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  1. Graber / Walton

    Agreed - surprised me how well Graber did. Congratulations
  2. Melloh and Mulkey

    Personally don’t care where the ref went to HS. bit I agree with the opinion that it was a poor call. I just want to see the kids decide the outcome on the mat. Call stalemate if you don’t like it and stand them back up
  3. Wow - Fattore pinned himself!

    Poor call. It was a rollthrough he never settled flat IMO
  4. Team Scoring at IHSAA State

    Numberz You were correct - it is only 1 points for advancement in consolation. This really only affects the 5th and 6th place finishers as they are the only wrestlers that actually "advance" in consolations. All the rest lose (7th/8th) or are drawn directly to their final match (3rd/4th). So I was off by a point on 5th and 6th. The updated points are: 1st = 22 points + bonus on 3 Saturday wins 2nd = 18 points + bonus on 2 Saturday wins 3rd = 13 points + bonus on 2 Saturday wins 4th = 11 points + bonus on 1 Saturday win 5th = 8 points + bonus on 2 Saturday wins 6th = 6 points + bonus on 1 Saturday win 7th = 4 points + bonus on 1 Saturday win 8th = 3 points (no bonus possible)
  5. Chad Red Jr was undefeated state champion in 4 years, ranked #1 in the country at his weight. His record this year as a redshirt freshman is 17-7. College is a whole different ballgame. The strength and agility advantage that Mason Parris has over other indiana HS wrestlers would be negated completely by Snyder. Like FCFighter said -- One day maybe but don't think that it would be close now
  6. Team Scoring at IHSAA State

    I'd like to see them count bonus points for the first round! Doesn't matter if it is a #1 vs #4 at this level a pin should be counted as a quality match and rewarded on the team points.
  7. Winning Pct Wins Losses WinPct 106 593 56 91.4% 113 590 77 88.5% 120 538 84 86.5% 126 562 90 86.2% 132 589 65 90.1% 138 558 77 87.9% 145 582 61 90.5% 152 571 82 87.4% 160 580 84 87.3% 170 561 79 87.7% 182 546 69 88.8% 195 637 71 90.0% 220 595 64 90.3% 285 574 81 87.6% TOTAL 8076 1040 88.6%
  8. A look at school size by weight School Size 1A 2A 3A 106 3 5 8 113 0 5 11 120 1 4 11 126 1 5 10 132 0 5 11 138 1 4 11 145 3 3 10 152 0 3 13 160 1 3 12 170 1 3 12 182 4 3 9 195 0 7 9 220 4 4 8 285 1 5 10 TOTAL 20 59 145
  9. Competitors by Grade and Weight Grade Fr So Jr Sr 106 6 3 4 3 113 2 3 8 3 120 3 5 5 3 126 2 3 3 8 132 0 4 9 3 138 0 1 2 13 145 2 2 7 5 152 1 5 3 7 160 0 2 6 8 170 0 1 4 11 182 0 3 1 12 195 0 0 4 12 220 0 0 4 12 285 0 1 2 13 TOTAL 16 33 62 113
  10. Brackets with Rankings

    It's a perk you get if you are a Trackwrestling Gold subscriber
  11. Team Scoring at IHSAA State

    You know, I think as a team Portage is fantastic, but their draws really are brutal #14 Hegedus at 113 has #9 Casebolt. I put it as 50/50 on who wins that. Potentially 0 points here #6 Peele at 120 with a brutal draw to get #3 Mattingly in 1st round. Another tossup in my mind, but rankings favor 0 points again #4 Poynter at 126 gets #3 Viduya in 2nd round. If he loses that one, best he can do is 5th place I do like #5 Rumph matchups at 138. He has tough matches but winnable. I see good points here McIntosh is the #1 guy but man having #3 Slivka in round 2 is brutal. That's a huge potential landmine #3 Washington also with an absolutely brutal draw. First round against Perry's Aiden Warren then 2nd round he gets Brayton Lee. Unless he is a miracle worker, 5th place is the best he is going to get Drake Guerrero at 170 has #17 Jake Lone in 1st round. If he gets by that, his points will certainly help but he's the underdog and would run into #1 Noah Warren in round 2 #17 Jeremy Torres at 182 has #7 Jonyvan Johnson in opening round. I don't like Torres chances here and if he does win it, Nathan Walton is there in round 2 so again, 5th place is the likely cap Like I said these are all skilled guys but the way the matchups fall, I just don't see a high side to a lot of their points
  12. One could say this is a pretty good argument for class wrestling? BTW - absolutely do *NOT* want to open up the class wrestling debate again! And GO HARRISON! First ever from your school is very special
  13. Team Scoring at IHSAA State

