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  1. NCAA Nationals

    I've been following along on track, but I always miss some Indiana guys. Thanks for your coverage. I know there aren't a lot of responses on here, but I'm reading them, so I appreciate it!!!
  2. Garrett RTC **Returns Tomorrow 3/12**

    Had 32 wrestlers in the room with representation from Garrett, Homestead, Dekalb, Carroll, Northrop, Concordia, and Eastside. Solid first club! We will go again Thursday from 6-7:30!
  3. Team State Bid Acceptance List

    Without the defensive pin make it 54-21...I just figured a dual between JC and Yorktown and I had Yorktown winning by 18. Obviously we will never know.
  4. Team State Bid Acceptance List

    Garrett 60-18 over Jay County...Garrett 41-36 over Yorktown...those are results from this season. Jay County may have been missing a starter when we wrestled them. I'm just not sure that Jay County and Yorktown would have been that close. Just my opinion.
  5. 2017 vs. 2018

    106: Brayden Curtis (2017) vs. Jacob Moran (2018) Curtis Dec 3-0 '17 113: Alec Viduya (2017) vs. Brayden Curtis (2018) Curtis Dec 3-3 120: Cayden Rooks (2017) vs. Hunter Watts (2018) Rooks Dec 6-3 '17 126: Alec White (2017) vs. Asa Garcia (2018) Garcia Dec 6-6 132: Breyden Bailey (2017) vs. Graham Rooks (2018) Bailey Dec 9-6 '17 138: Brenden Black (2017) vs. Kris Rumph (2018) Black Dec 12-6 '17 145: Brayton Lee (2017) vs. Jordan Slivka (2018) Lee Tech Fall 17-6 '17 152: Joe Lee (2017) vs. Brayton Lee (2018) B. Lee Dec. 17-9 '17 160: Brad Laughlin (2017) vs. Nicholas South (2018) South Dec. 17-12 '17 170: Eli Stock (2017) vs. Noah Warren (2018) Warren Dec. 17-15 '17 182: Jacob Gray (2017) vs. Conner Graber (2018) Graber Dec. 18-17 '18 195: Andrew Davison (2017) vs. Lucas Davison (2018) A. Davison Dec. 20-18 '17 220: Mason Parris (2017) vs. Mason Parris (2018) M. Parris18 Dec. 21-20 '18 285: Evan Ellis (2017) vs. Eli Pokorney (2018) Pokorney Dec. 24-20 Class of 18 wins.
  6. Best move under the lights

    I have re-watched Rader's inside trip a half dozen times!
  7. Seeding

    Preach. It's so annoying.
  8. Wrestling Academies

    Appreciate the kind words...The Garrett Wrestling Club is very inexpensive. Inexpensive, as in....have your Card. Last year we had 3-5 clinicians throughout the summer. Coach Poppe and myself also attended a few clinics and brought back the stuff we liked to Garrett and continued to drill it. We drill 85-90% of the time in my estimation with live situations and some iron man type(FS/Greco, and Folkstyle) live goes. I wrestled in college and had a decently successful career due to being gifted some great instruction from Greg Wagner, Mike Ester, Dan Callahan, John Sheets, Nathan DeVaux, and Anthony Lapsley. Our philosophy is that you're going to get better by having good drill and great partners. Having a million clinicians is great, but where is the consistency? Last year we consistently had Garrett, Carroll, Prairie Heights, Central Noble, Angola, Dekalb, FWCS, and other schools in the room. A large number of the kids who were in our room are wrestling this weekend. I am going to assume wrestling with each other this past spring and summer did not hurt their chances.
  9. Carroll Regional

    Any match my kids are involved I won't predict, but here's the other 3 qualifiers from each weight IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER... 106: Teusch, Ester, Dawson 3/4 113: Smith- Goheen, Just, Kuhl 3/4 120: Standridge, George, Heath (Burns and George is a toss up) 3/4 126: Hall, Richard, Saylor, Humphrey (Rooting for Dom in his match though) (Lee Bros connection) 132: Haught, Schrock, Flanagan 3/4 138: Burns, Price, Stonestreet 3/4 145: Leazier, Jenkins, Garrett, Macias 152: Arney, Pettigrew, Bender (Leeper vs. Bender toss up) 3/4 160: Reed, Parrish, Hicks (Bessesen vs. Parrish could be good) 3/4 170: Minnick, Kocks, Hills 3/4 182: Christen, Ruczysnki, Johnson 3/4 195: Gigli, Agnew, Savio 3/4 220: Wicker, Graft, Hart 3/4 285: Leeper, Busch, Ault 3/4
  10. Sectional Surprises

  11. Sectional Surprises

    Well, being from a different part of the state I don't remember Conley wrestling, but I've read a lot of good things about him. I do remember Sellmer wrestling last year at state though and I was very impressed...Is Sellmer a senior? Has anybody picked him up yet?
  12. Who's in,who's out

    I should say---if something really terrible happened and that was the reason the kid quit, then I apologize sincerely!!!
  13. Who's in,who's out

    Really? It seems much more prevalent now. "Varsity or bust." "I won't play anyway, so I'm going to quit." "Our teams not good." "I don't like the coach." Either way you spin it, there's not a good outcome in quitting. I've had one kid quit that I completely understood and respected why he quit. His father had passed and they didn't have much money. He had to work full time to make money to pay the bills in the family. This was confirmed and a legitimate unfortunate situation. The kid was crying his eyes out as he was trying to tell me he couldn't wrestle. I felt for the kid and told him I completely understand and I don't blame him one bit...........and...I guess I'm glad my parents taught me to be tougher back when
  14. Who's in,who's out

    I don't want to offend anybody or get accused of "talking about a kid," but this stuff needs to change. Today's kids are okay quitting when things get tough. Moreover, the parents allow their kids to quit. This is disappointing to me. Once you start something you need to finish it, not only for yourself, but for your team. If you choose not to go out for the sport the next year, then fine because you aren't quitting. You are just choosing to not go back out. It happens way too much nowadays. Unfortunate.
  15. Carroll Sectional Predictions

    Not trying to put pressure, but I like reading these opinions...it gives me something to do until Saturday morning