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Everything posted by MattM

  1. All Americans

    Always good when Indiana wrestling’s trending in the upward direction.
  2. All Americans

    But some below have much less. Flo May post it they did with NCAA qualifiers.
  3. NCAA Nationals

    Never know which MM shows up.
  4. All Americans

    Not so cool for trying to keep track. Had my tv, computer, and phone all running.
  5. NCAA Nationals

    Thanks for heads up. Agree on the crazy viewing. Running big screen semis. And compute and phone consols.
  6. NCAA Nationals

    Welch just missed out but rest of Indiana boys are rolling in the blood round for AA status.
  7. Skin check debate

    Well that Springfield Power Plant Team sure had some ringer on it!
  8. Skin check debate

    To be fair no other club is able to offer anything close to the TripleB treatment.
  9. Angel to head coach

    No issue with his scrutiny towards a coach he doesn’t like. If that’s all he wants to portray in the board then that’s on him. The issue I have is when that turns into him litter every thread on the college board with those remarks which at some points included negative remarks towards the programs wrestlers. The only “chiding” I see coming from me is asking that he stop polluting every topic the board and stop harassing me by bulking me into the negative comments just because I ask that it stop. Maybe you missed the previous several years where every thread about IU wrestlers achievement were meet with him taking jabs at their choice of college and turned into Goldman attack. Reguardless of your feeling towards the coach, there is no reason to disrespect the accomplisments of those young men who are working hard. But at least those attacks by him were slightly on topic since it did bring up IU. However, I see no reason that his trolling of Goldman to then be added to and ruin threads about about Purdue wrestling, threads about former Indiana wrestlers at a program like Linsey Wilson, and threads about wrestlers committing to college program. The board isn’t frequented enough as it is, but that kind of garbage isn’t helping more people want to visit. Confining his vendetta to a few on topic posts would be great. I’ve even suggested he try contribute something useful to the college board too if he wants to keep coming around. But nothing has came of that other than the continuing to bulk me into those negative IU comments. Can you really say that’s warrented based on what has been asked of him? However, I do appreciate his absence for most of this college season so that some of these college topics were able to stay on topic. And at least at this point he’s managed to keep this rhetoric to a few topics which actually focus on IU. If he can keep to that path it’s a great improvement over the previous couple years. If you feel I’m asking too much then that is fine. But if we can’t continue to have a college board that is able to have functioning topics then I’ll be another one that doesn’t see a reason to add to it or visit here anymore. I’ll leave it at that cause he’s heard the same suggestions for at least three years now and all I’ve seen from it is more blow back and other than some of this season a lot of trashed threads about Indiana wrestlers in college.
  10. Team State Bid Acceptance List

    Well that was an easy fix. Due to the last reshuffling of sectionals your regional is currently not rated as the easiest in the state according numbers used to determine team state. In fact if the list is by rating order before the numbers were rounded then Jay Co. is ahead of 4 other regionals. You should have said that’s all you needed earlier and it could have saved you several posts.
  11. Angel to head coach

    But you still keeping up this same tired argument. All I’ve ever said and ask for from you is two thing. 1. Stop polluting every single college thread with a need to turn it into something about IU. It’s been nice for awhile actually see some college threads that you didn’t turn into a IU bashing moment. Thanks for that. 2. Stop trying to badmouthing any positive results the IU wrestlers actually get by somehow making it about a Goldman negative. Those guys are working hard and doing what they can within the system. There is not need to drag them or their accomplishments down just to take another poke at the head coach. I’ve never directly defended coach Goldman or for that matter attacked him negatively. I actually make it a point to not make personal judgements about the coaches or wrestlers unless it is a very extreme situation. And no a poor team or individual record is not an extreme situation worth my personal judgement. What I have done in the past is draw the boards attention many positive accomplishments that college wrestlers from Indiana or from a Indiana college have done. Then tried to adk you to stop turning every single thread in this forum into a off topic bashing season due to your vendetta against one coach. If in your eyes that puts me in the Goldman support wagon that is fine, but in mine it puts me on bandwagon for supporting college wrestling as it relates to this state. And as I’ve asked of you many times before please make an attempt to contribute anything additional to this college board other than just your Goldman vendetta. Unfortunately I’m not sure that’s ever occurs, which has made it very clear your interest isn’t anything related to helping improve this college wrestling forum.
  12. Angel to head coach

    As with most wrestlers, it likely depends on the wrestlers general instinct about the new coach if he feels like staying put or asking for a transfer. Prizlaff spent a considerable amount of time there as an asset. so he could be a consideration. Not sure how the administration felt about his time there or they parted ways on decent terms, but many wrestlers seemed to benifit while he was on the staff. I’m sure a few long time Big10 Asst. Coaches and RTC coaches could be interested in moving to a main DI role. I’d almost guess Askren, a Wisconsin native, would put out a feeler but his lack of college coaching experience will shoot that down before it gets to serious talks.
  13. Angel to head coach

    Wisconsin just lost their coach Barry Davis (resignation), so their will be one Big10 job some coaches will be looking into.
  14. Big Ten

    Carr takes it to Lee the whole match. Lee couldn’t find enough answers to catch up and lost 10-6 after RT.
  15. Big Ten

    He will likely MFF again to avoid any additional issues going into NCAAs. He’s had some lingering issue and likely wrestled just to get the automatic bid covered.
  16. Nick Lee question

    Only top 8 in his weight get an automatic bids, and he lost one round prior. That unfortunately could be his last college match.
  17. Big Ten

    Sliga drops his consol match one round before being able to receive an automatic bid. That unfortunately may have ended his college wrestling career.
  18. Big Ten

    Pepple got called for a illegal figure-4 lock I believe. Tough break for him.
  19. He is starting to list 2 participants per weight class, so it would look like their would be two meets as usual.
  20. Which state does it best?

    I’ll take that event at Lucas Oil!
  21. 2017 vs. 2018

    Is this mini Ditka or regular size Ditka?
  22. Epic Clash

    Similar experience to when Radnovich walked by me at the Seymour Semi-State back in the day.
  23. Possible 3 timers that could have been!

    You would to talk to there schools/AD’s and the IHSAA on that one.
  24. Possible 3 timers that could have been!

    Athletic school transfer would be the whatever reason the IHSAA decided they needed to sit out for.