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  1. Which state does it best?

    It would probably look like this!
  2. 2018 Hypothetical IN All Star Matchups

    He's a redshirt sophomore so unless Asa doesn't redshirt it is highly unlikely.
  3. Nick Lee question

    Yianni, Bryce, Kevin, Jayden, Dean take your pick, this class is stacked. The defending 2 time national champ is only ranked 5th. Definitely going to be a fun class to watch. Personally I think anyone of 6 or 7 guys could win this.
  4. Darren Elkins this weekend

    He fights tonight on FS1
  5. Mid-State Conference

    Is Perry Meridian leaving Conference Indiana and moving to the Mid State?
  6. Notable win 1-6

    Did you not see the results? Brewer beat a previously ranked kid 10-1 so therefore there is clearly no one in the state of Indiana that has a chance.
  7. Notable win 1-6

    I thought there might be a few guys that might have a shot but after seeing that result I'm not sure anyone in Indiana has a chance.
  8. State Records takedowns etc

    Well seeing Mason Paris is 159-1 coming into his senior season, I have to assume a few of those are probably falls. Anyone know where he stands? Could be a battle for the new pin record!
  9. Who's had a better In state day than Garcia?

    I'm sure all the kids he wrestled that day appreciate that. Merry Christmas, here's the flu!

    Looks like that "mix of Perry Meridian kids" did pretty well for themselves.
  11. 125 #2 Delgado 133 #6 Richards 141 #1 Stieber 149 #2 Tshirts 157 #3 Green 165 #3 Walsh 174 #4 Storley 184 #5 Courts 197 #1 Snyder 285 #4 Telford Iowa,OSU,Minn
  12. Perry Meridian vs Oldham County(KY)

  13. Perry Meridian vs Roncalli

  14. Perry Meridian vs Greenfield Central