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  1. Angel to head coach

    The agrivation of all this Matt, Bomber, is the fact Fred Glass and the president ,michael McRobie won’t step up to the plate here. There is no doubt ,in any reasonable persons mind, wrestling at Indiana university needs a change of leadership. So for the sake of this forum,board ,Matt, more people would contribute if indiana had success! Have you in fact emailed, one or both of these leaders, to voice an opinion? Like wise how about you, bomber? Or anyone else on this forum? After 4 or 5 years of this complacency I see how this grates on a person. Hard to look at other programs and make any positive remarks, about Duane,as bad as this sounds.
  2. Angel to head coach

    Bomber, Matt has a job to do here, on this web site. One of them is to relay news of wrestling in as a neutral position as possible. That means personal opinions aside. With that said, Matt you need to also keep the chiding of posters to yourself., if you don't like the posts of Bomber. you cant chide him in return. Two way street. I cant see your opinion any more important than Bombers. But ,the way I see it , this is what the FORUM is for. voicing opinions, or not voicing. NOT chiding someone for their views on any subject, and coaches programs are not above scrutiny. Your choice.
  3. Now these guys have to produce. This is what separates good programs from mediocre ones. Recruits look at the results in the big dance.
  4. 5 in for Boilers, Welch, limmex,lydy, Brunner,Streck. With a very good possibility, with at large bids, of getting Morrissey in. Also Thornton has a chance at an, at large bid.
  5. Update: Oliver grabbed the 10th and final auto-qualifier. And Martin is in. Skatzka should get an at large bid. So 3 for IU
  6. Big Ten

    Now the pressure is on Oliver of Indiana, he gets Foley of Michigan State again ,in the wrestle backs. This will be “for the cellar” match. Michigan State or Indiana will be on the bottom again. This has been a yearly event for the last several years. This keeps all of the state wrestling fans in Indiana, on the edge of their seats! Last!, or next to last! Wow, it doesn’t get any better than this! Skatzka May be the deciding points in this yearly drama.
  7. Big Ten

    Good showing for the Boilers! Big upgrade this year in the big tournament
  8. Indiana- In: 141-Weaver Outside chance: 125-Oliver,165-Martin,174-Skatzka I see Indiana getting 1 in to this years NCAA championships.
  9. Purdue- In: 125-welch, 141-Limmex, 165-morrissey,174-Lydy, 285 streck. outside chance: 133-Thorton, 149-Nash,197- Brunner So I could see Purdue getting at least 5 to Cleveland, 2018 NCAA championships.
  10. Anxious to see how much the Boilers have improved from last year tournament.
  11. Big tens not on tv?

    Tickets are still available! See it all live and in person!The best folk wrestling in the country. Outside of the Big show.
  12. Rypel

    But I think after the season of limited activity , not bad got Rypel
  13. Great to see the program progress, even if it’s incremental. The men ,the new coaches,inherited have a whole new aggressiveness to them. This helps ,when high schoolers are considering, to see the in room progression. Nothing but good things in West Lafayette.
  14. Sprinting to get seats

    LoL, Brooks. You just gave up your secrets. Everybody going to don Brooks next year