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  1. Becoming a licensed IHSAA Referee

    Contact some of the middle schools near you
  2. Lebanon needs 1 team for tourney on 1/20/18

    Spot has been filled by Speedway
  3. Lebanon Middle School is looking to fill one team spot on 1/20/18 Teams in attendance. Lebanon, Hamilton Heights, Clinton Prairie, Riverside, Carmel Clay, Lincoln, Guion Creek Weigh-ins at 8:00, wrestling starts at 9:00 Please contact romackl@leb.k12.in.us
  4. Seeding Meeting Change???

    This was discussed at the end of last season and the beginning of this season at the coaches clinics.
  5. Middle School State (Regionals)???

    The guys who run it do a fantastic job. But when you have kids sitting around all day to wait till 4:00 to wrestle first match then 6 more matches and you don't leave till near midnight to do a 2 hour drive then have school the next day just seems that we could do smaller regionals and then a 16 man or 8 man state bracket. You might get more participation from kids in the corners of the state if they wrestle a regional that is closer and qualify for the state.
  6. Just wondering if the idea that has been thrown around to run the Middle School State like the High School Girls State, having two regionals, North and South, and then send only the top 8 from each to the State at New Castle has gained any momentum?
  7. IHSGW.net

    Is there a way to confirm the girls were registered?
  8. Numbers up? How are those numbers now?

    Wow, unfortunately we have raised an over sensitive society. Hope these kids never run into a rough patch in their life.
  9. BEST Hospitality room of the year.

    North Montgomery Iced Cinnamon Rolls and White Chocolate Cranberry Scones
  10. Lebanon 73 Hamilton Heights 33
  11. Lebanon 48 Zionsville West 63
  12. Lebanon 99 Clinton Prairie 6
  13. Lebanon 84 Riverside 20
  14. Lebanon 99 Clinton Prairie 6
  15. Lebanon 46 Carmel Clay 49