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  1. What time does this start?
  2. If not for Cascade putting on a similar tournament this weekend, I assume many would be interested.
  3. Looks like Dubuque may be influencing his home state to come to IU.
  4. FILA Cadets in Akron, Ohio

    In Bubba's interview on Flo he said he will likely go to ASU.
  5. Div. 1 Nationals

    anybody have problems using espn360.com?
  6. Indiana State Finals Results page

    Looks like the Semi state are fairly evenly divide for place winners.
  7. Indiana vs Michigan

    I was there and they really looked beat up. Perry not in the line up hurt. Angel and Everhart still looked strong.
  8. Elite Cage Fighting

    I don't have personal experience fighting in this org, but many people I train with have. The org will generally try to pair you with someone that has similar amount of fights. The only problem that can arise is your opponent not showing up which happens a lot. If your opponent doesn't show they will try to pair you with someone else, but you always have the right to say no.
  9. Jeff Regional Predictions?

    I think Byrer @130 for North Knox will get out
  10. Winner at Southridge?

    posted in the results section
  11. Dan Hornbuckle

    I know Dan. He trains with McVicker Martial Arts like me. He is a very cool dude. Dan is actually from central Illinois. He trains out of Champaign not Terre Haute.
  12. Rose-Hulman

    I have just confirmed that Rose-Hulman will indeed drop the wrestling program. One of RH's coaches called me last night to let me know the situation. They are trying to reinstate that program by claiming the school is in violation of Title IX. I will try to keep everyone posted on the details as I receive them.
  13. Hoover vs. Goble Div. III Wrestling

    Goble lost 3-2 in the round to be all-american. Congrats to Goble on a great college career at Rose-Hulman.
  14. Hoover vs. Goble Div. III Wrestling

    Hoover over Goble 5-4. Hoover earns all-american status with the win. Goble must win his next match to become an all-american.
  15. Hoover vs. Goble Div. III Wrestling

    The match hasn't happened yet. Well wrestling411 hasn't reported anything above 141.