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    Top 100 Career Wins

    Micheal Duckworth 176 Chris Barnhizer 174 Cody Phillips 169

    2018 Dream Team Classic April 14

    I hear we have a bunch of guys tough as nails. Don’t let them bring any hammers !! Good luck wrestlers !!

    2018 NCAA Tournament Contest

    125 Lee 3 133 Gross 9 141 Heil 1 149 Retherford 10 157 Nolf 5 165 IMAR 6 174 Hall 7 184 Nickal 8 197 Moore 2 HVY Snyder 4 Penn St 131.5

    Big Ten Tournament Contest

    125 NATO 2 133 Micic 7 141 Red 1 149 Retherford 10 157 Kemerer 9 165 IMAR 3 174 Hall 8 184 Nickal 6 197 Moore 4 HVY Snyder 5 PSU 127.5

    Best Career

    Did Parris have all pins or forfeits this year? How many pins in his career?

    State Records takedowns etc

    I'm thinking Mason Parris will get close IIRC checked trackwrestling and added his wins, 159-1 entering this year

    State Records takedowns etc

    Cody Phillips had 195 takedowns in 09-10 I believe and 567 for his career.
  8. http://forum.theopenmat.com/index.php/topic,32699.0.html I think this would be a great fit.

    IU Wrestling

    I know that. I meant as the starter and compete in the duals and conf tourney
  10. FANMAN

    IU Wrestling

    Will Chalfant be able to wrestler soon as he clearly is the best HVY on the team. Thought I'd read he was available to wrestle 2nd semester, but wasn't sure.
  11. FANMAN


    A handful of times, once in TEC, received a fft. Will be difficult for UCo to overcome 2 weights without a wrestler, team race should be pretty tight an will come down to the wrestlebacks more than conference champions.
  12. FANMAN


    The newspaper showed Win beat Cent Falcons defeat Bulldogs WINCHESTER, Ind. -- Gavin Cox (112), Rico Rascon (119), Derek Phenis (125), Eric Hersberger (145), Zach Boyd (152), Jordan Simmons (160), Eric Sauser (171), Andrew Chalfant (215) and Caleb Moore (285) all won for Winchester during Tuesday's 42-30 victory over Centerville. Both teams return to action Saturday in the TEC meet at Winchester. 103-Kyle Johnson © pinned Kevin Garringer :53. 112-Gavin Cox (W) def. Dakota Tipton 15-9. 119-Rico Rascon (W) pinned Austin Milliron 3:31. 125-Derek Phenis (W) def. Austin Green 18-12. 130-Matt Taresh © pinned Jacob Wills 3:18. 135-Eric Campbell © pinned Jordan Walters 1:27. 140-Cole Taylor © pinned Damon Cross :38. 145-Eric Hersberger (W) pinned Kenny Richey 1:34. 152-Zach Boyd (W) def. Jalen Rhodus 12-9. 160-Jordan Simmons (W) pinned Zach Boardman 1:48. 171-Eric Sauser (W) pinned Bryce Robinson 1:39. 189-Bronc Fletcher © pinned Travis Mayfield :30. 215-Andrew Chalfant (W) def. Blake Babcock 8-4. 285-Caleb Moore (W) pinned Enrique Calderon 3:40.
  13. FANMAN


    Seeding is I believe Wed nite. UCo def Franklin County tonite 42-42 wins on 7th criteria I think..
  14. FANMAN


    Franklin County is at UCo tonite
  15. FANMAN


    103 Cent win by fft 112 Cent win by fft 119 UCo win by pin Phillips 125 UCo win by pin Stansberry 130 UCo win by mdec 8-0 Fuller 135 UCo win by dec 8-2 Frasur 140 Cent win by fft 145 UCo win by pin Edwards 152 UCo win by fft Krom 160 UCo win by fft Gesell 171 UCo win by pin Berger 189 Cent win by pin 215 Cent win by dec 12-7 Hvy UCo win by pin Ramsey

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