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  1. csp1991

    Bloomington North Openings

    Bloomington High School North has numerous teaching openings. There are also coaching openings at all levels. Additionally, Tri-North Middle School has a social studies position available Link to district-wide teaching openings - https://mccsc.astihosted.com/ViewJobPostings.aspx If interested please contact Chandler Pogue at cpogue@mccsc.edu or csp1991@outlook.com
  2. csp1991

    Session 5

    any info on team scores
  3. csp1991

    reshowing of the big ten

    lol there on now
  4. does anybody know when it will be on again i missed it :'(
  5. csp1991

    peru regional predictions

    i dont see chad losing this early, sisk is undeatfed and definitly cant be overlooked but i dont know how tuff nm schedule is and i was also wondering who is chads 1 lose is to lol cj hanson will definitly make it to semi state it might just be him and jackson in the finals