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  1. 12/11/2017

    North Montgomery
  2. 12/11/2017

    North Montgomery
  3. 12/11/2017

    North Montgomery
  4. 12/11/2017

    Hamilton Southeastern
  5. 12/11/2017

    North Montgomery
  6. 12/02/2017

    North Montgomery
  7. North Montgomery vs. Danville

  8. New Uniform issues

    Once I figure out how to minimize the file size of our uniform picture I will post it.
  9. New Uniform issues

    E.I. Sports. We went with Cliff Keen brand.
  10. New Uniform issues

    We did not have any problems at all. Wrestled 5 dual meets and not one violation of any sorts. Uniforms look good as well to the new fan. I asked a few students that were in attendance, who had been to maybe one or two wrestling matches previously, each thought visually the uniforms were much more fan friendly than the singlet. Most said the singlet looked stupid. Just like most of the die hard fans, I love the singlet and have no problem with it, but to the casual fan the new uniform looks much better.
  11. 11/18/2017

    North Montgomery
  12. North Montgomery vs. South Vermillion

  13. 11/18/2017

    North Montgomery
  14. 11/18/2017

    North Montgomery
  15. North Montgomery vs. Rockville