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  1. What school does Josh plan to attend? NVM I see it in the rankings, duh!
  2. Announcement Wednesday at 8:30pm

    Some possibilities: They are meeting in the middle at 182 to setup a potential showdown at the state championship! Both have agreed to get IndianaMat tattoos in exchange for weekly tape review/strategy calls with Joe to up their wrestling game They have agreed to go undercover, be sent to North Korea where they will repeatedly suplex Kim Jong Un Both will sport a controversial new singlet alternative this year - performance shorts that look like cutoff jean shorts They will both follow Chad Red Jr to Nebraska
  3. With the beginning of the season approaching, what are some of the next big tournaments that Indiana HS wrestlers will be attending (and when?) (and is there a web link?)
  4. Rest In Peace Tim Ayersman

    Very sorry for your loss. The best legacy we leave behind are memories, and I am sure that you have many good memories of time spent with your father
  5. 2017 Transfers

    Now that all schools across Indiana are in session -- who are some wrestlers that are walking different halls and will be wearing a new singlet this year?
  6. Taking a look at it from an "academics-first" point of view ** Illinois ranked #1 undergraduate engineering 2017 Virginia Tech #8 Michigan #16 Arizona State #22 Princeton #23 Northwestern #31 Nebraska and IU not ranked Of course, as most know, college is somewhat dependent on the resources available, and largely dependent on what effort you put into it to take advantage of the opportunities. I will say that Adam Coon is a pretty strong example of an Engineering student that has also been able to combine studies with a very strong performance on the mat. With respect to the IU mention, curious what others think of any similarities between Parris's athleticism as a college heavyweight and Adam Chalfant who wrestling at IU after a football stint at another school ** according to CollegeChoice 2017, using data points from U.S. News and World Report, Payscale.org, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and information provided by schools (LINK)
  7. Disappointed that Kendrick Maple only stayed on staff for one year. I can't blame him for moving to Nebraska to get training opportunities alongside Burroughs and Green as he is trying to compete on the international scene, but that's a real blow to the Boilermaker recruiting delivery. Will there be any fallout among recent recruits or kids close to signing?
  8. Cadet Greco/FS Duals

