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  1. High School Wrestling Participation up

    That is great news. Congrats to the coaches who recruit kids to our great sport. Glad to see almost 1000 more boys 54 more girls becoming part of the wrestling family!
  2. Southport Freshman/Sophomore Tournament

    Yes, it counts two matches like any other tournament.
  3. Triton Central Saturday

    think they just wanted to have varsity teams there. I don't think Warren or Perry's JV squads are back, either.
  4. Congrats to Coach Skinner and Mark Durham and everyone involved in the Southport Frosh/Soph tournament today! You guys did a great job and it was good to get our young wrestlers on the mat. Mr. Durham did a great job setting it up and adjusting along the way to balance the weight classes. PH will be back next year to defend our title. I encourage everyone to make this a part of your schedule for next year. It was a very good experience for our kids. Dave Cloud
  5. Triton Central Saturday

    PH is not going to be there. We sent our JVs last year and they did well but we were told they didn't want us back. Dave Cloud
  6. Tipton High School had a cancellation for their January 6 eight-team tournament. This is a well-run event and the chow in the hospitality room is always good. Contact Coach Mark Barker 317-407-3110 or AD Kory Fernung at 765-675-7431 x144
  7. Congrats from Arabian Wrestling to Carter and the Greenfield Central Coaching staff. Great job getting him to that level!
  8. Football vs Wrestling....risk/reward

    I understand the anxiety you feel about your son participating in a collision sport like football. About a third of my wrestling team plays football. All season long I am like a worried mother for every game. BUT, we have to always remind ourselves that no matter how much time and effort we put into these kids, we don't own them or their non-wrestling time. Some of Indiana's best wrestlers from out state (David Palmer, David Locke, Randall Hayes at Delta; Spero Karas, Joel Stubblefield, Ben McKenney, Donny Sands at PH to name two schools) played football. But like Danny Struck and others have argued, if we want football coaches to encourage their players to wrestle we need to be willing to make it a two-way street and encourage our wrestlers to play if that is what they want to do. And yes, I have lost my share of wrestlers during the football season. It IS heartbreaking and very hard to take and my selfish instincts tell me to influence the kids to save themselves for wrestling but is the right thing to do for the kids? By the way, thinking this doesn't make a you a bad person, just a concerned parent, coach or both. Dave Cloud
  9. Congratulations, Mason. All of Indiana is proud of you! Dave Cloud Arabian Wrestling
  10. Looking for Jim Ledbetter!

    As always, you can count on the wrestling community to help out. A board user reached out to me with an e-mail for Jim Thanks to everyone who looked at the post! dave
  11. Can anyone help me get in contact with Jim Ledbetter? The number I have for him has been disconnected. Please contact me at: dcloud@smcsc.com Thanks! Dave
  12. Coyte Cooper TEDx Talk

    Dr. Coyte Cooper, former IU wrestler, speaks about dealing with setbacks and how we can use them to make ourselves stronger and our lives better. If you are not uplifted and excited to improve your life after listening to Coyte speak you are quite possibly dead! I have seen him at NWCA Convention several times and always enjoy his presentation. Also, a very personable guy who has worked hard to promote wrestling with his Best of Brand contests. The link to the talk is below.
  13. I have an opening on my staff for a paid assistant coach and would like to open up the net a little to get the best candidate. Primary responsibility is JV but we practice together and all of our coaches contribute to all levels of the program and can attend any meet. If you are interested in talking about the position, please call (765-778-2161, ext. 6034) or e-mail (dcloud@smcsc.com). Would like to get this nailed down as quickly as possible. Dave Cloud
  14. Thanks, Electricwrestler! Glad you could make it out to see the show.
  15. Thanks to everyone who came out last night for the Greg Warren show. We had a great time and made some money for our program. Greg's Facebook page has some hilarious videos and a lot of them are wrestling themed. Also, he has a lot of videos on Youtube. He asked that his intro last night include "Founder of Stall Camp". If you haven't seen that video yet do yourself a favor and take a look. Greg also asked me to mention his podcast "Trip to the Lou" which is Greg and some of his St. Louis area comedian friends talking about sites they have visited. Some funny stuff. You can also find the link on Greg's Facebook page. Dave