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  1. Mici looked good last night in Bloomington. Took care of business. Shows why he is headed for an AA finish this year, baring injuries.
  2. Yes to this. But you have to remember CM usually reloads every year. Not a head hanger here for Purdue. Chance for coaches to look at film and coach to get better. When cutting it sometime takes most of the season to adjust. Just have to go through the season here and evaluate.
  3. At 141, for Indiana, Weaver finished 3rd, getting beat by the eventual champion. Knocking off #17 and pinning the #10 ranked wrestler, at the Navy classic.
  4. Daktronics Open and Clarion Open

    I don't think it will happen. In a year I can see Lee getting bulk, where as Red may be able to maintain where he is at.
  5. Daktronics Open and Clarion Open

    So we’re posting college events on HS? Thanks for the rundown though. Boy these men would look good in the cream and crimson, black and gold
  6. If and when he gets that tank bigger ,James has the ability to wrestle where he wants. He first needs to be able to go the full 3 periods. It always comes down to putting the time in to improve your weaknesses. Wait and see.
  7. Any takes from the Thursday night inter squad? Other than, they had enough wrestlers to pull it off?
  8. Any takes from the Thursday night inter squad? Other than, they had enough wrestlers to pull it off?
  9. Its goin to happen at Purdue.
  10. IU next year

    Bomber, we seem to be in the sam boat. Never a free flow of information out of the Hoosier room. Never was. I'd say, it maybe anther part of the problem, of the success, of a program. And it falls on the shoulders of a head coach. We can see why Indiana has such a weak following over the past 20 years or so, and getting worse. Hard to get behind a team, when there is no way to get any feed back about what is going with the team.
  11. IU next year

    To the wrestling team Insiders like Jeff. Now that Indiana has shuffled coaches, what is, the projected line up for Indiana next season? Loosing Black was a result of Simmons leaving? But the program is use to not getting the in state elite, so they look elsewhere. And who are the in coming recruits to bolster the practice room? Another question, who in the room is moving into a starting spot?
  12. IU next year

    Dead end job. For desperate guys looking for a start in coaching. Don't do it.
  13. IU next year

    I agree, not much evidence. On that, it would be a good risk to take. Considering there is a lot of evidence to support, the head coach's lack of ability to develop and improve talent.
  14. To go along with the list of graduating wrestlers, I think two other teams, that stick out to me as, having a chance to impact the league are Chandlers team, Michigan State and Howe's team Northwestern. They have several good returners and new recruits.