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  1. ckwallac

    McCutcheon JV

    McCutcheon HS is looking to join a JV tournament on 12/15/18. Please contact Chuck Wallace with any details. 765 532-9307 ckwallace@tsc.k12.in.us
  2. McCutcheon HS is looking for a JV tournament for 12/15/18 and another one for the Holiday Break. Please contact Chuck Wallace ckwallace@tsc.k12.in.us or 765 532-9307
  3. ckwallac

    howe out for season???

    How did his injury occur?
  4. ckwallac

    Favorite pair of wrestling shoes ever?

    Asics Ultra Flex!! The best shoe ever made. I wish that they still made them. I suppose that they do but only in leather.
  5. ckwallac

    How did you get into wrestling....

    A flier from our fourth grade teacher was the initial introduction which led me to the sport. After 2 years away a very overweight friend was going out for the team and I felt ridiculous that he was going out and I was not. My life has been altered for the better due his indirect peer pressure.
  6. Jason Smith 125lbs. from LN in 1991 I believe that he had not made it out of regionals before his senior year.