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    This is a reminder that Spring Break isn't here yet. We will have Nick Hull in the room tonight starting at 6:00. Dave, you are funny. Why did you slow that down so much?

    This is a reminder that Spring Break isn't here yet. We will have Nick Hull in the room tonight starting at 6:00. Dave, you are funny. Why did you slow that down so much?
  3. Forfeits - MN's proposed solution

    I used to do a middle school dual with New Pal at the U of I inter-squad. We would wrestle 8 or 10 weight classes. Each coach would pick four or five weight classes. It was like a chess match. You didn't want to pick a weight class that you knew the other coach would want to pick, but you didn't want to leave your best kids on the bench. We alternated choice like school yard picks. One coach picked and the other got the next two. This was cool, but doesn't fix the problem we are talking about. Coaches would pick the class that the other coach didn't have filled to get the W. Not bashing the idea either.

    What a room last night. Didn't get a head count, but had to have 60 kids. Thanks to all the college guys for coming and helping out. Also, thanks to the kids that traveled from North Mont, Rushville, Elwood, and of course the guys that are close by. If we get too many guys we can use the little room as well so keep them coming. Next week we will have Indiana Pride Coach, Nick Hull. Coach Hull was an extremely successful wrestler in high school and college, but he is probably a better coach. Come get better next Tuesday!

    Awesome room last week with kids from all over. We will be starting Tuesday at 6 again with Nick Walpole showing some technique before wrestling. Nick was a 4X state qualifier, 3Xplacer and State Champion. Nick was a National Champ at the University of Indianapolis. Come get better. Last week we had a competitive room with good groups of kids at all weights with 40+ in the room. We will have some ms age kids this week.

    Don't forget to start your spring season right. I will update our clinicians as we get confirmations on dates. Tonight is the LeCount/Warren show starting at 6:00 PM.

    Perry Meridian will host its first RTC of the season Tuesday February 27 from 6-7:30. Two guest clinicians will show some technique and then we will wrestle. 2018 State Champ Noah Warren will be on hand along with 2x champ and 3x finalist Cody LeCount. These guys are opposite ends of the wrestling spectrum so I can't wait to see what they put together. Enter Door 1 (main entrance), go straight and turn left to the room.
  8. Freshman/sophomore state placer who qualified

    How is Alec’s opportunity any different than cadet 100 or 106 at Folkstyle State?
  9. Freshman/sophomore state placer who qualified

    Can I ask what is so different between this tournament and Folkstyle State that is 2 weeks after? I know the age divisions would be different with Cadets/Juniors. For a couple years I had talked to some people about having a Junior Varsity state as a way to get more kids to extend their season. Include all kids that didn't wrestle in a sectional. I know some other states have a JV state. I am not against the tournament at all and we will have some Perry kids wrestle. I just don't see the huge difference between this and the Cadet age group at Warren Central.
  10. Wrestling Academies

    So what sets these coaches a part? Don't get me wrong, Chad, Dustin, CIA, Region Elite, Pride and others are great. Last year Mauer Coughlin ran one practice a week in our room. I am not saying kids shouldn't go, but I know quite a few high school coaches that do all of the things listed for all ages of their program. Trust me, I know all about the community aspect. I actually am going to use your post in our end of the year banquet. Frankly, a lot of our kids at Perry don't have the resources (parental support/money) to get over to an academy. We try to create this atmosphere in our room. I had an academy coach ask me last year why we don't send more kids to them. It isn't that we discourage it, but it is hard to get kids and parents to get to all the things we create here in our program. Some of our kids get out and go to other training opportunities, but most don't have the ability. I guess you could say that is why PM has finished 2nd, 3rd, 2nd and 2nd in the last 4 team state championships. The one thing that you can't deny is getting a bunch of state champs in a room whipping on each other. That helps kids for sure. I think having someone new give instruction is good as well. It usually reinforces the what we teach and also can show things a little different. I know not all programs do what we do, but I know some are pretty close. Don't forget to come to our RTC on Tuesday nights this spring...6:00-7:45! Coach Richardson PM
  11. If wrestling was a class sport........

    Thanks bro. We have skirted this many times this year.
  12. Mendez competing in the Ironman

    Fabio, how much does the school help when you travel and stay in hotels? Sorry to high jack the thread...just curious.
  13. Middle School Competition Wear

    Alright fellas. I heard some discussion about some states moving to fight shorts and compression shirt. I know at the high school level we haven't gone there yet. Our Middle School is getting new singlets this year. I would like to go with the fight short/compression top instead. Do you see any problems with this for Middle School? I really think this uniform would increase participation much more in the middle grades. The real question: If we do this, do you think there would be any officials that might have a problem with this? I know some schools make the the MS rules as we go(head gear not mandatory, length of matches, weight classes, weight allowances, etc.) Thanks
  14. Team Rankings: IndianaMat Dual Ranking

    Tonto was at tri-west first then at Connersville. Bluemonster is not as much of a fan boy as I thought.
  15. Isn't it too late to drop weight?

    Smart coach. I wonder about the other situations. I thought someone stated that Snyder was penalized for this. Would the other coaches get penalized...or like I said, would the 112 pounders be the new number 1 and 2 ranked 119 pounders?