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  1. Venue Accomodations

    Heck yes... I always defer to Wrestling Moms... They're the toughest!!!!
  2. Venue Accomodations

    You think some of the places in Indiana have tight quarters... Well, our first leg of the Florida HS state tourney is cramming 9 teams into a SMALL gym, with one set of bleechers (8 seats deep) for both contestants and spectators!!!!
  3. Session 5

    Yes, but one has to wrestle Herbert, and the Iowa wrestler is Metcalf! Mathematically, OSU is still in it, but very unlikely. All OSU guys would have to win (12pts) and Metcalf would need to lose, or all OSU guys would need pins (18).
  4. Session 5

    Iowa leads 97.5 over Ohio ST. 88. OSU has had only 1 guy wrestle today...Palmer took 4th
  5. Session 5

    Robles takes 4th with 1-3 loss.
  6. Session 5

    Angel takes 5th with 8-0 win.
  7. Lowest Individual Winning Percentage To Win State

    Thank you TAE for the correction. I'm stuck in NCAA mode with names.
  8. semistate drive

    I'll be coming up from Jacksonville, Florida area to Conseco...how's that for a trip!
  9. Lowest Individual Winning Percentage To Win State

    I believe John Gillespie from Bloomington South would hold this record. He was close to a .500 record (if not a losing record). Can TAE correct me if I'm wrong? John was a State Champ in 1971 (145lbs) and his regular season record was 16 - 18. That is amazing. Is he that big old referee named Gillespie? Yes I am not sure what's more amazing, The fact he won, or the fact he could see well enough to find the mat at state! I believe you might be confusing John Schlatter with John Gillespie. Schlatter is bigger and wears very thick glasses, Gillespie's eyes are a bit better. I've never had a problem with either one. Schlatter was always pretty mobile for his size.
  10. scratching a ref

    I scratched a Jim Beason a few years ago. He asked why I did, and wasn't pissed about it, just curious...word gets to them one way or another. Ultimately, it happens quite often. Ironically, there was only one of our matches reffed by the "scheduled refs". I believe it was because other teams had also scratched the other ones. The refs I talked to don't take it personlly, but have a good idea of why they were scratched. In a sense, they agreed to disagree with a call they had made "against" the team that scratched them. I was told JB was the most scratched ref, so...there are not too many secrets, nor any reason someone might be afraid to scratch a ref.
  11. E-ville updates

    189Lbs. Stevenson (Ind Creek) over Leach (Avon) Champ. McGowan (Vincennes Lincoln) over Eads 3-2 (Bloom. South) for 3rd
  12. Semi-State Updates- 22:19 final post

    Thank you soooo much for the updates. I'm living down in Florida now, but I'll be at Conseco!
  13. Wrestling Tights

    Evansville Memorial wears them, too.
  14. Homepage

    I have to admit that I have the forum as my direct link. This site is so good and easy to use I can go to the home page at any time...and I do. Thank you to the creators of Indiana mat.com.
  15. Testing a new feature

    OK, I'll bite.