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Everything posted by Disco

  1. Great to see the program progress, even if it’s incremental. The men ,the new coaches,inherited have a whole new aggressiveness to them. This helps ,when high schoolers are considering, to see the in room progression. Nothing but good things in West Lafayette.
  2. Since I have not been to a finals in 5 years, does everyone still sprint to get good seats after they get through the ticket line?
  3. Sprinting to get seats

    LoL, Brooks. You just gave up your secrets. Everybody going to don Brooks next year
  4. Another great dual win for Boilers, at Wisconsin. Actually an upset per say, with the rankings, but me thinks Purdue is not getting the attention that Wisconsin seems to command, in the rankings. So upset? No, just a continuing improving purdue team, beating a team they should beat in the BIG.
  5. Shaved ICE

    Have not been to the finals in 5 years, do they still offer shaved ice?
  6. Shaved ICE

    Favorite flavors, mine is blue raspberry
  7. Sprinting to get seats

    And what brand of running shoes do you all wear for the best times to the seats?
  8. Mackey Mayhem- Free tickets

    They will redeem themselves at big tens. Get rested and healthy. Regroup and have at it.
  9. Not a lot of good news as far as wins and losses today, the mild cats have a few heavy hitters, but Martin did get back in there with a hard fought win. Dansheck(sp) also showed up today.on the mat,So with Rypel getting cleared. maybe the Hoosiers can show at THE BIGS
  10. 1 pm at the friendly confines of University gymnasium in lovely Bloomington Indiana. I believe it will be thorough beat down by the average Northwestern squad. Anyone beg to differ? I will be there. As usual.
  11. Rypel

    He was ready to go today. Got warmed up anyway. Good news
  12. Fort Wayne or New Haven SS?

    eHEW HAVEN! Has its own mayor and own community. When some one steps up. in the summit city, and takes the responsibility of running the show , we will refer to it as the Fart Wayne Semi state!
  13. Any good spots in Evansville Friday Night

    What an egotistical jerk!
  14. Mackey Mayhem- Free tickets

    Lessons learned, It is a long D-1 season. They need to peak in 3 weeks at Big's. If they stay healthy and rested they will do just fine.
  15. Mackey Mayhem- Free tickets

    That was a tough loss for the Boilers. Bonus points! Mild cats still have a few weapons. Purdue is right there though.
  16. Rypel

    He was in street clothes at this weekend of meets.
  17. Angel to head coach

    Im not sold, that this would be the best fit for Indiana. Don't get me wrong, any change at this time would be welcomed. I realize Fred (AD) and company have zero knowledge of the sport. But, the wrestling community would gladly help in a new coach search. Someone who would be compatible with the constraints, if any, that the Indiana athletic department would have. Salary, assistant money fund, and such. And this help would be free of charge. Bring in a few candidates for Indiana to talk to and then make a selection.
  18. On a positive note, I hope the Indiana HS coaches and wrestlers are paying attention to Tony and the PU program Keeping the in state elite wrestlers at home for all of us in Indiana to enjoy would be great.
  19. Indiana Jokers, I mean Hoosiers. Really, Goldman produce two winners in two duals this weekend. At home against Illinois and Purdue. There has to be somebody here to take responsibility. What in the hell is President McRobbie thinking? The incompetence of Fred Glass, the AD,not to make any changes to the coaching staff, and McRobbie letting it happen is exactly what you get in a public bureaucracy. I mean an elite University, in the Big Ten, in the heart of rich HS talent, and this JOKER, Goldman, cant recruit any more than two wins in two duals. I don't think he would last at Bloomington South, let alone at Brownsburg, with that kind of results. WOW and year after year. Who, on this message board, thinks this is the way Indiana University should be running the wrestling program?
  20. There are plenty of in state wrestlers that would JUMP at the chance to wrestle for Duane Goldman! But none of the wrestlers that Goldman, could get, would ever win a Big ten tournament or AA. THE QUESTION IS, Why would any, elite caliber, in state or out of state want to go there?
  21. Another reminder The Boilers venture into Bloomington Sunday At 1pm. For instate bragging rights.
  22. Mici looked good last night in Bloomington. Took care of business. Shows why he is headed for an AA finish this year, baring injuries.
  23. Yes to this. But you have to remember CM usually reloads every year. Not a head hanger here for Purdue. Chance for coaches to look at film and coach to get better. When cutting it sometime takes most of the season to adjust. Just have to go through the season here and evaluate.
  24. At 141, for Indiana, Weaver finished 3rd, getting beat by the eventual champion. Knocking off #17 and pinning the #10 ranked wrestler, at the Navy classic.