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  1. Maurader Summer Duals Mt. Vernon High School 1806 West IN 234, Fortville , IN 46040 Eligibility: Wrestlers entering 7th-12th grade are eligible. No graduated seniors! Weight Classes: 100, 106, 113, 120, 126, 132, 138, 145, 152, 160, 170, 182, 195, 220, 285. There will be a 5 lbs. allowance (i.e. 100= 105) Rosters: Limited to 20 wrestlers per team. Each team will be required to supply a table worker. Cost $250 must be received by May 19th to guarantee you a spot! Registration: Make checks payable to Maurader Wrestling Club. Mail to 10515 Fawn Ridge Lane, Indianapolis, IN, 46236 Weigh ins: Saturday 7:30-8:30. It is highly encouraged for teams and coaches to weigh in together with a roster form. Start time: Coaches meeting st 8:45. Wrestling will start promptly at 9:00. Format: 12 teams on 6 mats (two gyms) First 3 rounds will be round robin followed by 2 rounds of crossover for placing. Awards: Awards will be given for wrestlers going 5-0 in a single weight class. Team champion will receive trophy. Officials: We will use licensed IHSAA officials. Misc: Both gyms will be air conditioned. Full concessions will be open. This is one of the only summer duals tourney in the Indianapolis area and will fill up quickly! Admission: $5 will be charged for all non wrestlers, coaches, or table help. Questions: Contact Randal Hayes @ 317-809-5309 or randal.hayes@gmail.com
  2. I have the same question. I have 2 wrestlers that qualified from the north qualifier and 1 that qualified from being a non placing state qualifier. Is there anything we need to do to register for this Saturday? It is not on the flyer and don't know where else to look for info.
  3. Wow - Fattore pinned himself!

    The picture posted on this thread shows it well. If you all really knew the pinning area (it is not the shoulder blades!!), he was definitely pinned. Take a look at the rule book and you will see the pinning area is more than half way down the back. When I give coaches/official's clinics, this is the one most are surprised to learn.
  4. 10x10 two piece mat for sale. No rips or tears. $200. Must pick up. Located on northeast side of Indianapolis. Email randal.hayes@gmail.com with questions.
  5. 10x10 two piece mat for sale. No rips or tears. $200. Must pick up. Located on northeast side of Indianapolis. Email randal.hayes@gmail.com with questions.
  6. Central Athletic Officials Association is hosting the 2nd annual Coaches dinner at Delta tonight at 7:00. All coaches (and officials) are welcome. We will discuss new rules (out of bounds, uniforms, weigh in procedures, etc) and other issues. There will also be an open Q&A with State interpreter Jim Russel. There are several critical rules and points of emphasis changes this year so this will be a great opportunity to discuss these and other items with the State interpreter. The association is having Bird's BBQ cater the event. Address is 3400 State Rd 28 Muncie IN. For more info email or text Randal Hayes 317-809-5309 randal.hayes@gmail.com
  7. I believe Delta made it in the top 5 at one point.
  8. Willis Might have Surgery

    Duck, did you even wrestle? Your comments on this site make me wonder. If you did, did you put in the time to be any good? Did you make it out of the sectional? When you put in the extra work to be as good as Willis is, it is nearly impossible to not give it your best shot at the title, 2 years left or not. You were not on the mat to hear the conversation between the trainers, the coaches, the officials, and the wrestler. Maybe the trainer suggested he not wrestle, see how it feels in an hour and re evaluate. That would make sense wouldn't it? In high school, my sophomore year I separated my shoulder, wrestled anyway (5th), junior year broken wrist, (runner up), had surgery 3 days later, senior yr. I snapped a tendon in my ankle in the semi state finals (ranked #1 at the time), tried to wrestle anyway. It may not be the smartest thing, but when you give everything you have to get there and you are that close to your dream, you can't just walk away. Willis should not be boo'd, he obvioulsy worked way to hard to ever deserve that. I saw Willis several times over the course of the year, he gets my respect! You say he took a free ride to the finals? He won just as many matches to get there as everyone else!
  9. Janney/Travis Match

    It is dificult to get consistancy with judgement calls. It's also different if you are in the stands or on the mat (not knocking fans knowledge, it just is a different angle). Most officials will call the line tighter if there is no action (which the N.F. added this option to officials in the rule book this year), but if there is a scoring opportunity they will let it go a little longer. Give the more aggressive wrestler a chance. High school mats are not big enough to call it like college. The fleeing call with the HWT match was obvious (in my opinion). The Merr. wrestler's first turn to the line was not fleeing but a natural defense to the single, but when the Ytown wrestler pulled him back in and the Merr. wrestler turned again, he had other options and did not choose any of them. That is fleeing. Randal Hayes Official
  10. Off-season weight lifting workouts

    Detassling corn will give you an unbelievable grip and bailing hay will give you amazing strength and stamina!
  11. Best Wrestling Song Ever!!

    Vision Quest came out in 1985, the week of State. As most of you will remember, due to a snow storm state was postponed to the follow week and held at New Castle. A lot of the teams stayed in hotels in Muncie on Friday night (there was no Friday night round that year). Several of the Delta wrestlers went to see Vision Quest that night. The theater was packed with wrestlers from all over the state. Pretty cool to see the best wrestling movie of all time with 100 or so fellow wrestlers! I still use that sound track when I work out or run.
  12. Friday

    Back when Delta was on top the school had a pep rally in the morning, then the whole school tailgated to the Marriot hotel (basically reserved the entire hotel). My understanding was, it was a great party! Then tailgated back, escorted to the school by firetrucks for another pep rally. Great memories.
  13. State Ranked wrestlers that only wrestle

    Is this thread relevent to anything? Why do you want to make a list?
  14. Refs need to quit peeing down their legs and call stalling. What a ridiculous statement. Every time stalling is called the coaches yell and scream how could that possibly be stalling? When it is not called those same coaches scream and yell that the other kid is running, riding the hips, blocking, take your pick! Fans and coaches are looking at the match from a particular angle, officials are looking at it from a neutral position. Do you know what stalling is in every position? I will help you with that, no. Officials have meetings and discussions, watch videos, read bulletins, all on stalling to learn how to detect it and determine who is causing the stalling. It is a judgment call, not your judgment, not the mom and dads in the stands that have never seen a rule book, not the coach in the corner trying to get every advantage for his wrestler, the official's judgment, the only person with no dog in the fight.
  15. Best Hospitality Rooms Ever

    I officiated at B. South last year for regionals and must admit, the spread was pretty awsome. The food table went the length of the entire cafeteria.