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  1. Antknee

    Bremen RWO

    Guess what's back, back again? Open mat begins at 5:30pm! Enter Door 16.
  2. Antknee

    Bremen RWO

    Back at it again this Thursday in the Lions Den! Enter Door 16.
  3. Antknee

    Bremen RWO

    The Thursday grind in the Lions Den is back in action again tonight @ 5:30pm! Enter door 16.
  4. Antknee

    RTC's Still Running?

    Bremen on Thursdays @ 5:30pm!
  5. Antknee

    Funk Style Camp - June 2nd

    Don't miss out on this! Register today.
  6. Antknee

    Bremen RWO

    Party starts at 5:30pm tonight! Jamtunes will be cranked up. Enter Door 16.
  7. Antknee

    Bremen RWO

    Party starts at 5:30pm tomorrow! Enter Door 16.
  8. Antknee

    Bremen RWO

    Don't forget about this Thursday at Bremen! Open mat at 5:30pm - Enter Door 16! Also, if anyone is feeling froggy and wants to get 5+ matches this Sunday, May 20th - we have some open spots at the BREMEN SUPERCADE! Shoot me a text or call if you're interested (574) 229-0941 There is a great pool of talent making the trip from the Indy area and solid teams from up North! It should be a great day of wrestling for the northern part of Indiana!
  9. Antknee

    Bremen RWO

    TONIGHT - 5:30pm - Enter Door 16 Should be a great room again tonight! Pumped to see so many young studs from around the area make the trip. #2SWEET
  10. Antknee

    Bremen RWO

    5:30pm - Thursday - Enter Door 16 BOOMTIME
  11. Antknee

    Funk Style Camp - June 2nd

    Great opportunity to learn from a phenomenal young talent! Take advantage of this. You won't be disappointed.
  12. Antknee

    Bremen RWO

    Tonight at 5:30pm - Enter Door 16
  13. Antknee

    Bremen RWO

    Are you ready to feel the bang tonight at 5:30pm? The Bremen RWO will be styling and profiling! Enter Door 16.
  14. Antknee

    Bremen RWO

    Back at it again this Thursday at 5:30pm! Enter Door 16. **Side Note** Make sure to grab a Funk Style Camp flyer while you're at Bremen! Jake Sinkovics is the lead clinician on June 2nd!!!!!!
  15. Very excited to announce that on June 2nd, 2018, Jake Sinkovics, will be bringing his Funk Style Wrestling Camp to Bremen! Open to ALL SCHOOLS! Enter Door 16. 511 W Grant St, Bremen, IN Preregistration Link and Information is below: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSejHkV-PjyVjsUc8_5NiA02VmxfD1RHokxaZlRHOBwyaG6v-w/viewform?c=0&w=1 Funk Style Wrestling Camp.pdf

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