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  1. 2 piece uniform

    Have to agree, purchased some a few years ago for our middle school and they were great. Good price, great quality.
  2. Jesse Mendez WOW

    Probably an combination of things: Better overall competition, no travel restrictions, more notoriety overall as a state, Illinois has had great success at Fargo as well as cadet and Jr national duals, there are some really great coaches in the Chicago land area, etc.
  3. The extra point for near fall does encourage wrestlers to get better on bottom, there is much more risk created with the threat of giving up 4 than probably only 2.
  4. College out of bounds stall calls leave too much up to interpretation, see Garrett v Clark. 4 pt near fall makes kids want to be good on top, much more interesting. I would like to see the 3 pt takedown
  5. Bethel and Cooper

    If the ref sees blood at any time by rule it switches to blood time, not sure why he gave "his time" but it sounds like the right call was made
  6. Who's Going To State ?

    Columbus east 5 - all return next year as well Frontier 1 their first ever qualifier Kankakee Valley - 2
  7. 4x Semi State Champs

    Didn't Harper lose to Porras from Hobart his senior year? Kyle Ayersman was a 4xer as was with Streck
  8. Logansport Regional

    Frontier picked up their first regional champ in program history
  9. It's National Signing Day

    Clay Jones Lafayette Jeff Indianapolis 157
  10. 14 To Regionals

    Columbus East advances all 14
  11. North central 120

    Wright 3-2 over Anderson Johnson over McCartney
  12. Al Smith

    I don't think Black weighed in today
  13. Kentucky pulled the trigger

    I talked with a few high level state officials and they said that there was really no way an official could keep middle school teams from wrestling in fight shorts. many parts of the rule book aren't followed in middle school meets, time, weight classes, etc. Any middle school official who would try to stop wrestling because of fight shorts/shirt combo isn't worth hiring and doesn't have the best interest of the sport in mind.
  14. Seeger coach Tom Cook

    Great coach, even better person.
  15. 98 State Champions in 2017

    AD's love state titles as well, this is a huge boost to their professional resume. Seems like a case of self-promotion taking the front seat here.