    Match #2 Cons. Round 1: Colorado defeated Indiana 45-32195 - Andrew Irick (Indiana) over Cody Ponce (Colorado) TF 12-0220 - Deonte Bridges (Colorado) over Jack Biddle (Indiana) Fall 0:49285 - Andy Garcia (Colorado) over Taylor Webster (Indiana) Fall 1:1688 - Lawrence Martinez (Colorado) over Karson Everett (Indiana) TF 10-094 - Cody Thompson (Colorado) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf 100 - William Loecke (Colorado) over Suhas Chundi (Indiana) Dec 17-8106 - Dean Noble (Colorado) over Harrison Hadley (Indiana) TF 12-0113 - Gabe Smith (Indiana) over Johnny Masopust (Colorado) TF 12-0120 - Brendan Jones (Colorado) over Reece Luhman (Indiana) Dec 8-8126 - Antonio Segura (Colorado) over Jace Longere (Indiana) TF 10-0132 - Scott Fitts (Indiana) over Nicholas Wilson (Colorado) TF 14-4138 - Alex Mosconi (Indiana) over Aaden Valdez (Colorado) TF 14-4145 - Brock Ellis (Indiana) over Trey Hardy (Colorado) TF 11-0152 - Tristan Perez (Colorado) over Bryce Bailey (Indiana) Fall 2:18160 - Clay Fielden (Indiana) over Dillon Derting (Colorado) Fall 0:40170 - Clayton Todd (Indiana) over Chase Engelhardt (Colorado) Fall 2:09182 - Elijah Olson (Colorado) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf Match #3 7th Place Match: Indiana defeated South Carolina 62-11220 - Jack Biddle (Indiana) over Thomas Shelman (South Carolina) TF 14-4285 - Xzavion Glenn (South Carolina) over Taylor Webster (Indiana) Fall 3:5988 - Karson Everett (Indiana) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf 94 - Double Forfeit100 - Jake Shafer (Indiana) over Micheal Caleb Holcombe (South Carolina) TF 10-0106 - Antonio Jefferson (Indiana) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf 113 - Gabe Smith (Indiana) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf 120 - Reece Luhman (Indiana) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf 126 - Jace Longere (Indiana) over Ronnie Johnson (South Carolina) Fall 1:28132 - Terrell Leavell (Indiana) over Joshua Ellis (South Carolina) Fall 2:09138 - Alex Mosconi (Indiana) over Jordan Bailey Wilkens (South Carolina) Dec 12-3145 - Brock Ellis (Indiana) over Josh Cizmadia (South Carolina) Fall 1:58152 - Austin Lippincott (South Carolina) over Bryce Bailey (Indiana) TF 14-4160 - Clay Fielden (Indiana) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf 170 - Clayton Todd (Indiana) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf 182 - Double Forfeit195 - Andrew Irick (Indiana) over J`shon Horn (South Carolina) Fall 0:53Green/Yellow Pool - Indiana is guaranteed 6th placeMatch #1 Round 1: Indiana defeated Pennsylvania Blue 45-3094 - Double Forfeit100 - Brennan McBride (Pennsylvania Blue) over Suhas Chundi (Indiana) TF 12-2106 - Harrison Hadley (Indiana) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf 113 - Gabe Smith (Indiana) over Lincoln Heck (Pennsylvania Blue) TF 20-7120 - Malachi Duvall (Pennsylvania Blue) over Reece Luhman (Indiana) TF 14-4126 - Christian Colman (Pennsylvania Blue) over Jace Longere (Indiana) Dec 14-13132 - Mason Lewis (Pennsylvania Blue) over Scott Fitts (Indiana) TF 12-0138 - Alex Mosconi (Indiana) over Evan Courts (Pennsylvania Blue) Fall 2:12145 - Brock Ellis (Indiana) over Seth Reese (Pennsylvania Blue) TF 12-0152 - Cole Rees (Pennsylvania Blue) over Bryce Bailey (Indiana) Fall 1:39160 - Clay Fielden (Indiana) over Daniel Mancini (Pennsylvania Blue) TF 11-0170 - Riley Gallagher (Pennsylvania Blue) over Clayton Todd (Indiana) TF 12-2182 - Kyle Costello (Pennsylvania Blue) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf 195 - Andrew Irick (Indiana) over Johnny Franklin (Pennsylvania Blue) TF 10-0220 - Jack Biddle (Indiana) over Nate Miller (Pennsylvania Blue) Fall 4:34285 - Taylor Webster (Indiana) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf 88 - Karson Everett (Indiana) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf Match #2 Round 2: Indiana defeated Maryland 48-24100 - Jake Shafer (Indiana) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf 106 - Antonio Jefferson (Indiana) over Ethan Bell (Maryland) Fall 0:22113 - Gabe Smith (Indiana) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf 120 - Sean Scott (Maryland) over Reece Luhman (Indiana) TF 10-0126 - PJ Truntich (Maryland) over Jace Longere (Indiana) TF 10-0132 - Terrell Leavell (Indiana) over Mathew Jun (Maryland) TF 15-4138 - Alex Mosconi (Indiana) over Chris Roybal (Maryland) TF 11-1145 - Brock Ellis (Indiana) over Garrett Fisk (Maryland) Dec 8-4152 - Bryce Bailey (Indiana) over Sean Ahmadpour (Maryland) TF 10-0160 - Clay Fielden (Indiana) over Tony Zancan (Maryland) TF 10-0170 - Richard Tyler (Maryland) over Clayton Todd (Indiana) TF 12-2182 - Noah Wienclawski (Maryland) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf 195 - Andrew Irick (Indiana) over Kyle Isoloto (Maryland) TF 10-0220 - Jack Biddle (Indiana) over Gavin Dixon (Maryland) TF 11-0285 - Taylor Webster (Indiana) over Sawyer Sturla (Maryland) Fall 2:5688 - Joey Couch (Maryland) over Karson Everett (Indiana) TF 10-094 - Double ForfeitMatch #3 Round 3: Indiana defeated North Carolina Red 58-13106 - Antonio Jefferson (Indiana) over William Saby (North Carolina Red) TF 19-7113 - Gabe Smith (Indiana) over Kaleb Williams (North Carolina Red) Dec 16-9120 - Reece Luhman (Indiana) over Michael Pappaconstantinou (North Carolina Red) TF 10-0126 - Drew Sisk (North Carolina Red) over Jace Longere (Indiana) Fall 1:21132 - Terrell Leavell (Indiana) over Griffan Garmany (North Carolina Red) Dec 16-12138 - Alex Mosconi (Indiana) over Alec Stephen Baynard (North Carolina Red) TF 10-0145 - Brock Ellis (Indiana) over Woodson Young (North Carolina Red) Fall 0:18152 - Bryce Bailey (Indiana) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf 160 - Clay Fielden (Indiana) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf 170 - Liam Harris (North Carolina Red) over Clayton Todd (Indiana) Fall 2:18182 - Double Forfeit195 - Andrew Irick (Indiana) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf 220 - Jack Biddle (Indiana) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf 285 - Taylor Webster (Indiana) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf 88 - Karson Everett (Indiana) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf 94 - Double Forfeit100 - Suhas Chundi (Indiana) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
  9. Cadet Greco/FS Duals

