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  1. swain358

    Skin check debate

    I received a coaches misconduct for approaching the score table to tell a referee that the match score was wrong. Referee insisted that the score was correct and gave me a coaches misconduct. After further review, the match score was in fact wrong and was changed to the correct score. I still received the coaches misconduct. The referee went on the say that I received the misconduct because I disrespected him by walking away from the scores table after he assured me that the original score was correct.
  2. swain358

    most impressive TODAY??

    Penola and Davison. Heck of a match
  3. swain358

    # of placers by SS

    I count 35 for New Castle
  4. swain358

    North Montgomery Math opening

    North Montgomery School Corporation has a Middle School Math opening. Anyone interested in applying contact Maurice Swain at mswain@nm.k12.in.us Adding another wrestling coach is high on our administrations list.
  5. swain358

    Fight Shorts/shirt

    I will say it again, we've worn 2 piece uniforms with the shorts being "Fight Shorts" pretty much all year. Have yet to have one problem with fingers getting caught in the shorts.
  6. swain358

    Best and Worst Sectionals

    Now maybe I shouldn't comment on this but I do not think our sectional (Crawfordsville Sectional) is the greatest sectional in indiana, but i will say by adding Zionsville, I think that should end the talks of our sectional being in the worst category lol. Zionsville is pretty good, we aren't bad, Southmont and Crawfordsville are solid full teams. So I think we can maybe start to end the conversation of our sectional being in the terrible category lol.
  7. swain358

    Illegal equipment

    I think its more of a stylish type thing in my opinion. NFHS does not want wrestlers wearing non traditional wrestling equipment which is stupid. Looks like wrestlers have found a better alternative to the traditional knee pad but it's not fashionably acceptable to the NFHS. I can not think of any functional reason or competitive edge reason that this knee sleeve should be illegal. Not one.
  8. Two years ago Faulkens came to our seeding meeting and he literally said its "most head to head wins against the field in a round robin situation".
  9. swain358

    Illegal equipment

    Referees are going to have to bring the tape measure to weigh ins. That is about 4.5 inches below the knee cap so no its illegal haha..
  10. B,C,A in that order. B has most wins amongst the 3. Then to figure the two seed, C has head to head criteria over A
  11. swain358

    Illegal equipment

    We have 2 kids that have worn them all year with no question. They are little guys so the knee sleeve will be longer on them then lets say a heavier weight wrestler. I'm not sure if these pads come in specific sizes or if they are one size fits all. If the later is the case, that means certain kids can't wear knee or arm sleeves because they are of shorter stature. So does that mean referees will now bring tape measures to weigh ins to make sure said knee sleeve is exactly 3-4" above/below the knee? Again, a stupid rule being enforced for no reason at all at this point in the season.
  12. swain358

    Illegal equipment

    Understandable, my thing is why wait until Sectional to start enforcing it. How about wait till next year since it hasn't been enforced all year. Make it a point of emphasis for next year and go from there.
  13. swain358

    Illegal equipment

    Just another dumb rule that the IHSAA is enforcing. That sleeve gives the wrestler no unfair advantage at all. Stupid
  14. swain358

    New Uniforms

    Our heavyweight has had that problem a few times. Told him to wear a matching color singlet underneath his 2 piece but he won't do it lol.
  15. swain358

    New Uniforms

    To the diehard wrestling people the 2 piece uniform (shirt and loose fitting shorts) may not be the look they would like to see in a wrestling match. But, to the casual wrestling fan, parent, random student that showed up to watch, the 2 piece uniform with loose fitting shorts is by far a better look. I have asked many of our new fans and all have said they like seeing the 2 piece uniform much more than the singlet. I am a diehard obviously so I have no problem with the singlet. Just giving the opinions from our casual fans.

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