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Everything posted by MattM

  1. MattM

    Fargo List

    In freestyle it would. I’d like to see it in folkstyle though Gables ability to use the size he’s put on in last two years would create some of the same problems Mason ran into with Cass. Not to mention Gables pretty quick on his feet for his size. Masons working up to HWT from being 220 for most of his HS career. I’d give Mason a few years to bulk up in college and get in some Michigan HWT time, then we will see where he stands as an actual HWT.
  2. MattM

    Fargo List

    Mason wasn’t able to finish several of his takedown due to Cass using his size well to stop Parris’s Motion. If I recall correctly Cass got a takedown and a couple of guts. Parris eventually got a TD but couldn’t get a a turn. Cass stopped another Parris shot into a front headlock which he used to tipped Mason over a few times for the tech.
  3. MattM

    Fargo List

    Well Cass’s size and freestyle knowledge took that one. Parris has a real good shot at 3rd.
  4. MattM

    Fargo List

    Sitting in 6th right now but that’s mostly due having 3 still in championship. It a few teams below us have more overall wrestlers still in. Things will change once placements matches are set.
  5. MattM

    Fargo List

    Not sure it was mentioned earlier but the Cadet Freestyle Team finished in 12th place with 6 AA’s.
  6. MattM

    Fargo List

    D. Washington can’t mount another comeback and he’s out for IL.
  7. MattM

    Fargo List

    Round of 16 actually, so he’s got a few more consol matches to even AA. TX has a few tough kids hiding down there.
  8. MattM

    Fargo List

    Donnell Washington of Portage via IL has been finding some ways to win late to hang on in the consol’s.
  9. MattM

    Fargo List

    That Parris guy must be doing something right in freestyle. Went to get something to drink in my kitchen and his match had already started and ended before I returned. Maybe around a minute of mat time and moving on.
  10. MattM

    Fargo List

    Artalona looking for the safest possible path to a impressive 5th Fargo title run.
  11. MattM

    Fargo List

    Finally posted.
  12. MattM

    Fargo List

    Would love to if Flo would ever post it. the rest of the weight classes round is up.
  13. MattM

    Fargo List

    On another note I’m hoping Escobedo and staff will be at the event and can find a few diamonds in the rough that could be big for helping IU in the future. Ersland can have a couple for Purdue too.
  14. MattM

    Fargo List

    Flo Toughest Junior Weight Classes https://www.flowrestling.org/articles/6219735-the-toughest-junior-mens-freestyle-weight-at-fargo
  15. MattM

    Fargo List

    Illinois has two things going for them. One is a very well established youth system that has helped develop a lot of young talent so the depth is there come Fargo age. I haven’t keep up with it lately but their IKWF and associates youth trips have been churning out proven national talent for awhile. And two is their ability to get a huge numbers of that talent to commit to Fargo. They not only bring one of the largest numbers of wrestlers (maxing out most years), but also the depth at most several weight classes is amazing. Winning the team title multiple years definitely helps push the commitment for sure, but I also believe they have some established funding programs that helps keep the cost of the trip manageable. From what I’ve heard (haven’t got all the details here) a couple of their fundraising options may not be allows to occur in our state due to the IHSAA by-laws. But yes MattB to your point a few cross over events between us and IL, or OH for that matter, could help improve put states competiveness too. Could just be an open tournament but seems like it could develop more interest from some of our top kids if it was set up as dual meet type competition. Send two dual team from each age group and have them wrestle against the two teams from that state for a third match they could wrestle their other state team. Not to mention if the ISWA would count one of those crossover meets (at least in state ones) as part of the 2 State qualifiers it could help push a few more of our top wrestlers to compete and then also get qualified. But first we may have to have to keep promoting freestyle competition and Fargo qualification in general. Fargo’s definitely not for everyone but it seems we should be able to send even a few more top guys that what we are. In some cases it’s selling them on freestyle in general and in other cases it maybe related to other commitments or costs. If states like Colorado and Georgia are starting to find ways to rise up on the Freestyle scene I would think we could find some ques from them especially with the wrestling talent of the Midwest state that they don’t have which coils further help sharpen up our instate talent. Even with good numbers this year we haven’t maxed out our numbers and definitely are missing some possible big names. Not to mention we are light on our National Duals numbers to which seems crazy based on the number guaranteed matches you get though that event compared to even Fargo. Plus, if we looks back to a few Central Reginal Qualifiers (one avenue to Fargo past the 3 state qualifiers) IN has had a somewhat smaller than should be expected turnout even when its held in our state. Would love to see those number increase since state like IL really start to add to their Fargo depth by getting more guys through during those events. Heck you can technically qualify through any of the Regionals, so whatever the next closest one is could also be an option for a nice travel trip for some IN guys looking to make it to Fargo. I don’t have dilusions of being a perineal title contender soon, but out state should be able to get the talent in place necessary to be a consistent Top 8 team in both Nationals Duals and Fargo got both Freestyle age groups.
  16. MattM

