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  1. semi state draw change

    Draws were not given out at Jay County also. So if you really are with AC then you guys didn't get the draws either
  2. Connersville

    It is tomorrow and Wednesday
  3. How Portage got left out of Team State

    Great post. It is a shame that Portage is not in the event. The multiplier is definitely the biggest issue with this whole system. A lot of schools have to do a lot more work than other schools just of because of what sectional and regional that they are in.... Also the Jay County regional had 9 state place winners instead of the 7 that you showed in your table from last year. Jay County's Regional is given one of the worst multipliers also. I do agree that the system needs to be simplified so the average fan can figure out their teams point total.
  4. Team State next year

    Bellmont this year only lost to Castle by 1 and Yorktown by 6 at team regional... They have 10 returning semi state qualifiers plus two state placers and another state qualifier. Faurote is as good as anybody in the state at his weight (lost to norton 1-0 and 9-7 in ot in the ticket round) and he didnt even make it to state. Bellmont only loses three guys from the the varsity lineup and one of those three had a really bad record. I'd think that they have a pretty good shot of being the next state champion.
  5. South Adams HWT Jim West

    The referee doesn't care at all. South Adams AD talked to the number 11 official and he told the AD that he stands by his decision and refuses to see the video to see how wrong he is. The IHSAA has said that they will stand behind their officials and will not review the tape. I don't know what else can be done except take them to court. The IHSAA is supposed to be for the student-athletes but in reality they just care about themselves and how much money they can make in as little time as possible.
  6. Throwing in the Towel in Ticket Round?

    So your saying that you would kick off a guy that has already been a two time state qualifier, was undefeated until this loss, and his season is over? You would be an idiot to kick off a guy like that especially for one little mistake. He is probably the leader on his team and he still has his senior year to go. And I think that guy is definitely good enough to be classified as a "real" wrestler. One mistake doesnt make him a bad wrestler.

    Fort Wayne 103 Garretson (1) 112 Phillips (3) 119 Franklin (3) 125 Perry (2) 130 Rothgeb (2) 135 Hill (1) 140 Schwartz (2) 145 Harper (2) 152 Larowe (2) 160 Lefevre (2) 171 Hamilton (1) 189 Waikel (2) 215 Bultemeier (3) 285 Meyer (3)
  8. Merrillville/Ft. Wayne semi states 135

    Faurote chin ripped Norton with about ten seconds left... looked like faurote had control with him exposing his back. Faurote got up at the buzzer thinking he won and then saw ref called no change. Thats what I saw.
  9. Rankings Updated Jan. 17th at 2:30 AM Eastern

    Kei Yamamoto Lafayette Jeff beat Reise Overby from Lafayette Harrison 5-3 on Saturday. Yamamoto has three losses as of saturday.
  10. Mishawka Al Smith Pick'ems

    She's too busy wrestling Sheets and Heller in the hotel room while I am typing.
  11. Mishawka Al Smith Pick'ems

    these picks are tremendously better than decbell1's..... 103-Brooks, Stevens, Garretson 112-Nelson, Beck, Smith 119-Milton, Guerra, Hildebrandt 125-Brooks, Napules, Stevens 130-Harper, Quiroga, Sheets 135-March, Dillon, Rattay 140-Sandefer, Stahl, Smith 145-Corpe, Goodwin, Lymburner 152-Baker, Forte, Stein 160-Monix, Kurtz, Lewellan 171-Lopez, Mappes, Waring 189-Dorsey, Boyd, Bultemeier 215-Baker, Cleveland, Lentz 285-Travis, Thomas, Boatright 1. Mishawaka 2. Merrillville 3. Bellmont 4. Lawrence North 5. Elkhart Memorial