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  1. I know that Marion always brings a scrappy squad to the mat, great athletes that aren't afraid to put it all on the line. Numbers are always good and the Giants always have individuals that have success. I also know that kids like you can always make a difference with the program. I see you working hard and putting time into the offseason, this can be a great influence for the young wrestlers in the program. People from the community will notice your hard work and success. If you follow that up with good grades and being a good person, you can help make a huge impact on that program. Keep it up, see you soon!
  2. If you have any JV tournaments throughout the season, we are interested! Contact me at oneillj@apaches.k12.in.us or 317-372-2992
  3. Fargo

    A few changes for Cadets; Cottey is going down to 94, Peele is moving up to 126, and Longere is wrestling FS. Weigh ins are tonight at 6pm, first time we've had weigh ins the night before. And, remember, no trackwrestling at Fargo this year, all the action can be caught on FloArena.
  4. Fargo

    Here are your Cadets: C 094 Alec Freeman FS C 094 Carleton Perry FS/GR C 094 Dylan Driver FS/GR C 100 Danny Tolin FS C 100 Alex Cottey FS C 100 Brayden Lowery FS C 106 Colton Drousias FS/GR C 106 Ethan Higgins FS/GR C 113 Camden Spears FS/GR C 113 Devon Casebolt FS/GR C 113 Blake Boarman FS/GR C 120 Jacob Fiew FS/GR C 120 Brock Peele FS C 120 Johnathan Otte FS/GR C 120 Terrance Jones FS/GR C 126 Jace Longere GR C 126 Eli Dickens FS C 126 Alec Viduya FS C 132 Ty Lehman FS/GR C 132 Scott Fitts FS C 132 Matt Lee FS C 132 Alex Masconi FS/GR C 138 Mazona Bryant FS C 138 Carlos Monroy FS/GR C 145 Cooper Noehre FS/GR C 145 Antwan Graves FS C 145 Damon McClain FS/GR C 152 Bryce Bailey FS/GR C 160 Clayton Fielden FS/GR C 160 Jacob Atkins FS/GR C 170 Silas Allred FS/GR C 195 Austin Lane FS/GR C 220 Cade Campbell FS C 220 Grant Warmuth FS C 220 Nathan Bishop FS C 285 Eli Pokorney FS/GR
  5. Looking for one other team for our 6 Way Duals on Saturday January 6, 2018. Other teams include Wabash, Tipp Valley, North Miami, Bishop Leurs, and Ft Wayne Heritage, Contact me at 317-372-2992 or oneillj@apaches.k12.in.us
  6. What would it take to implement/adopt freestyle rules? That may be a loaded question, or just too big to answer without writing a book. Would it revolutionize our sport in this country, or kill it? I know, it's crazy. Is it any crazier than the fact that we are the only country in the world that wrestle folkstyle? The change would be deep, and nobody wants to even begin to think of how much would need to be changed, especially those that are making money or to those in which it would cost money (powers that be). Rules like the NCAA out of bounds rule and riding time are contrasting freestyle rules even more. It definitely meets criteria for 3 of the 4 points that Coach Cloud brought up. I know it may never happen, and a far cry from subtle rule changes in 2018, but I just thought I'd throw it out there.
  7. Avon vs Brownsburg Let The Talk Begin

    I've got an imposter. The westside is the best side! Looks like it will be rockin on Thursday night!
  8. Fargo

    You know what would have done wonders? If somebody wouldn't have let the whole "boycott freestyle state" ride. Tell me, Mr. Y2, would you let a thread that said "Boycott IHPO" stay on this website?

    Here's the Cadet list: 94 Alex Cottey 100 Danny Tolin 100 Jacob Moran 106 Devon Casebolt 113 Asa Garcia 113 Brock Peele 120 Tyler Triana 120 Matt Lee 120 Brooks Hartz 120 Gavyn Doane 126 Camden Chatterton 126 Jared Clark 126 Carson Willis 132 Levi Miller 132 Brailen Harrington 132 Jack Servies 138 Brooks Davis 138 Tristan Sellmer 138 Zach Melloh 145 Jack Eiteljorge 145 Jarod Miller 152 Oszkar Kasch 160 Cody Klettheimer 160 Jacob Atkins 170 Rockne Hurley 170 Kameron Fuller 170 Danny Acevedo 182 Lucas Davison 195 Eli Pokorney 195 Jack Biddle 220 Kyle Cornwell 220 Jaden Sonner 285 Nathaniel McDonald 285 Brody Miskimon 285 Tate Johnson
  10. I agree, let's come up with a solution! From what I understand, the IHSAA is weird about sponsorships, but they can't stop donations! Raising money for an individual is easy, it can't be much more difficult for general groups, teams, clubs and/or associations.
  11. There are countless college coaches at Fargo every year ranging from coast to coast; D I, II, III, JuCo, & NAIA. They are interested in the wrestlers that are there, period. They are interested in the wrestlers who put in the time, commitment and dedication to train and compete at Fargo. Even the smaller programs are just looking for wrestlers that want to put themselves around the best, and compete against the best, AA or not. Besides, even if you go 0 - 2 in competition, there are 10 practice sessions at camp and a half dozen or so at Fargo. Heck, you can go get on the mat whenever you want at Fargo, there's an entire gym with 17 mats open 12 hours a day that is for practice only. Wrestlers that were eliminated early, were getting workouts in during the days of competition. I had one of my wrestlers working out with college coaches one on one...valuable stuff. Trust me, these coaches see these kids work and commit themselves to the sport and it carries a lot of weight, win or lose. The big difference is, and this is where you get confused, if you AA there, you are almost guaranteed to be approached by the more elite programs. Being an AA in Fargo holds a much higher prestige than any other tournament, even Flo and Super 32. That does not take away from an awesome experience for our developing wrestlers. The cost is $1033 for both styles, and $945 for one, minus $150 for gear if you were on the dual team...not $1500. That cost covers the rooms and three very good meals at camp for 3 days, the bus trip to Fargo, rooms in Fargo and three very good meals a day for 10 days. That's almost two weeks of wrestling! Overnight camps are $500 just for a few nights. And, last I checked, a trip to Disney Duals wasn't cheap either. It's a chunk of change, but I had no problem with asking for donations for my wrestler and no problem bringing it in. People are generous, especially for a good cause. This trip changes lives, it's priceless. I'm not bashing the other "national" tournaments, but please don't take anything away from this one and discourage kids from going. It's really upsetting to sit and watch this website control the communication on this topic. Opinions that are agreed upon by the powers that be on here are spotlighted and showcased, and opinions that aren't agreed upon are simply deleted. It's media manipulation at it's finest. To hear that freestyle is for chumps is a prime example of the 800 lbs. gorilla that has been created to throw a wedge in the direction of this sport in our state #RIPHarambe. If you want to grow the sport in Indiana, this isn't the way to go about it. We must be united in this front, as long as we are divided, we will never be as strong as we could be. Hopefully people can read this before it's deleted.
  12. ...and every Tuesday, 5:30 - 7. Enter door #5 on the north side of the high school gym.
  13. Come see what Coach Gill has in store for us this week! Enter through door #5 of the high school gym.
  14. CIA- Wabash Orange room

    Another chance to train in the area to prepare for Freestyle and Greco State! Get here and get better, see you tomorrow!
  15. New Foxcatcher Doc on Netflix

    Just watched it last night. Way better than the motion picture! I got choked up a couple of times, especially when Coach Hump broke down. You can totally feel the love those guys had for each other, and the creepiness that seeped through DuPont. The compassion that Danielle Schultz showed for DuPont at the end speaks volumes about the kind of people they were. Everyone must see it!