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  1. nkraus

    An Idea to Think About.

    You've got some points, but I have a very hard time believing "More times than not, the transfer is leaving a good program due to grades, conduct, or, in some cases, tuition." Those cases do happen, but many of the names we see moving in Indiana are moving because they're being recruited, or because the school next door has a more established program.
  2. nkraus

    An Idea to Think About.

    Team State in classes is fine. I like our individual state finals.
  3. nkraus

    An Idea to Think About.

    You can only maximize the talent to a certain degree at schools. From a competitive aspect it's frustrating when we lose to teams because they have a couple new wild cards on their team. Look at the top 5 every year at state...How many kids on those teams are transfers? I don't know the number.
  4. nkraus

    Fargo List

    No. The styles are different. Our kid just won Freestyle State this year and tech'd or pinned everybody..I promise you he wouldn't tech or pin at least 4 of those kids. He would have competitive matches with all.
  5. nkraus

    Team State Vote-In Results

    Sarcasm? Rochester had 7 kids of 15 there that were from Rochester. Garrett only had 10 of 15 from Garrett...Carroll had at least 4 FF's...Sarcasm...right? Summer duals cannot be too indicative of the season unless all your kids do is wrestle.. We would not gotten on here and claimed anything otherwise had we won either...I wasn't able to be there, but I was happy to hear some of our individuals had good days...BUT the conversation is already over. I have come to grips lol
  6. nkraus

    Most Indiana Triple Crowns?

    We counting Iron Eagle ??...I kid I kid
  7. nkraus

    Weird and sad story about former IU wrestler

    yeah me too...It's pretty sad to think about...I'll admit I did a lot of research..he was dismissed from the IU team fro selling fake drugs to an undercover cop and had some other run ins...pretty sad
  8. nkraus

    Weird and sad story about former IU wrestler

    I showed what he looked like before he became strung out and fought a bunch of swans...I didn't report the story on here..
  9. nkraus

    Weird and sad story about former IU wrestler

    I really hate to admit this, but somehow he had eligibility and wrestled at Delaware Valley as a senior and beat me at the regional when I was a junior. He was the national runner up that year. He looks pretty dang rough in this picture compared to how I remember him.
  10. Early is in the finals as well!!!
  11. Humphrey wins again...tighter than the score appears...won on scrambling and a nice high gut!
  12. nkraus

    Garrett RTC **Returns Tomorrow 3/12**

    Coach DeVaux actually coached me for a year at Trine. Fantastic coach with a lot of knowledge!
  13. nkraus

    Team State Vote-In Results

    Can you bump the thread of the final scores? I'm going to discuss it with my AD

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