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  1. You mean that returning Cadet World Champion 220?
  2. CoachM

    Big wins/upsets 1/20

    Pollitt CE over Foster FC 9-0
  3. The Lafayette Sectional looks poised to be a real factor this year at semi-state. By some predictions you could see 2 qualifiers from Benton Central, Delphi, Jeff, and Harrison. West Lafayette is on the outside looking in at 195 but I wouldn't be surprised if Kidwell punches a ticket as well. Several of these kids will be back next year giving the Lafayette Sectional an array of potential medalists in the future. Logansport has a few contenders, South Newton looks poised to punch a ticket at 195, and Twin Lakes has a shot at getting one through. This could be a year the Logansport Regional can use to show kids they do belong in the conversation at Semi-state.
  4. CoachM

    Team Rankings: IndianaMat Dual Ranking

    The number of athletes isn't the only problem. Most of the time small schools don't have the resources to stay competitive with large schools. Coaches pay is low, they don't have as many available coaches in the buildings, lower quality weight rooms, no/little access to cardio equipment, no wrestling room, along with a variety of other factors all play in to the struggle to field 14 quality kids at 14 weights. When you are fighting for practice time with freshman basketball, cheerleading,and drama club your program isn't going to thrive. Not to mention only having one coaching stipend which is often lower than big schools assistant coaches stipends.
  5. CoachM

    Al Smith Brackets

    wow, looking at the top 5 teams # of seeds Mishawaka-8 Penn-8 Merrillville-7 Bellmont-6 LN-6 Don't forget Columbus East with 7 seeded!
  6. You mean a team that just won a state title wants their football players to wrestle? WOW someone better aleart the programs who can't win sectionals of this! ;D
  7. CoachM

    Team State Debate

    This may have already been hit upon, if so it needs mentioning again. Because money is the biggest factor why doesn't the IHSAA look at the numbers! After changing the format a few years back, advance 1 team not 2 and take out semi state, the income dropped from around 23,000 to 8,000 (or something like that). That is approx. a 67% drop in revenue; why not go back to the old format? If you lose that much of your income you would normally get fired, because we can't fire the IHSAA we should at go back to the system that was making the most money. This may not give every team a better chance to win a state title but at least it gets them more fired up to do well at sectional so they can help advance their team.
  8. The Wright/Keiffer example isn't about hurting those specific kids; it?s about the #2 at the regional and the #2 at the semi state that had to wrestle a #3 who was clearly the real #2 in their sectional/regional. The sectional seeding criteria puts way too much emphasis on overall record, how many kids come in with blown up records, mostly due to ffts and beating the same bad kids over and over, and never live up to their seeds. Coaches are encouraged, in part, to wrestle bad teams because they get better seeds.
  9. "If coaches have ethics" the fact is that most coaches would rather get their kid a better seed than have the most fairly seeded tournament. Example, Shelbyville sectional last year, State Champ Wright #2 and 4th place finisher Keifer#3! You can't tell me this wasn't a blatant disregard for seeding the best tournament. To change things you have to get most coaches on board and every sport has a problem with this, so things don't get changed.
  10. Shane Perkey would have to be near the top of that list, also a 4x DII AA if I remember correct.
  11. I would have to add Purdue Coach Scott Hinkel. Finally has Purdue going after many in state wrestlers and gave IN a true freshman AA this year. His camps have also been instrumental in developing many hs wrestlers, not to mention his work with the Fargo teams every year.
  12. CoachM

    Question about Semi State

    Win your regional and you don't have to worry about it ;D
  13. Not that we don't already know this but here are some numbers to help your case when talking to others about the comparison between dedication in athletics. "NCAA Wrestling full scholarships are as rare as hen?s teeth. For every individual full ride in amateur wrestling you have roughly eight football scholarships. No high school sport is comparable to wrestling in terms of ?full ride? difficulty. According to a 2006 study, 1:257 competing wrestlers received a full ride. Compared to 1:37 female Track & Field athletes." That also amounts to 1 full ride in wrestling for every 8 in football. http://www.thewrestlingtalk.com/?p=403
  14. CoachM

    All-Decade Team (2000-2009)

    Great list, many seem to have forgotten some of the better wrestlers at the beginning of the decade though. Two time champs Alex Ramoes of hobart 5th 1st 1st, Michael Escobedo of Lake Central 2nd 1st 1st, Danny Williams of Warren Central 3rd 1st 1st, and Marcus Shontube of Lowell 1st 1st, may fit into that list some where. They didn't have the college success of some of those on your list but they were all very dominate in their high school careers.
  15. CoachM

    Merrillville v. Yorktown?

    What teams are at this event this year?

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