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  1. Hopefully they can keep a decent number out and putting forth a good effort. They started to have a active club team a few years back but then some of the leadership graduated and I thing they have trouble keeping a faculty sponsor. Good luck to them in getting things going again.
  2. Based on returning state placers Joe Diaz maybe a viable option to consider at 113 if he can make it again. His only lose at state last year was to Viduya and then he injury defaulted. Two 106 juniors last year that may likely be 113 this time around. Any injurys that keep a light weight Junior out of state last year? Plus there is always that diamond in the rough that may just have made semistate last year but will emerge to be a top contender during this years state tournament. Depends if the selection can wait until after the season concludes.
  3. Nice. I've been saying this years senior class was deserving of another national dual meet. Now will we be able to get back Joe Lee for that evening?
  4. Jason Tsirtsis

    They had him listed at 149 last time I looked. I wouldn't be suprised if he was at 157 some to see if which of those two weight classes would work best for him and the team.
  5. Army Wrestlers

    From my understanding it would depend upon if their school curriculum allowed them to meet the entry requirements of West Point or not. It's not necessarily a grade issue, the young men being accepted there are basically top notch students. But several have not had the course load necessary to enter the particular program at West Point, so attending a prep academy for a year is often needed to fill in those gaps.
  6. They no longer test for excessive levels of chicken grease and wing sauce.
  7. Weight Lifting on Game Day

    I'm not sure the question should be "to lift or not to lift," but rather how to best utilize the time in the weight room on a game day. From what I have seen a lifting teacher doesn't have to make some personalized plan for every student as an earlier post suggested. Sure there are sports specific lifts to emphasis but that would be a lot of work to balance all of those routines in the space most weight rooms have. But a good lifting teacher should have the time and ability to recognize what he/she is asking of the students and how that may affect certain athletes who are competing later that day. A good teacher may allowing competition athletes to have some minor adjustments to the lifting routine depending on the normal lifting plan for that day. This would be no different than giving some modifications on an assignments for some students, so I'm sure a teacher that cares to make an effort would be able to handle this. Sadly though I have heard of a few instances where the lifting teacher either did recognize a particularly taxing routine would cause an issue or just didn't care enough to allow for some minor adjustments to me made. I think this is where good communication between the teacher, coaches, and athletes is helpful. But also rather than telling the teacher to not let the athlete lift at all the coach should be open minded to the teacher approach if he/she has a solid background on the subject and can show proof of that their plan is successful to athletes. Many days the regular lifting routine would be fine for those having a game or not. Heck in many case the lifting teacher isn't asking athletes to push it to the ultimate limit within the hour of actual workout time most of them have. Nor are most students really trying to push themselves to the breaking point over the course of that same hour. Realistically trying to get most of the students to just lift with maximum effort and proper form is a daunting task for most. However, on a few of those class days the style of lifting could indeed cause some minor issues for an athlete who will have a game later that day. For that the teacher could easily ask those athletes to make a minor adjustment to the number of lifts, the amount of reps, the amount of weight, skip/substitute one of the lifts in the rotation, etc. A lifting teacher with a decent background in exercise science should be able to recognize when he/she has assigned a particularly taxing routine and know what adjustments would be warranted for completion athletes. So yes based on what I have seen before getting in a good lifting routine and sweat going is helpful to most athletes on game day. Especially when you consider most athletes are spending the majority of the day rest in a school desk. I'm not exercise science expert, but have seen enough lifting plans and talked to enough exercise science guys to know that it more helpful than harmful to do some exercise on a game day. However, a good teacher should be mindful enough of what he/she is planning to know if that routine could be a possible detriment to the athletes competition performance.
  8. Middle schoolers who could place

    He is in the Lake Central/ Crown Point area. But speculation has been he may end up across state lines with Alex Tsirtsis at Mt. Carmel in IL.
  9. Congrats Keith Davison

    He was voted in as the new ISWA Chairman.
  10. I'm not sure it ever made it past the concept stage. From what I recall someone associated with the program had a buddy that did the design about 5 years ago. His name is at the bottom corner of the image. But I don't know if any actually got produced. If someone can figure out some similar design for a shirt I'd be down for buying a couple of them.
  11. As an Alumni I'm still waiting for the fancy vintage style shirt the wrestling squad a few years back was hoping to put out.
  12. The match that won a World Title, a Team Title, and may have ushered in a new #1 P4P in the World. http://www.trackwrestling.com/tw/VideoPlayer.jsp?matchId=8852921104&TIM=1503790600408&twSessionId=dklybrxjtbawefw
  13. Great back and forth battle. Could not have asked for a better final match to decide everything. Snyder gets match winning TD with 30sec left to secure the World Title. He is now in the argument for the top P4P wrestler in the world. Our first World Team Title since 1995. And with the recently announced new world weight classes starting soon we maybe set up for a run of team titles over the next couple years.
  14. Green takes silver. He couldn't nullify the quickness/athleticism of Chamizo (Italy by way of Cuba). Team title comes down to Snyder vs #1 P4P Sadulaev.
  15. Russia takes their Bronze match to stay in the title picture. US needs a win from Green or Snyder and I believe that clinches the team title. Greens next up for the US.