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  1. Live vs Drilling

    We mostly just work on our bridging.
  2. When a team drops from an event...

    I think a bigger question is why do so many teams drop out of a tournament in season? Not honoring contracts makes it really difficult on everybody.
  3. 12/07/2017

  4. 11/30/2017
  5. 11/22/2017
  6. 11/22/2017
  7. Week of 11/20-11/27

    Edgewood moved their Mustang Invite to the day before Thanksgiving to alleviate some turkey day stress! Teams Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 Round 6 Ben Davis Bloomington North Mat 1 Edgewood vs BC Edge vs FC WW vs JC Edge vs Mart Edge vs JC Edge vs Sey Brown County Edgewood Mat 2 North vs Seymour BD vs New Albany North vs BD BD vs WW NA vs Mart JC vs North Floyd Central Jennings County Mat 3 Ben Davis vs J.C. Jennings C vs Mart BC vs NA BC vs North BC vs WW BD vs Mart Martinsville New Albany Mat 4 Martinsville vs FC West Wash vs Sey FC vs Sey NA vs Sey North vs FC BC vs FC Seymour West Washington NA vs WW
  8. IHSGW Girls State

    Just got this today: October 3 UpdateINDIANA HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS TOURNAMENT SERIESJanuary 5 Regionals- North Maconquah High School, Bunker Hill- South Edgewood High School, EllettsvilleJanuary 12 State- Lawrence North High School, Indianapolis
  9. Great lineup for the fall coaches clinic this year. Strength and conditioning coach for Ohio State Dustin Meyers, Army head coach Kevin Ward, and Andy Cymbalist "Crossfit for wrestling" will be teaching all of us. Plus you get a nice shiny mug to put whatever you want in... . You can see the flyer here: Flyer here! You can register here: Register here
  10. Edgewood High School has a head football coaching job available. I would love to get a wrestling guy in here! We are located just outside of Bloomington. You can always get a hold of me at gratliff@rbbschools.net if you apply Greg Ratliff https://richlandbeanblossom.tedk12.com/hire/ViewJob.aspx?JobID=308
  11. New IHSAA State Series Alignments

    If you have specific questions feel free to email me at gratliff@rbbschools.net I worked directly with the Bloomington South regional. I can speak on topics related to it. Greg Ratliff
  12. New IHSAA State Series Alignments

    This committee was comprised of one coach from each regional. As a representative of the Bloomington South regional, my purpose was to make our regional more competitive at the semi-state level. It was our goal as a committee to achieve a closer balance at the regional level. This was not an easy task to do, as there were many things to consider. Nothing is perfect, but we did our best as a committee and there were reasons behind each change. I cannot speak on behalf of each regional because I was working directly with sectionals that could impact me.
  13. Sectional Alignment

    There was a committee put together by a person from each regional. Members of the committee were asked directly by Mr. Faulkens to not communicate with others outside of the members on the information shared. I feel that it is our obligation to adhere to that. This is not something the association is in charge of.
  14. Edgewood vs Evansville Memorial

  15. Castle vs Edgewood