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Everything posted by MattM

  1. Nick Lee question

    I’m a major Lee fan and I’d say 6th a little high based on his current resume. Not saying he can’t get there, but he hasn’t proven he’s top 6 yet. I’d place him around 10th currently with room to improve. I’m sure PSU is banking on a AA finishing for him and hopefully he gets there by the end of the season. I’d put a similar ranking for Red based on his recent struggles. Maybe around 8th or 9th, but that could change depending on his next few matches. Either way Big10s will be exciting and both will be one match away from AA status.
  2. Nick Lee question

    With his brother at UIndy.
  3. Nick Lee question

    Really would like to see Mitch Sliga finish off his career with a decent NCAA showing. Unfortunately he just hasn’t found a way to consistently finish off close matches against top 20 guys.
  4. Undefeated????

    Unlimited use of #. The right to claim anyone on the west side of Indy. On free cat grooming lesson from Fabio. And I think it gets you in the jelly of the month club.
  5. Darren Elkins this weekend

    FYI, UFC Legend Matt Hughes made an appearance on the broadcast months after his near fatal car accident. He was able to walk out for the crowd still having some lingering injuries.
  6. Darren Elkins this weekend

    6 fight win streak for the Portage native. People calling for him to get a top 5 ranked match-up after the fight.
  7. Nick Lee question

    Call it a mid-season slump of sports. Took a couple loses, got a little dinged up, not use to the college grind......... Red’s gotta get in his groove again and he’ll be just fine. I’d assume the Nebraska coaches will be monitoring the situation and doing what they think is necessary to have CJ physically and mentally ready to go by Conference. The kids still the same talent he’s always been he just has to believe it, then trust in the coaches to put him in the best position to succeed and the tools he has to win matches.
  8. Hoosier Hills Conference

    I’ve got reports from two news places saying Sat, Jan. 20th at Jeffersonville. I’m guessing the AD must have agreed upon something for them to print it.
  9. Favorite Excuses

    Yeah lost a varsity guy from a meet once cause they needs him as a lifer for some traveling cheer team. If he didn’t go they wouldn’t have enough boys there to be in their specific coed division ao they could get a win and would be put in the somewhat larger/more competitive all girls division. We FF the weight class, and he had a good amount of making up to do for that one.
  10. Favorite Excuses

    But doesn’t it weigh less when you chew it up Coach?
  11. Official Weigh-Ins

    I believe it has to be at a competition. However, back in the day you could show up to another schools competition and get an official weigh-in even though your team was not wrestling. I’m not sure if this is still allowed. I’m guessing that’s a IHSAA question.
  12. Nick Lee question

    If you have FloPro here is N. Lee’s Mich State match. https://www.flowrestling.org/video/6082726-141-m-nick-lee-penn-state-vs-javier-gasca-michigan-state
  13. Nick Lee question

    From what I read he hurt his shoulder in pre-season somehow. Nothing improve and the doctor said he needed shoulder surgery.
  14. Nick Lee question

    Lee with the TF for his 2nd Top 20 opponent win on the weekend.
  15. Nick Lee question

    I heard Hughes is out for the year due to injury. On a side note this is some of the better (more knowledgeable) Student U. announcers I’ve ever heard. At least one of them has a great background in wrestling, which should be standard in any of their broadcasts. One with some background in the sport, even if it’s not an actual Broadcast student, and the other one learning the trade.
  16. Nick Lee question

    It was originally aired on the main BTN broadcast. As such I’m not sure if Flo can backlogs any of those videos, or if it’s only for their stream broadcast. It is not up at the current moment.
  17. Favorite Excuses

    Some from coaching and some from when I wrestled. Not making it to an event. Funny at first, but less humorous after. Phone call “Coach I won’t be able to make it out van is on fire.” This was a kid that’s always late and also missed a few meets. We are driving to the meet which goes past his road and sure enough a vans engine was on fire in sub-zero temperatures with emergency out there. We doubled back and picked the kids up on the way to the meet. Thankfully everyone was safe. Missed weight: Kid weighed out about 1.5lb under weight. Came into school the next day 2lb over. Kid: Coach all I had was water last night. Coach: Well how much water did you have. Kid: A few glasses coach. But that can’t be why because it’s clear so doesn’t weigh much. Second best was when our HWT didn’t make weight. Kid: All I had was fruit and vegetables Coach. Coach:No way you gained that much weight just eating some fruit and vegetable. Kids brother: He ate a crap ton of them all night long coaches. I told him to stop but he said it’s fine they are healthy foods so he wont gain weight. Not coming to practice the day before the first meet so couldn’t wrestle at that meet: Kid: Coach you said we had to be clean shaven by that practice or we would be in trouble. Coach: Yes. Kid: Well my mom hadn’t been to Walmart yet, so I went home. Coach: You know we have extra razors and shaving cream in the Med kit right. Kid: Yes coach, but my mom said I have sensitive skin so she only buys me the special kind.
  18. Favorite Excuses

    Checked weight at school. .3 under. Stepped on scale 2.1 over. But, coach all I had was a cap full of Gatorade and one bite of a granola bar.
  19. Nick Lee question

    We also have D. Lady and L. Welch of Purdue both just out of the top 10 rankings. Plus possibly J. Tsirtsis back in the lineup which would be a AA threat.
  20. Nick Lee question

    It’s possible. Micic and Red are hovering around around AA honors according to most rankings. Lee isn’t ranked yet but will be moving into them after this weekend and assume he will also enter the ranking in the 10-15 range with room to move up.
  21. Hoosier Hills Conference

    Friday or Saturday are the talked about choices. Gym space create an issue with other scheduled events. They have figure out a open gym and date that all schools can agree upon. I’m guessing that will be finalized on Monday once school gets back and the ADs have time to troubleshoot anythung holding up their school agreeing on an option.
  22. Hoosier Hills Conference

    Columbus East had Brownsburg schedule at home on Friday. I’m assuming they wouldn’t want to cancel/change that one if they aren’t forced to.
  23. I think Fabio mentioned it would be on the Brownsburg athletic streaming site. I’m assuming he’ll post a direct link before the meet.
  24. Notable wins 1/13

    Weather got some good FF today. But does that count for win % record?
  25. Weight Allowance

    If they are following the same tournament rules as sectional you can not move a wrestler once the brackets are finalized. I believe it used to be you can not move a seeded wrestler but not it’s any wrestler. So depending on what the conference rules are at least the seeded wrestler must make that weight or be out. Most, maybe not all, events allow would you to place another backup wrestler into the bracket. However again if they are following the same criteria as sectional that wrestler would move to the last seeded position and the rest of the field would bump up a spot.