tough every match 132 - Zach Melloh is a grinder . never stops 138 - Tondrew Tyler quick . really quick and fun to watch 145 - Jack Eiteljorge Killer with his Top work . had to let him start choosing position or I would have him take top every chance . He was tilting machine 152 - Noah Warren great weekend for him and looks better every time I see him wrestle . battled some tough competition every go and beat at least 1 highly ranked wrestler that I know of . pretty sure unbeaten with all pins and tech falls . 160 - Jake Ruberg relentless. got injured . refused to quit . came back out with 1 arm and not only got the win but worked to get bonus which helped the team move on. WOW! 170 - Tristan Goering He scared me every match. so much intensity every match. this guy has to be an insane freestyle/Greco wrestler. he will launch you 182- Caden Hubner wrestled tough every match as a freshman 182 will be someone to watch 195 - Drew Williamson undersized and never backed down. Out slicked a lot of wrestlers this week end the whole team battled but came up just short of placements . Almost forgot . Big Thanks to Tommy Cash for Coaching the White team . He did a great job and got several compliments from the Officials .
  12. Indiana High Rollers in VA Beach Duals

    The whole Indiana Black team was unreal . Mason Paris and Gunner Larson switched out 220/Heavy depending on match ups . We decided to Hold Gunner out a couple of matches at heavy due to being so under sized and it didn't make a difference in the dual outcome. Gunner would have rather wrestled though. Paul Konrath is on another level. His technique is sick. Brendan Black is for real and expect to to see him near the top or on top of the podium next year. Drew was controlling the match in his 1 loss when he pulled his guy over for near fall and the ref called a quick defensive fall. Bam is a freak! I could go on about everyone one on the team because they all battled and Represented Indiana very well. We were approached by several officials and Coaches , praising our teams abilities and attitudes. What a great weekend of wrestling and a greater privilege to have spent it hanging out and Help Coaching these young men . Also want to thank Jason Vaughn for Coaching with me this week end .
  13. Indiana High Rollers in VA Beach Duals

    If I'm not mistaken, Team Kong is who knocked Indiana out of Championship round last year. Nope . It was Nauman by 1 point and we avenged that loss by winning by 3 . Paris wins by inj default after concussion protocol. Was ahead at least 2-1. Might have been more. Paris was dominating the match and up 6-2 . letting him up twice .
  14. Indiana High Rollers in VA Beach Duals

    The tournament is running about 1 hr + ahead of schedule so HR White should be wrestling about 8 PM tonight .
  15. VA

    Indiana High Rollers White 3-0 Day 1 Pool . Indiana High Rollers Black/White Day 2 Pools start 8 AM Tomorrow .