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  1. Already have some early wrestlers signed up from around the South Central area. You have until Wednesday night to register if you want the lower price.
  2. MattM

    Best Incoming class

    I believe he’s just in 7th grade this year.
  3. MattM

    Best Incoming class

    Well one possibility that’s been talked about was joining Head Coach Alex Tsirtsis at Mount Carmel a top program in IL.
  4. MattM

    Team State Vote-In Results

    I believe its mostly due to the fact that it can not take into account factors outside of the ISHAA tournament like injuries, in coming 8th graders who are varsity material, quality JV wrestlers stuck behind a stud Senior, ineligible wrestlers, etc.... While the vote-in panel can not always pin down how much those factors will contribute to a team success, the group at least tries to evaluate those factors rather than just leaving them out completely.
  5. Seymour Scramble ISWA Freestyle State Participation Qualifier Weigh-In: 5pm-6pm Start Time: 6:30pm Thurs. April 26th Seymour High School 1250 W. Second St. Seymour, IN 47274 Contact Adam Wolka awolka@scsc.k12.in.us or 812-569-3715 Divisions Bantam - Juniors Trying to get at least 3 matches in per wrestlers. Early Registration Email awolka@scsc.k12.in.us by Wednesday April 25th at midnight. Include Name, USAW Card #, D.O.B., actual weight. Early registration will be $10 cash per wrestler to be paid at the door on Thursday between 5:00pm-6:00pm. You will receive a confirmation email by Wednesday night, if you do not receive an email, please call Adam Wolka. Day of Event On- Site Registration Thursday from 5:00pm - 6:00pm. $15 cash per wrestler. Weigh-ins Everyone must officially weigh-in on site from 5:00pm-6:00pm. There will be no satellite weigh-in's earlier in the week. All participants should park in the front section of the athletic parking and enter into the into the main gym using the front set of doors (Door #19). We will pair the tournament up prior to weight-in's using your registration information, but will check weight for any major weight discrepancies before the competition begins. So, please make sure you are close to the actual weight you provided in the registration e-mail, if you want to remain in that weight group. Wresting Format & Schedule We will have full mats and licences officials at the event. Wrestling will start at 6:30pm. When possible wrestlers will be placed in round robin groups of 3-5 wrestlers. Trying to get around 3 matches in per wrestlers. Group will be organized by actual weight and age group. Additional Information This event is an approved qualifier for the ISWA Freestyle State Tournament. All wrestlers that wish to participate at the Freestyle State event must have participated in 2 qualifier events. This will count as 1 of the 2 required qualifiers. We will email the ISWA the information for all wrestlers who paid, weighed-in, and competed on Thursday night. Wrestlers must have a valid 2017-18 USA card to participate. Replacement cards will not be available on site on Thursday. Please make sure to purchase a valid card prior to this event. No Spectator Fee will be charged at the door.
  6. MattM

    What if IN kept talent in state

    That’s one reason I would like to see Escobedo push the AD to put up some funding to add one more high quality assistant to the staff. If IU could get in one more solid technician, especially one with decent name recognition that could really help boost the development in the room and help with future recruiting. Most top Big 10 schools have two top assistants that are recognizable names and then some some additional coaches after than. That’s not even mentioning the RTC coaching advantage some programs have. But IU only has really budgeted out for one main assistant coaches with some additional positions. And Im not even sure if that one top assistant position pays as well as most of Big10, to help attract a top candidate. It’s hard to Even get to the middle of Big10 when your schools only budgets to put together the support staff equal to a mid-level MAC team. Sure it’s possible, but it’s a huge mountain to climb and a heck of a lot of work that usually ends up driving the quality assistants to another program. To get more stud recruits interested a program first has to prove it can develop talent and provide a solid room of practice partners. The best way I can see to improve that area that is add another high quality coach so more time can be give to the wrestlers. Not to mention the help that additional top assistant could give in recruiting, networking with HS coaches, and developing the fan base.
  7. MattM

    What if IN kept talent in state

    Well the articles actually saying out of the programs that now have new head coaches, IN had potential to scores the highest of that group based on the last 5 years of data. Those states looked at were South Dakota, West Virginia, Indiana, and Wisconsin. I wouldn’t really place SD and WV as even a mid-tier wrestling states in terms of total numbers. So IN should have more talent than those two state most years. Wisconsin is a little more on par with Indiana in terms of talent, but it looks like have out done them lately.. So yeah IN, a mid-teir state for wrestling talent, should do better than the others states listed. Heck I’d like to see the numbers of how IU or PU could do if they were able to pull in wrestlers from surrounding states. Sprinkle some stud recruits from OH, IL, Mich. into one of those lineups along with a few IN studs and look how the program turns around. IU and PU get some in-state guts now, but we the overall caliber of them could be better. The same could be said about Mid-West recruits to. IU and PU both get some but the overall caliber could be better. You also have to account for the fact that even if all talent did stay in-state at least a few wrestlers would realistically end up at Purdue. Heck they counted Purdue’s NCAA success towards the potential total IU could have had. While for the article comparison, WIS, SD, and WV wouldn’t have any legit DI schools with Wrestling to compete with their in-state talent. I get the point they want to make, but don’t read to much into the article. Should be be able to keep more top talent in state? Yes. Would that help improve the program? Definitely. But will all the hammers stay in state and if so would they all migrate to IU? That is highly unlikely. There are other perineal Top 10 programs who will always battle to get IN top studs even if IU starts hovering close to the Top 10. Then even if most stay, splitting the between our two DI program will limit the NCAA ceiling for either team. Saying the schools can do better in state is a given, and it should definitely be when compared two or even three of other schools listed.
  8. MattM

    P4P king of ‘19

    “That which shall not be names”. Has the tragic tails of Hoggwarts taught you nothing. You’re placing this whole thread in grave peril by referring to it by name.
  9. MattM

    2018 Dream Team Classic April 14

    Well there you go.......
  10. MattM

    2018 Dream Team Classic April 14

    Need to get these linked up to the Flo page for the event. Thanks for getting the interviews Nick.
  11. MattM

    2018 Dream Team Classic April 14

    Big brother is always watching.
  12. MattM

    2018 Dream Team Classic April 14

    Well if you don’t visit regularly then you miss out on those flash conversations that magically seem to “disappear.”
  13. MattM

    2018 Dream Team Classic April 14

    Going to be a slow night for you with all thd Indy socialites huddled around Brownsburg’s gym.
  14. Well then take them out by Danville and explain to them how cow tipping works. Some of them don’t have to know it has to be night when the cows asleep when trying it or that some of them are bulls.
  15. Have Nick set of some screens and have a Indiana vs USA Fortnite team event. I guarantee that will keep most of them occupied for several hours. Heck a few may miss their first call to the mat to finish their game.