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  1. Illegal equipment

    Indeed. I think you take take the top officials in the state at their word. They know a little bit... As in they are rules interpreters for the state and have direct access to federation interpreters.
  2. Lesnar vs. Snyder

    Snyder by... a lot. I mean he beat Gwiz giving up a ton of weight. Gwiz got a bronze medal at worlds. Snyder is a monster.
  3. John DeLisle

    I'm transitioning from coaching after being an assistant at Terre Haute North for 12 years to officiating this season. I am in my 7th year holding a license and I've worked s many varsity, TV, and middle school events as possible so I'm not a novice. I am currently teaching at Riverton Parke Jr. Sr. High School in West Central Indiana but will be willing to drive, especially for Saturday events. I have many open dates. John DeLisle Wrestling Official Business Teacher Riverton Parke Jr. Sr. High School 812-686-8065 jdelisle1@gmail.com
  4. Charlie Pingleton

    Ugh, that's horrible... Such a great guy, wrestler, and coach. I'm glad I had even a little time to be around him.
  5. NCAA Division I updates!

    Micic can definitely beat Clark. He's been a little sloppy on his feet but he's so hard to score on, especially after someone has a single leg picked up. Hudkins looked good last night in the consolation round, dominated on top. Hughes cracks me up. I've not seen anyone wrestle like he does. Watch out once he gets more experience on his feet at this level. He may be in the conversation among best top wrestlers in the country right now. Jackson looked a little slow after the knee injury at the Big 10s.
  6. Team 1 was down by a good margin at the start. at 182 Team 1: Jacob Gray won I think 5-0. at 182 Team 2: Thomas Dull won by fall. Indiana definitely dominated 182.
  7. From the looks of it Drew Hughes went to Stall camp. 1-0! In all seriousness wow! Twice tied at 0-0 in the third he chose top and got 2 minutes of riding time. In another match he got over 5 minutes. People better start fearing choosing bottom because you're not getting out. He's going to rip off your arm in a half and beat you with it.
  8. 1996 State Championships

    Thanks for posting this! I've never seen Terre Haute South's coach Gabe Cook wrestle!
  9. College Style

    Can you give an example of what officials would not understand about position and control? To me, and I saw a lot of this kind of thing this weekend, much of it was called correctly. No control was given in one instance that "funk" was happening and wrestler a was behind wrestler be but his leg was elevated to the other's chest (or something of that nature, situation for my point doesn't necessarily matter). Anyhow no control was awarded and people were yelling but before you know it the wrestler "who should have been taken down" was now facing the other in a no control situation. My rational for some of these situation is that if a wrestler is in control he can improve his position. I have a problem most of the time when I see a takedown call and then a stalemate without things changing.
  10. 120 Finals - Mills vs. Rooks

    He was CLEARLY laughing about the people calling for an illegal move... Actually didn't blame him for it lol. He wasn't on the toe and it just ended up in an unfortunate spot. I was even rooting for Rooks.
  11. Where's the real discussion?

    If you don't have kids with you The Winner's Circle is a really nice place to sit down, eat, and wait for gates to open. Multiple times we've gone in and were able to stay 2+ hours watching TV and having our drinks filled. Not too busy normally and just around the corner.
  12. State Alternates

    They've even changed the rules to where if your wrestler does not place only the wrestler and one coach get admitted for Saturday. The second coach and manager must buy a ticket.
  13. Middle schoolers who could place

    Who cares... If you don't like the post just move on. It's not totally unrelated and can be an interesting discussion.
  14. SS Wrestler of the day

    Yes! That's what it was with Cayden. It totally shocked me he cut him, I thought maybe the score was wrong. Someone beside me said, "He's gassed. He broke him. He knows he can take him down." Great match from both guys. Yet another reason to love this sport. Noah Franklin... Holy crap... That match with Luigs was out of this world crazy. Between that match and whatever was going on next to it my mind was blown. I just keep coming down to Columbus East. Combest vs Luigs was yet another incredible match of that stretch of time.
  15. SS Wrestler of the day

    That sounds like Kaston vs Larimore 2005 275 Finals. It was really sweet too. I didn't know what match to watch with such good action on the mats at the same time. Definitely had to be a whirlwind for the Rooks parents Columbus East coaches.