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  1. Toughest SS ?

  2. Too Much

    We use to go to solid Lawrence Central 2 day tournament.. making weight on Friday and Saturday..we in turn destroyed thanksgiving on Saturday night.. good times
  3. Toughest SS ?

    The EC SS @ HW is loaded too
  4. Toughest SS ?

    New castle SS in never a joke..EVER

    Meija by tech over Trevor Ragle
  6. Who is Daniel Below?

    He wrestled both #TheCounty 170s this summer too I believe @ Columbus east
  7. Best graduating class from one school ever

    Idk man looks like his shoulder is up
  8. WHO You got?

    The Russians are still trying to formulate a plan
  9. Football vs Wrestling....risk/reward

    Sometimes a love of one sport can outweigh the other especially if it's pertaining to ones collegiate future.
  10. WHO You got?

    So is it a forgone conclusion Mason is going HW?
  11. Flow \ Intermat Rankings

    195 is gonna be unreal if Walton, Davison and Penola all go there
  12. Football vs Wrestling....risk/reward

    If you are gonna wrestle in college I am not for football honestly.. it's too risky to lose that opportunity to wrestle and have financial help because of it...Yea football might be fun but you could use that time getting better going to big tournaments for wrestling and maintaining wrestling shape..The risk out weighs the reward and being set back from your first love of wrestling is crucial.
  13. Let the good times roll

    You are correct..just seen on her mom fb they went and visited her.. she's doing well it seemed
  14. Olivet Duals-wrestlers needed

    Hek yea mane Good luck I know y'all will represent IN well!
  15. Olivet Duals-wrestlers needed

    You taking Carson?