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Everything posted by sslaymon

  1. 01/18/2018

  2. Cathedral vs Perry

    Good dual and good wrestling by both teams. Thanks for broadcasting fellas.
  3. Cathedral vs Perry

    I didn't see either wrestle establish control. No takedown.
  4. 12/05/2017

  5. 12/16/2017

    Center Grove
  6. 12/16/2017

  7. 12/16/2017

    Indian Creek
  8. 11/28/2017

  9. 01/06/2018

  10. 01/06/2018

  11. 01/06/2018

  12. 01/06/2018

  13. Satellite Weigh-in Locations North Youth Wrestling Club, Alex Lee (253) 954-2775 Thursday, Dec. 28th, 6-8 pm North High School, Room: B147 15331 Highway 41 N., Evansville, IN 47725 Enter through the main door on the high school side (as shown on picture). Go to the second set of glass doors leading into the gym. Then go through the double doors off to the right and the room is straight ahead. Seeger Wrestling Club, Nathan Hanthorne (765) 299-4460 Thursday, Dec. 28th 6-7:30 pm Seeger Memorial Junior/Senior High School 1222 S State Road 263, West Lebanon IN 47991 Broncho Wrestling Club, Taylor Hanthorne (765) 299-3250 Thursday, Dec. 28th 6-7:30 pm Lafayette Jeff High School Wrestling room. Enter through the athletic doors located on the East side of the building off of 22nd street. We will have staff directing wrestlers to the room from there. 1801 S 18th St, Lafayette, IN 47905 Battling Braves Wrestling Club, Bob Freije (765) 210-3876 Friday, Dec 29th 5-6:30 pm Maconaquah High School Wrestling Room 256 E. 800 S., Bunker Hill, IN 46914 Floyd Wrestling Club, Nancy Campbell (317) 504-9752 Friday, Dec 29th 5-7 pm Floyd Central High School Wrestling Room, 2nd floor in auxiliary gym 6575 Old Vincennes Rd, Floyds Knobs, IN 47119 If you have questions regarding the weigh-in locations, please contact the representative listed.
  14. Whiteland will be hosting our annual touranment again this year on December 30th. Looks like no other tournaments are being held this day or weekend, so we are expecting another big tournament again. We will have a cap on registrations this year. 425 is about our maximum amount with the crowds these #'s bring. Registration is open. Trackwrestling Link to tournament Tournament Flyer We are currently looking for some satellite weigh in locations. We will be hosting weigh-ins Friday night. With this being the only tournament in the area that weekend, it would be nice to have a club from different areas send in information. We will have 3 licensed officials on board with us this year to help our high school guys.
  15. Middle School Weights

    This is what our middle school program has done. 70 by 5's up to 100, then use the high school weights with a couple extra weights between 195 and 285.
  16. Too Much

    Franklin Central use to go to that torunament too. Made thanksgiving dinners awful for us.
  17. Whiteland vs Perry Meridian

  18. Who is?

    You'd think after saying Bye so many times they wouldn't come back either.
  19. Going to be some big shoes to fill there. Enjoy the final season and then enjoy all the free time you'll have.
  20. Week of 11/20-11/27

    Whiteland will be kicking off our varsity season hosting a tough Perry Meridian team on Wednesday night. Wrestling starts at 6pm and will be in the 9 building gym (entrance just north of football field).
  21. Let the good times roll

    Just as your title says, let it roll. Plenty of good matches will happen when everyone kicks off their first tournament. Some good matches will continue throughout the year and best story line of all is who gets hot during the state run and most importantly at state. Ready to get it underway.
  22. Fight Shorts/shirt

    Straight from NFHS.org Website Just remember it has to be a school issued uniform, so wrestlers can't wear their own personal items. I'm not sure how many teams will be changing over to the new uniform yet, but I imagine here in a few years that will be what the majority of them are wearing. Our club is giving these as part of registration instead of singlets this year.
  23. Reaching out to Girls

    We are starting a girls only group within our club. I was wondering how some of you others have gone about by spreading the word and reaching to attract them to our sport. Football is our biggest target for our area for boys. Was wondering besides yard signs and such to help get the word out. I'm posting on social media sites and tagging some of our women's programs in if someone follows them they can potentially see our program. What have you guys done to help bring awareness to a girls program?
  24. IHSGW.net

    Just wondering, since this is fairly new, is this allowed for girls that are not part of the high school wrestling team? We are starting a girls club program and some high school aged girls are interested. They however are not interested in joining the school's team but our club program. Would they be able to participate in this, or is it for high school team wrestlers only? And thank you for putting this together. Girls wrestling is on the rise because people like you, putting in the work to get things done.