    Fargo List

    Not too much talk on IN guys in Flo’s Cadet Freestyle Preview, but Fargo’s Cadet’s is where many new faces come out of the woodwork to make a name for themself. https://www.flowrestling.org/articles/6219136-2018-fargo-cadet-freestyle-preview
  17. MattM

    Fargo List

    For those on the right side of the pay wall. https://www.flowrestling.org/articles/6219201-2018-fargo-junior-freestyle-preview
  18. MattM

    Fargo List

    Mendez get a little talk on Flo article proclaiming 126 Fargo’s toughest Cadet Freestyle Weight. https://www.flowrestling.org/articles/6219563-fargo-2018s-toughest-cadet-weight-class-126lbs
  19. 113 - #8 Moran 120 - #9 Mendez 126 - #10 Garcia 138 - #10 Bryant 195 - #9 Allred HWT - #6 Pokorney
  20. English/LA posting for HS is now up, as well as the previously mentioned E/LA MS position.
  21. For the next school year Seymour Community Schools currently has openings for a MS Language Arts, a temporary Health Sciences position at the HS, several Elementary teacher. There may be an opening at the HS for a Social Studies teacher soon, as well as a few other MS and HS positioning I have been informed of that should come open at the start of the summer. We are looking for candidates that would be willing assist with wrestling and wanting to transition into a head coaching position with our program in the next few years. Any candidate willing to also assist with the football program would be a bonus. If interested please complete an application form with Seymour Community Schools https://www.applitrack.com/scsc/onlineapp/ Also contact our head wrestling coach Todd Weaver at weavert@scsc.k12.in.us
  22. 106 - #15. Ciera Broukal 164 - #14. Jasmine Hale
  23. MattM

    Flo HS Girls Rankings

    Yes I did leave her off thinking she graduated this past years. Lost track of her a little when she venture to Wisconsin a year or two ago.
  24. If I’m thinking of the right kid he’s an Ohio stud that had spent a lot of time training with Miron. It had been rumored to be going to Culver next year. He would be getting a great training partner in Bryant, another OH transfer.
  25. MattM

    Junior Duals

    Not to drive to far off topic, but I’ve been a big advocate of moving the freestyle season including state back a few week or even more. Or dare I say it, ending the youth folkstyle a couple weeks earlier. Currently for many wrestlers trying freestyle it feels like they are just starting to understand the rules/techniques right when state occurs. Most definitely are not good at them by state and end up not confident in them enough to use the techniques at state, they use them with minimal success, or they backfire and it cost them points/position. That’s not encouging many to keep trying it. I’m going to even guess many wrestlers still don’t bother doing freestyle because of past experiences with the season getting over quickly and not ever having a chance to get comfortable with the style. Give the coaches a few more weeks after folkstyle finishes to transition to freestyle to help the wrestlers learn and develop freestyle techniques instead of rush into the season and wrap it up in a short time period. With a few more weeks of practice and getting comfortable they then have time to put those techniques to the test and refine them on several weekend meets before state occurs. If you’ve cleaned thing up by state you are more willing to try the techniques and have a better chance at being successful with them. It’s a lot easier to invest your time and effort into something when you are given time to clean the technique up so it work right in a match. And yes yes I would be fine with a clinic type event counting as one of the two required competition if they trained freestyle specific techniques for half of the time and then offered live wrestled marches for the other half.

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