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  1. TeamInjuryTime07


    There will be No Jimtown RTC tonight. We start back at it again in the spring! Thank you to all the studs who came in to the the room throughout the summer made for a great room and your hard work will eventually pay off!
  2. TeamInjuryTime07


    RTC tonight 5:30pm. Great time of the year to keep grinding and pushing past your competition! Summer numbers dwindle down a little but we have still have had a solid room on Tuesdays. Always guaranteed to have a state champ and a couple placers in the room! Enter Door A2, Must have USA wrestling card
  3. TeamInjuryTime07


    Tonight 5:30 in the scrapyard!! Enter door A2 We will be off next week for IHSAA Moratorium week!
  4. TeamInjuryTime07


    Back at it Tomorrow Night 5:30pm in the scrapyard! Enter door A2, Must Have USA Wrestling card
  5. TeamInjuryTime07


    Tonight at 5:30pm Head Coach of Trine University Tom Hall will be our guest. We are excited to have coach Hall in the room! Enter door A2, Must have USA wrestling card
  6. TeamInjuryTime07


    Tomorrow night 5:30pm! Room has been great all year come join in! Enter door A2, Must have USA Card
  7. TeamInjuryTime07


    Back at it tomorrow night 5:30pm! This is the best time of year to take that step ahead of your competition! Enter Door A2, Must have USA wrestling card!
  8. TeamInjuryTime07

    RTC's Still Running?

    Jimtown will continue to run every Tuesday 5:30pm until school starts! With the exception of IHSAA moratorium week.
  9. TeamInjuryTime07


    Tonight 5:30pm! Should be a great room in the scrapyard again with kids preparing for some off season competition or to reach goals next season. Last week we had a great turnout from studs all over the state and even a few Michigan and Ohio. Enter Door A2, Must have USA wrestling card
  10. TeamInjuryTime07


    Another great Room last night! Thanks to coach Ryan Quinn for showing technique. Also thanks to Nick Crume for coming in and rolling with guys, it is true he did some damage to the local economy... No Jimtown Mobil chicken was purchased! Same time next week see you then!
  11. TeamInjuryTime07


    Tonight 5:30! Current Head Ancilla College Coach Ryan Quinn will be in the room, he is going to show some technique before we get going live. Also Jimtown GOAT aka Nick Crume is going to be in the scrapyard as well. I have heard Jimtown Mobil's Famous chicken is on the line for anyone who defeats him... Should be a great room as always with a lot of studs trying to reach the next level!! Enter Door A2, Must have USA wrestling Card
  12. TeamInjuryTime07


    Tomorrow Night 5:30pm! Word on County Rd 3 is that the Jimtown GOAT is going to be in the scrapyard. Come out and push yourself to the next level, room has been fantastic and will continue all the way through the summer. Enter Door A2, Must have USA Wrestling Card
  13. TeamInjuryTime07


    Great room again last night! It sure gets funky in there when you have Timberman, and Hatch showing technique. We appreciate those guys and Cory Cavanaugh for coming out a rolling, all kids had a lot of fun and we’re working hard! Back at it Next week Tuesday 5:30pm
  14. TeamInjuryTime07


    Tomorrow Night at 5:30pm we have a couple of Wabash Little Giants who are going to join us in the scrapyard! Jared Timberman and Kyle Hatch will be in the room showing some technique and then mixing it up with all the studs in the room. Room has been fantastic average about 40 guys, including multiple state place winners and champions! Enter Door A2 Must have Usa wrestling card
  15. TeamInjuryTime07


    Tonight 5:30pm, Shelby Wilson is our Guest it should be a great time having an Olympic Champ in the room. Look forward to another great room! Enter A2, Must have USA Card

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