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  1. 2018 Dream Team Classic April 14

    We scored 16 correct?
  2. 2018 Dream Team Classic April 14

    We did more than gold our own... was competitive in many of our losses as well.. and scored more than average
  3. FloNationals

    Any details on who our Indiana boys got in semis?
  4. Reasons why IN mat is terrible

    @dogsEat has revoked his vote since you won't allow slander of a child.. how dare you!
  5. Reasons why IN mat is terrible

    So you're saying you have no family?
  6. RIP Jim Beeson

    R.I.P Jim .. Such huge loss for wrestling.
  7. Prayers for Jim Beeson -- long time IHSAA official

    Terrible news..I Wish him comfort and peace in this time as hard as it may be!
  8. Colton Cummings

    Online it says he's wrestling for u.s military academy went 15-5 in college opens.
  9. Dagestan Wrestling - NYT article

    What's ironic is the Monster from Dagestan Khabib nurmagamadov is 1 hell of a fighter lol
  10. Dream Team Opener Duals

    No worries mane.. I'm the last 1 that should critique wording.. I'm a meat head lol
  11. Dream Team Opener Duals

    The way it was worded confused me .. wasn't "trying" anything
  12. NCAA Nationals

    Micic 6-2 is my prediction
  13. NCAA Nationals

    Micic post Desanto interview was gold.. he said "he don't know how to handle a ass beating" hahaha.. then said he's not respectable in the least
  14. NCAA Nationals

    Tried a kimura wow.
  15. Looking for a low cost dual team

    I'm sure there's plenty of upcoming tourneys that a good squad could use you on..I like seeing a hungry wrestler looking to get to the next level.. get this young man A team.