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  1. Best 1xer

    Nick Crume-Two 3rd place finishes and a championship his senior season at Jimtown and now having a fine college career at U of Indy with two AA so far with the rest of this year and next year still to come.
  2. Who's Going To State ?

    Jimtown(4)-Hunter Watts(1)Matt Gimson(1)Conner Gimson(2)Kenny Kerrn(1) three of the Jimmies are only sophomores.
  3. Fort Wayne SS Predictions...

    106-Curtis,Flores,Shearer,Herring 113-Watts,Beasley,Schoeff,Miller(Fairfield) 120-Mejia,Wright,Stephenson,Rushing 126-Gimson,Curtis,Demarco,Cottingham 132-Gimson,Hunt,Mosser,Moore 138-Hiestand,Hicks,Macias,Gutierrez 145-Rasler,Barr,Arney,Aguirre 152-Kerrn,Reed,Bratcher,Weimer 160-Laughlin,Busse,Levitz,Baker 170-Baumgartner,Goering,Rader,Hardcastle 182-Gray,Graber,Blakeley,Nix 195-Eli,Hankenson,Hart,Herrera 220-Maddox,Kilgore,Hare,Bixler 285-Ellis,Perkins,Lawson,Ault
  4. Goshen Regional

    106-Flores,Buchanan,Weimer,Spaw 113-Watts,Schoeff,Beasley,Miller 120-Mejia,Boyce,Rodriguez,Yoder 126-Gimson,Rasler,Martinez,Warren 132-Gimson,Moore,Goering,Meyer 138-Yoder,Eveler,Evans,Crisp 145-Rasler,Stroud,Chupp,Moon 152-Kerrn,Weimer,Griffin,Levitz 160-Levitz,Baker,Lone,Acosta 170-Goering,Edwards,Blodgett,Contreras 182-Graber,Blakeley,Heintzberger,Sutton 195-Eli,Rasler,Leonard,Shafer 220-Bixler,Evans,Worlds,Leffers 285-Conner,Contreras,Yoder,Jacobs Elkhart Sectional-35 SSQ Westview Sectional-21 SSQ Top 5 teams (Not in order) Prairie Heights Jimtown Elkhart Central Elkhart Memorial Northridge
  5. Fort Wayne Semi-State Rankings Updated

    I noticed Jon Becker(BE) is no longer in the Rankings.Is he still wrestling?
  6. Elkhart Memorial Sectional

    I would have picked him 2nd behind Mejia both this week and next week.He's not in the 120 bracket so I assume he's not wrestling anymore this year.
  7. Elkhart Memorial Sectional

    106-Flores(Gosh) Eberhart(JT) Yoder(FF) Kline(EM) 113-Watts(JT) Beasley(NR) Miller(FF) Garcia(EC) 120-Mejia(EM) Yoder(FF) Hooley(NR) Rodriguez(Gosh) 126-Gimson(JT) Warren(NW) Flores(Gosh) Eveler(NR) 132-Gimson(JT) Goering(EM) Cross(NR) Sibal(Conc) 138-Yoder(FF) Eveler(NR) Boyd(EC) Werts(JT) 145-Stroud(EC) Chupp(NW) Lundy(EM) Shively(Gosh) 152-Kerrn(JT) Griffin(NW) Gutierrez(Gosh) Garcia(EC) 160-Baker(EC) Siddons(EM) Lone(NW) Norment(JT) 170-Goering(EM) Edwards(NW) Freel(NR) Contreras(Conc) 182-Graber(NR) Heintzberger(JT) Navarro(Gosh) Amezquita(EC) 195-Eli(EM) Leonard(NW) Lucius(EC) Blount(JT) 220-Bixler(NR) Miller(NW) Perez(EC) worlds(Gosh) 285-Conner(EC) Yoder(FF) Contreras(Gosh) Jacobs(NR) I think the team race will be very close Jimtown Northridge Elkhart Central Elkhart Memorial
  8. Up and coming programs...

    I think Jimtown will be a real good team next year they had 7 semi-state qualifiers and 6 of them returning.
  9. FW SS Updates

    anyone know who won between Crume of Jimtown and the Belmont kid at 130.

    FW semi-state 103-Walburn (2) 112-Weimer (2) 119-Slough (3) 125-Kelly (2) 130-Fiechter (2) 135-Hiestand (1) 140-Thiel (2) 145-Ehr (1) 152-Hogerdobler (3) 160-Lefever (2) 171-Bratcher (1) 189-Waikel (2) 215-Coureson-Carr (3) 285-Cooper (3)