    Some really key matchups to watch that may swing the team scoring: 106 Kysen Montgomery (BROWN) vs Jacob Moran (PORT) in the 2nd round. Loser here can only get 5th at best 106 Logan Bailey (CATH) vs winner of Montgomery/Moran in 3rd round 113 Ricky Hegedus (PORT) vs Devin Casebolt (Castle) in 1st round. A win here could propel Hegedus to top 4 and good team points 120 Brock Peele (PORT) vs Brendan Mattingly (Carmel) in 1st round. Peele can score big points but has to win this first 120 Sam Fair (PM) vs Drake Campbell (BROWN) in 2nd round. I give advantage to PM here 126 Colin Poynter (PORT) vs Alec Viduya (Roncalli) in 2nd round. Tough for Poynter to get to top 4 126 Ty Mills (BROWN) vs Christian Mejia (Elk Mem) in 2nd round. Mills has to win this one to setup rematch with Asa in semis 132 Alex Mosconi (CATH) got a dream bracket he should score big points 132 Graham Rooks (COL EAST) is the favorite here but his road is rough. Betourne, Gimson, Manzona Bryant and that's just to make it to the finals (likely against Mosconi). I think he can do it 138 Kris Rumph (PORT) vs Matt Lee (EMD) in 2nd round. Can Lee stop this takedown machine? 138 I think most of the seeds play out here putting Combest vs Rumph, Melloh vs Mulkey as final 4 145 HUGE HUGE matchup in 2nd round for team scores as Slivka (CATH) faces McIntosh (PORT). Either of these guys could be state champ, but one will only finish 5th at best!! 145 Schoenegge (COL EAST) vs Antwaun Graves (Warren) in 2nd round. Advancing here will be tough but could provide huge team points. I have Graves winning this one he's too quick 152 Elliott Rodgers (CATH) - Not sure how far Rodgers can get his matchups look good and he has the whole top of the bracket to himself as far as team battles 152 Aiden Warren (PM) vs Donnell Washington (PORT) in 1st round. Wow, one of these 2 won't even score team points! And guess what - the winner gets Brayton Lee next OUCH! 152 Eric Hiestand (YORK) vs Corban Pollitt (COL EAST) in 1st round. A match like this could be the swing really. If Pollitt can win it's a huge advantage to Columbus East team with some extra points. Yorktown would have to have this 160 Nick South (COL EAST) vs Anthony Mosconi (CATH) in 2nd round. Mosconi has Kasch first so he might not even make it here. If South can win here, he should go to the finals 160 Diego Lemley (CHEST) vs Gleason Mappes (CentGrove) in 2nd round. Lemley made it to the finals last year this is a brutal draw early as Mappes is #1 ranked but a #2 semistate finisher to South 170 Noah Warren (PM) vs Carson Brewer (AVON) in semis 182 #1 Nathan Walton (BROWN) is in bottom half of bracket, along with #2 Cressell and #3 Allred. Walton may have super athlete Jonyvan Johnson (New Haven) in 2nd round. Walton can win this weight but can he rack up bonus points against these matchups? 195 Lucas Davison (CHEST) should win this weight and rack up mega bonus points 285 Eli Pokorney (CHEST) could also win this whole thing. Chesterton needs all their guys scoring big to have a shot. 285 Jacob Obst (CATH) won at NC last weekend. He has McCubbins (Monrovia) in tough 1st round matchup, then would likely have #1 McWilliams (SB Wash). If Obst can win at least one and maybe place around 5/6 that would be big Really, I see the team race between Cathedral, Columbus East and Brownsburg Brownsburg has the most near-sure things (Lee, Walton, Mulkey, Mills). I think Cathedral and especially Portage have some really tough matchups that will prevent them from scoring big enough points to win it. My picks are: 1. Columbus East (some landmines but huge potential here if Schoenegge and South have good tourneys) 2. Brownsburg (Walton's tough matches will restrict bonus points) 3. Cathedral (some tough draws but also some great draws) 4. Yorktown (I think they all win their first round, and Curtis + Hunt could win it all) 5. Perry Meridian (4 big scorers) 6. Chesterton (success hinges on Lemley) 7. Portage (great wrestlers, brutal draws) 8. Avon (Garcia and Brewer score big - need lots of bonus points from others)
  14. Team Scoring at IHSAA State

    Yes, thanks - Chesterton also has 6 including some high scorers
  15. Regional Rankings State Qualifiers

    Lapel = Logansport? Jennings County = Jay County?