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  1. We aren't holding RTC at PM on Tuesday due to awards presentations and finals. Thanks to all the wrestlers and clinicians this spring!
  2. Timeinandout

    Perry Meridian RTC 5/15

    We will be showing a little technique before wrestling tonight. We have a couple guys coming to show a little, but we will wrestle a lot. Continue to get better this spring! Starts at 6:00 tonight.
  3. This week we have Coach Mauer in the the room Tuesday May 8. He had a pretty decent high school career, but we have seen Mauer/Coughlin in action once a week at PM for the past two spring seasons. These guys do a great job for sure! Come see what central Indiana is missing. Enter the main entrance and turn left at the first hallway to the room.
  4. Big thanks to all the guys from Wabash that came to RTC last week. Tuesday we will have Indiana Tech and Coach Pompei. Pompei sent seven to NAIA championships and 6 were all american this year. We will get started at 6:00.
  5. Was that before or after you cooked the ground hog?
  6. Timeinandout


    Last week was some of the best stuff we have seen this year with Coach Alex Warren. Tuesday night we will have Wabash in the room. Coach Hardman will be at PM. I am sure a number of Wabash wrestlers will be here as well. Several came last week. We will get going at 6:00. Come get better!
  7. Timeinandout

    Noah Warren of Perry Meridian commits to

    He weighed in at 165 for the Dream Team Classic last Friday. He could have weighed 177. I thought Whitlake looked a little bigger.
  8. Timeinandout


    Tuesday 4/17 Perry will have State Champ and IU alum Alex Warren to run RTC. Coach Warren is a drill machine and an oustanding technician. We have had a great room this spring with 45-60 guys. We will get started at 6!
  9. Timeinandout


    Great competition in the room last week and awesome numbers with close to 60 guys. Big thanks to Coach Bradley and all the guys that showed up with him to help out. We had a strong group of young middle school age guys as well. This Tuesday 4/10 Perry will host Jake Sueflohn from Purdue. Coach Sueflohn had a career college record of 109-32 for Nebraska and was a 4x national qualifier. Coach Sueflohn came last year and was great. We will go 6-7:30.
  10. Timeinandout


    We will be back at it Tuesday with Marian Wrestling Coach Steven Bradley. Coach Bradley was a 3X state champ and was a Junior College runner-up. The Knights just completed their 2nd season and had the programs first NAIA All American. We will go 6-7:30. Enter the main door and turn left when you get to the carpet.
  11. Timeinandout


    This is a reminder that the Perry RTC will break the next two weeks. I will have updates later this week and next of our upcoming clinicians. Good luck to those guys going to some national tourneys the next few weeks!
  12. Timeinandout


    This is a reminder that Spring Break isn't here yet. We will have Nick Hull in the room tonight starting at 6:00. Dave, you are funny. Why did you slow that down so much?
  13. Timeinandout


    This is a reminder that Spring Break isn't here yet. We will have Nick Hull in the room tonight starting at 6:00. Dave, you are funny. Why did you slow that down so much?
  14. Timeinandout

    Forfeits - MN's proposed solution

    I used to do a middle school dual with New Pal at the U of I inter-squad. We would wrestle 8 or 10 weight classes. Each coach would pick four or five weight classes. It was like a chess match. You didn't want to pick a weight class that you knew the other coach would want to pick, but you didn't want to leave your best kids on the bench. We alternated choice like school yard picks. One coach picked and the other got the next two. This was cool, but doesn't fix the problem we are talking about. Coaches would pick the class that the other coach didn't have filled to get the W. Not bashing the idea either.
  15. Timeinandout


    What a room last night. Didn't get a head count, but had to have 60 kids. Thanks to all the college guys for coming and helping out. Also, thanks to the kids that traveled from North Mont, Rushville, Elwood, and of course the guys that are close by. If we get too many guys we can use the little room as well so keep them coming. Next week we will have Indiana Pride Coach, Nick Hull. Coach Hull was an extremely successful wrestler in high school and college, but he is probably a better coach. Come get better next Tuesday!

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