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  1. Team Scores

    damn that's impressive
  2. The 2019 State First Timers!

    Montgomery,Mahan and Brewer will all contend next year.. and Trizton carson is set for surgery in 2 weeks on his shoulder that kept coming out all season and 4x at semi state.. he too if healthy will contend next year and that's a promise.
  3. Region?!?

    Mason majors him...He's might slow mason down at first.. but once that pressure mounts the constant attacks willl add up and the the size will become a factor..They always say if you got 2 guys with equal skill set that's when the natural advantages will come into play..mason 12-4 would be my guess...but I could be wrong it could be closer but there's only 1 outcome I could see.. as that's mason winning 10 out of 10 matches.. and this is no knock on Davison because he beat a animal in Penola 3x this year but there's a big difference in Penola and mason.. It's a bummer that Penola didn't get to face Davison in the finals that was the true title match at 195.
  4. Cathedral on FIRE

    As much as it pains me to say this congrats Cathedral! Y'all brought it as usual.
  5. Cathedral on FIRE

    Lol nah the old country buffet after our 5th place finish soothed my soul that year ?... but in saying that NC lost 4 times to the hands of EMD from 94-01...and it wasn't fun any of those times I promise lol..But emd beat everybody back then, so I don't dwell on it... the aura of invincibility they had back then was strong.. their fans also were a great weapon too.. you couldn't hear yourself think once they got going.. they def represented to the fullest!
  6. Graber / Walton

    Yessir... and what about kasper.. you know Indiana is loaded when NATIONALLY ranked kid gets 6th... similar to Kobe woods.. ranked nationally then losing twice at state.
  7. Cathedral on FIRE

    Trust me us new castle alum know the wrath of Goebels Mater dei lol.. beat us bk 2 bk years for the state title when both teams were ranked nationally..and did I mention in 01' team state when we got 5th they beat us by the largest deficit in tourney history..66-3 and we weren't no scrubs with 5 state qualifiers and 10 ss qualifiers and they rag dolled us.. but im lln our defense it was one of the best teams in Indiana history .. mauer teched me and it was humbling to say the least lol.. and new castle and cathedral also have a rivalry history
  8. Graber / Walton

    I was in awe how many times Graber got in on Walton legs in the final period.. and he avoided the most dreaded chin whip since Dustin Nosko..Graber was the poster child of emptying the gas tank..Walton has been so fun the last few years to watch and he's one of the better guys not to win a title in recent years..3 straight semi finals appearances like Mappes but came up short.. regardless I def be following both of these fine wrestlers college careers.
  9. #1 Curtis vs #2 Black Instant classic

    Oh and did I mention thus SWEEEET throwback Black New Castle singlet that Rex wouldn't let none of us WEAR since the 90s..AJ is special and that's why he can wear it.. it all makes sense.. so proud of that young man.. it's crazy when me and little gary was wrestling AJ was a baby running around the mats.. now he's RUNNING the mats lol best of luck to Curtis as well I knowhe's brining it every time..nc vs Yorktown has always been a good rivalry back dating back to us wrestling for team semi state titles and now in the same conference I don't see that changing anytime soon!
  10. #1 Curtis vs #2 Black Instant classic

    I think it's time to bump this bad boy! So proud of this young Trojan AJ! If this match is anything like the conference title match then HERE WE GO! I couldn't think of any 2 respectful top tier grapplers to be in the finals and here we are, just hours away from the 2017 rematch which was a classic in its own right...Will AJ reverse the NC finals curse and become the new undisputed 113 pound State Champion? Or Will the mini monster from Yorktown repeat and uphold his #1 rank and possibly move him higher up the national ranks? AlI know is, that I knew this could happen the second their tussle in the Field house wasn't quite over!
  11. Melloh and Mulkey

    Brandon we Need IT on driver side in seat assembly after you conclude your tirade , thank you!
  12. please fix Mat 3 stream, TrackWrestling!!

    It lagged putting my request through.
  13. please fix Mat 3 stream, TrackWrestling!!

    Just wait there will be ppl on here telling us we are lucky to even get to watch online. Which is true but I don't think it's right that yoy pay for services and a majority of the time they are lack luster...15 bibs isn't nothing compared to paying for going to bankers life.. but 15 bucks is pay that i worked damn hard for and I expect quality.
  14. Mats 1 & 2 Saturday morning

    Those no spladle points were iffy.. Great match boe is a wild man out there.. good win for the Irish
  15. please fix Mat 3 stream, TrackWrestling!!

    Wow we miss the match of the day so far 18-14 black over moreno..WOW