    Match #1 Quarterfinal: Utah defeated Indiana 49-32182 - Rylan Watts (Utah) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf 195 - Andrew Irick (Indiana) over Kioni Alvarez (Utah) TF 11-0220 - Kade Carlson (Utah) over Jack Biddle (Indiana) TF 12-2285 - Keegan Wilkinson (Utah) over Taylor Webster (Indiana) Fall 0:5888 - Quade Smith (Utah) over Karson Everett (Indiana) Fall 0:2794 - Cooper Cox (Utah) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf 100 - Jake Shafer (Indiana) over Cole Jensen (Utah) TF 20-10106 - River Wardle (Utah) over Antonio Jefferson (Indiana) TF 16-4113 - Jarrett Jorgensen (Utah) over Gabe Smith (Indiana) Dec 15-12120 - Tristan Farnsworth (Utah) over Reece Luhman (Indiana) Dec 5-3126 - Dean Thopmson (Utah) over Jace Longere (Indiana) TF 12-1132 - Terrell Leavell (Indiana) over Sammy Heywood (Utah) Fall 2:25138 - Alex Mosconi (Indiana) over Jate Frost (Utah) TF 12-2145 - Riley Noble (Utah) over Brock Ellis (Indiana) Dec 13-5152 - McKay Foy (Utah) over Bryce Bailey (Indiana) Fall 1:07160 - Clay Fielden (Indiana) over Jaxon Moore (Utah) TF 12-1170 - Clayton Todd (Indiana) over Bowen Shields (Utah) Fall 2:57
  10. Cadet Greco/FS Duals

    tournament is on trackwrestling *CLICK ME*
  11. Summer ended Cadets/ High School

    Not sure how far you want to travel but here is a list of summer events around the Pennsylvania region -- I'm sure he would see some great competition at many of these events http://www.pywrestling.com/tournaments-events.html
  12. ISWA Summer Trips - coaches list

    I only saw 3 ppl listed more than once Keith Davison - could be argued that since his son(s) are likely on both Junior teams he is going to be there anyways Doug Welch Nick Hull - isn't Nick the ISWA person responsible for olympic-style wrestling?
  13. Gunnar Larson

    Article + video from WISH-TV LINK
  14. Caught red handed

    Would any of this discussion even be taking place if there were class wrestling? *holy grail of discussion derailment*
  15. This article is a good read about a poorly-handled situation where a D1 college dropped their wrestling program. In the age of political correctness and parent over protection, it is more important than ever for the leaders in our sport to work together. I cannot imagine the anger that I would feel had my child signed on to wrestle at Boise State mere days before the program was shut down, or committed 1-3 years of their life there only to have it taken away. Really mishandled. http://www.cdapress.com/article/20170506/ARTICLE/170509839