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  1. Let's go Sarah! Going for gold today. As the kids are saying these days: let's go get that bread!
  2. runner-up

    Sarah Hildebrandt SBTrib article

    Sarah is into the semi-finals! 5-1 win over Kazakhstan and 15-9 win over Azerbaijan. She will take on Diana Mary Weicke of Canada in the semi finals. Go Sarah!
  3. runner-up


    Sadulaev...never heard of him. Is he any good?
  4. 2nd year official looking to fill my schedule for the year. I am a bit behind currently, only having 1 assignment on 12/1. All other weekends are free and I can be available for weeknight matches in the Indianapolis area. Available to officiate at all levels, though I am looking to do more varsity to get more experience and to be eligible to officiate at sectionals. 4 Year Varsity Wrestler at Lawrence Central High School 2005-2009 4 Year Wrestler at Wabash College 2010-2013 3 year Assistant Coach at Lawrence North High School 2014-2016 Started officiating last fall -- had a full schedule of Freshman/JV/Middle School Matches; officiated multiple Elementary tournaments; officiated Middle School State, Indy Nationals, and ISWA State in the offseason You can reach out to me via email: drsandberg@gmail.com Official Number # 3794344 Member of the Indiana Officials Association
  5. runner-up

    Beards- Hyway and ISWA

    Facial hair has been permitted at Fr-Soph State and at the ISWA Folkstyke state tournament. That said, I think it depends on the beard. If it is deamed abrasive, your wrestler may be asked to shave. I’d say a little stubble would be permissible—but if the wrestler has the ability to grow beard of a 30 hipster, he’d better keep it trim. I’d suggest looking into the USA Wrestling rules about it, but last I heard there no rule against facial hair.
  6. runner-up

    Blake Mauer's Play by Play

    Great informative commentary from one of Indiana’s finest wrestlers and youth coaches. I agree. It is a nice change of pace from years past.
  7. runner-up

    Melloh and Mulkey

    Even if you think you can be impartial, just the illusion of there being any bias is enough taint a match or duel for some fans or wrestlers. When I was in high school, we had a teacher who was also a wrestling official. I had no idea. He would make sure he would only take assignments that were not associated with us in any way. I never would have known, but we were added to a different tournament due to a weather related cancellation. He happened to have already been contracted for the tournament, but made sure he was not involved in any of our schools matches.
  8. runner-up

    TV finals

    Fox Sports Net for anyone else struggling to find the right channel.
  9. runner-up

    Melloh and Mulkey

    I tried, too long of a video for the site I guess. I tried to describe the call in question as best I could im a previous comment.
  10. runner-up

    Melloh and Mulkey

    If you rewatch the match, he snaps him to the mat but doesn’t make any attempts to score off of it (i.e. get to a point where he could secure a takedown). The casebook shows an example were this could be called stalling: 6.4a: “Typical holds/maneuvers contributing to stalling in the neutral position are: a) Upper body tie-ups with no attempt to take down the opponent.” Per the rulebook, overtime is just the continuation of the match (rule 7-2) so normal rules would apply. The difference would take place in the ultimate tiebreaker. The offensive wrestler scores here by preventing the defensive wrestler from scoring. So riding a spiral ride with no attempt to breakdown or turn the opponent shouldn’t be penalized. The casebook does reference a similar situation for the stall call that would favor the Mulkey fans: 7.6.6 Situation B: “Should stalling be called in the following situations? A) In a neutral position, Wrestler A attempts a takedown and is stopped by Wrestler B who applies a legal front headlock. Wrestler B does not use the headlock to attempt to score a takedown but maintains the headlock....Ruling: In [this situation] Wrestler B has created a stalemate situation to avoid being scored upon. Repeating the same action to create a stalemate situation without using it in an attempt to score would be stalling on Wrestler B.” The question here would be did Mulkey snap Melloh into the headlock, or did he apply it in an attempt to defend a shot. If the later, than no stalling should be called per the ruling above (as it should have been called a stalemate the first time it happened). But if Mulkey initiates the front headlock, then I can see how a stall call could be argued. I also acknowledge that a simple stalemate could have been called as well.
  11. runner-up

    Melloh and Mulkey

    You’ll have to watch it on Track. I tired to upload some footage but couldn’t make it work. I’ll describe as best as I can. Situation: Tied 1-1 heading into second overtime. Melloh takes down and Mulkey rides a spiral and follows the whole time. Mulkey goes down for the second 30s. Melloh cuts him making it 2-1. Period starts and Mulkey immediately snaps Melloh into a standing front head lock and locks his hands at the armpit, not attempting to score. He snaps him down a few times, but they come right back up to their feet. At 20 left, the announcer acknowledges that Mulkey appears to be stalling as Melloh continues to fight into him (front head still locked up tight). He said something along the lines of “Mulkey will just try to hold on here, with a couple of stalls left to give.” The announcer doesn’t realize both wrestlers were warned for stalling in the 3rd period, so a stall call would result in 1 point. Mulkey snaps Melloh down to the mat with about 12 seconds left and continues to just hold tight. As Melloh fights, the ref penalizes Mulkey for stalling with about 5 seconds left and they stay in that same position until time runs out. If you are a Brownsburg guy, I get being mad: your wrestler was in an offensive position (controlling the front head). But I get the argument that Mulkey was stalling. He wasn’t working to score. He was attempting to hold on. It is a tough call. A lot of refs would be afraid to make that kind of call.
  12. runner-up

