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  1. Depth of 126

    Not sure these kids wrestled, but Fremont Ross and Solon were both at Brecksville too.
  2. Too many takedowns(?)

    Isn't it humiliating to get pinned in 10 seconds?
  3. Favorite Coach's Quote/Saying

    This was said when there was an off-season. lol

    I have heard for the past two years that Perry is down and they continue to show up and compete. I know 10th at IHSAA state finals would raise that argument, but in a dual meet, they are handful for anyone. Great showing for the team and coaching staff today!!

    I understand Rumph was out and Moran was at 113. Was Portage missing someone else? Perry vs. Portage - Who wins a dual meet with these two guys at their year-end weights?
  6. #1 Cathedral vs. #4 Avon - Saturday, December 2nd @ Cathedral

    Warren looked like a completely different team today from last year. Those kids and coaches have obviously been working their butts off. Great early season duals!!
  7. Daktronics Open and Clarion Open

    It makes it easier for us lazy people to look in one spot - which is actually kind of nice.
  8. B. Lee down to 6 schools.

    He is ranked #2 (maybe now #1) in the nation...why would he choose IU or Purdue?
  9. I am pretty sure that I heard Goldman was gone. Not true?
  10. ISWA State

    Andrew Davison is entered at 220. That could have been an interesting matchup. I wonder if Davison was trying to wrestle Mason?
  11. Best 1xer

    2 seasons or 3?
  12. Freshman/sophomore state

    How about that NC 285? I am so proud of this young man. I look forward to the next 2 years.
  13. Which semi state will rule ?

    EV - 4 NC - 4 FW - 1 EC - 5 Not sure if it is because of the match ups, or I am thinking differently, but I originally thought EV would have more champs. I would also agree that the number of champions is not a true indicator of which semi-state "rules."
  14. Girlfriends

    Coach Strader always told us to avoid the three S's during wrestling season: Sweets Seconds Sex I tell kids this every year still.