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  1. Brayton Lee 8pm TONIGHT

    Great they did get my nomination for "National Super Smile of the Year!" Way to go Brayton, with a little time developing those cheek muscles you can bring the title back to Brownsburg.
  2. Yes, overall the Fresh/Soph Brackets got done within a reasonable time. For a first year event, those putting it on did well considering they had little clue who would show. 16-24 man brackets are workable, although it still makes for a long day. But under your combined plan I’m not sure it would get done at a decent time if the same number of F/S qualifiers showed and then add just as many for each of the 17 MS weights. I like the combined idea since it helps wrestlers, coaches, parents, fans, etc. get a great display of our young talent. I’m sure it could be built up to feel like a true state finals experience too. But for that to occur and to get people cleared out before its super late they would have lower the number of qualifiers so the brackets are within reason for a 31 weight class event. And yes you could double or triple the competitor numbers, find a location where you can spread out between 2 gyms and a large fieldhouse, then run the finals like they are just another match on one of the random mat. Things get done before midnight but I’m not sure that a state finals worthy format. I’m talking about a state finals event where at least the semi-finals and finals get a little more “main gym” attention like the competitors deserve and more fan would be willing show see (in person or at least paying online). Sure it’s not going to be a HS State Final type thing, but I think thing can be organized finish at a decent time and still highlight the best MS and Fresh/Soph wrestling in the state.
  3. That would work great as long as the system was set to limit the number of qualifiers to the state competition. As it stood last year the large number of fresh/soph qualifiers that got invited to state causes for some decent size brackets and a long day too. Hopefully after year one the qualification process get more streamline so the state brackets are manageable, state feels a little more prestigious, and we can add something like MS state to the same date.
  4. Michigan state open

    Guessing Lydy doesn’t choose down.
  5. Nick Lee question

    Yes the NCAA adjusted their ruler to allow HS wrerlers to compete against college athletes at these Open events. I would fully expect Joe to take advantage of this rule in order to get some added competition. As for Nick I’m sure he’s chomping at the bit to help his team out, but taking the redshirt is useful too. A redshit should lets him get more of the class load out of the way, build more college level strength, and develop more as a wrestler in order to make a great 4 year run in the future. Plus, with PSU being this stacked he will be helping his team make a title run for several years to come. But if they do pull his red shirt I’m sure it’s will be very similar to Mark Hall where Sanderson realized he needed someone else to ensure the team title also knew that’Hall was capable of winning an individual title.
  6. Lefever takes 3rd.
  7. Lefever will go for 3rd vs N. Reyes.
  8. Magazine?

    The pre-season magazine comes out Tomorrow Have your 15 dollar That tomorrow There'll be ranking! Just thinkin' about Tomorrow Clear away last years ranking, And your losses 'The new season has begun! When you see a wrestler That's a stud, And could make state , I just open that magazine And Grin, And Say, Nice pick Ontherise! The pre-season magazine come out Tomorrow So you can’t see if your kid is ranked 'Til tomorrow Come what may Tomorrow! Tomorrow! And if you don’t see your kids name Tomorrow! Just remember the true state ranking Are only 3 1/2 month A way!
  9. Lefever in semi-finals vs. Nick Heflin
  10. Just starting looking the event over so I’m not sure who all is entered that has Indiana ties. Women’s Freestyle and Men’s Greco are competing today. Men’s Freestyle on Friday and Saturday. Women’s Freestyle finals on Friday. Hildebrandt and Miricle both made the Women’s finals for their weight-class. I believe I saw that Riley Lefever competing in Freestyle.
  11. Mendez competing in the Ironman

    You may be getting two different story lines crossed since the thread got on a side tangent. Jesse Mendez won the MS Division at Super 32. One of the wrestlers Jesse will be facing during the upcoming Ironman MS Showcase is Crookham. He just won the Super32 HS Division as an 8th grader, though he maybe a slightly older one. That is the age discussion that we were having in some of the last few posts.
  12. Mendez competing in the Ironman

    I re-read the post. That person said he will be 15yo in 8th grade. So sure he could be 14 and turning 15 at some point in the school year. Sure he’s still a little older than the average MS student when someone says he got a HS title as a 8th grader. But it slightly more within the realm of acceptability than someone already being 15 this early in 8th grade. Even so as I said earlier it was a great showing when you consider much of his competition was still a year or two older than him.
  13. Jason Tsirtis

    Possible could be out at the start. May depend on how things go at the College Opens they attend. Shields is a very solid wrestlers that’s threatening to AA this year. Do Tsirtsis would have needed to be close to his old form anyway. Coming off that much of a career layoff, I fully expected a close match. But it’s still a disheartening to know Jason isn’t where we hoped he would be at this point. Does anyone know if he’s academically eligible from the start of this semester or do they have him on some type of academic probation until semester due to his previous situation. I know he wasn’t failing at NW, but wasn’t sure if the switch due to academics still put him on some type of athletic restriction to start the year. If so he may not be quite back to his old wrestling form since their isn’t as much motivation to get there in October when he won’t be able to hit the mat for the team until January. Even if if there isn’t a restriction I wouldn’t be surprised with the layoff he’s had if it’s a slow ramp up before he’s closer to his old form. Along with the fact he may likely need to drop another weight class To increase his chances of success. Although ASU has a solid wrestler there too. Not to mention he likely needs to make some adjustments to that form to be a viable AA candidate this season. Some of the last few years of NCAA rules tweaks haven’t exactly favor his earlier defensive style. In the end if he is able finishes off with a degree and can transition into a solid post college life then the change is still useful even if he never end up starting for ASU. But man it would be nice to see him make a comeback and have one more serious run at another title.
  14. Mendez competing in the Ironman

    I don't want to put a complete squash on what is a very impressive accomplishment, but I have read on themat.com that he may actually be 15 yo, which would be closer to a freshman in age than a MS student. With that said he still deserves accolades for winning a big national tournament considering most of his competition would still have been older than him. He’s a straight up stud and will no doubt win some more major events before he’s done. But in terms of promoting the win it doesn't sound like he is of normal 8th grade age And yes it’s going to be quite the set of wrestling matches at Ironman.
  15. I believe that's is "big brothering" in it's purest form. Although Lucas has developed quite a bit over the last couple years.