    Melloh and Mulkey

    Here are the two rules I’d think need to be referenced if you want to make a cogent argument either way. 5-23 Stalemate It is a stalemate when contestants are interlocked in a position other than a pinning situation, in which neither wrestler can improve their respective position(s); or either competitor has the hands locked around one leg of the opponent to prevent scoring. The referee shall, as soon as possible, stop the match and wrestling shall be resumed as from an out of bounds. Hands locked repeatedly around one leg of an opponent to prevent scoring is considered stalling. 5-24 Stalling Article 1. Each wrestler is required to make an honest attempt to stay within the 10 foot circle and wrestle aggressively, regardless of position of the time or score of the match. Action is to be maintained throughout the match by the contestants wrestling aggressively whether in the top, bottom or neutral position and both contestants are equally responsible for initiating action. It is the responsibility of contestants, coaches and referees to avoid the use of stalling tactics or allowing the use thereof. This shall be demonstrated by those responsible with strict enforcement by referees. Article 2. When a referee recognizes stalling occurring at any time and in any position, the offender shall be warned and thereafter violations shall be penalized when stalling recurs. These provisions require the referee to penalize stalling without hesitation... Article 4. It is stalling when the contestant in the advantage position: a) does not wrestle aggressively and attempts to secure a fall, except when the wrestler intentionally releases the opponent in order to thereafter immediately attempt to secure a takedown. If this is the case, whoever in charge of mat assignments should have assigned another official for the match. He also could have recused himself to prevent any issues of bias from coming into the match.
  13. runner-up

    Inaugural Brennan Cosgrove Trophy

    Gable Stevenson is a freak of an athlete himself, as well as a very accomplished wrestler. Would love to see this match happen, and looks like we probably will a few times over the next few years.
  14. runner-up

    Wow - Fattore pinned himself!

    After seeing this one, that was rather brief. I wouldn’t have called it. It is sad to see his run for a state title end that way, but unfortunately he isn’t the first or last kid who will be on the wrong side of questionable call. I’m glad he handled it well. Shows he must have a lot of character. Best of luck wrestling 3rd. I understand the frustrations of a coach who thinks his kid was robbed. I’ve sat in that seat myself. But as a coach, you need to understand what and how you are arguing. There are some coaches who do a great job at this, and others could use a few pointers. Since I’m now familiar with the process, I’ll weigh in for anyone out there in hopes to help in future situations: If you are a coach and you have an issue with a call, you can ask the official for clarification on how they applied to rule at the table. This has to happen at the scorers table. This is rule 6-6-6: “When a coach believes the referee has misapplied a rule or disagrees with judgement, the coach may approach the score’s table, request the match to be stopped (when there is no significant action) and discuss the matter with the referee directly in front of the scorer’s table...If the referee has misapplied a rule, necessary adjustments will be made, an explanation to the opposing coach will be made and wrestling will immediately be resumed. If there is no error, or if the coach disagrees with the referee’s judgement, the coaching staff will be penalized for coach misconduct...” If you are questioning/arguing a judgement call, the ref is following the rules by giving a coaches misconduct. The first is a warning, the second will result in a lost team point, the third will result in the head coach for the reminder of the day. So if you want to fight for your kid knowing you will get that warning, go right ahead. If it is worth 1 team point to do it a second time, go right ahead. I’m not going to stop you. But it isn’t plan stubbornness—it is just the rule. If you continue to lay into the official, come out onto the mat, and use some choice words, you are going to be hit with a flagrant misconduct that will result in -3 team points and an ejection/removal from the building for the remainder of the tournament.
  15. runner-up

    Wow - Fattore pinned himself!

    I am having the same issue. I was wandering how close this call was. I will say, I see a lot of folks on here calling out officials today. I was fortunate enough to advance my career past high school and wrestled Divison III for 4 years. After that, I was lucky enough to get as an assistant coach with a program with an experienced high school coach. There we sent multiple kids to the state tournament and I was privileged to coach under the spot light. I got out of coaching and made the leap into officiating leap this past fall. I passed he took the certification test with 98 %, spent about 10-12 hours in class with experienced officials going over the rules and interpretations before the season started. I’ve read and reread through the rule book and case book, annotating each page. I search YouTube and FloWrestling for tough calls and try to figure out my rational for how I would call it. I’ve attended every official association meeting where we discussed some of the tricky situations we’ve seen and participated in countless debates about how the rules are interpreted and applied. I thought I was ready to be a great official. Guess what...it is very hard. I’ve blown some calls this year. All the preparation, decades of competition and coaching, and a dedication doesn’t make me a perfect official. I don’t diserve to be out there with a whistle today. I haven’t earned it yet. The guys that are officiating today are Indiana’s best. They have decades of reffing experience and know the rules better than 99.9 % of the coaches, wrestlers and fans. They aren’t perfect, but they are the best we have. Officials don’t want to be part of the match. They want to award points, raise some hands, prevent any injuries and get back home to their families. Matches at this level are tough to call. Rewrestle the 138 pound semi finals 3 more times and I bet you’d come up with atleast 2 more different results. Cut these guys some slack and thank them for their hard work, dedication, and willingness to step out there and make the tough calls that only a small number of people are qualified to make.

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