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  1. Middle School Weights

    Our MS team has already wrestled under 3 different sets of weight since the start of the season. Plus I know we will have at least 1 more different set of weight later in the year that we haven’t encountered yet. It’s a headache for coaches especially when we hear about the weight classes just a couple days prior to the meet. Not to mention a pain for the wrestler that should be worrying about improving and not constantly fluctuating weight classes. Start at different times of the year, that’s fine doesn’t hurt anyone you face. Have slightly different equipment rules, I can live with that since it’s your guys. Have different period lengths, OK at least it’s even for both wrestlers. Keep having to change weights through the year and not get told until days prior to the meet, that’s unfair to the team if not even teaching some the bad habits of fluctuate their weight constantly to fit into that weeks new weight class. I pushed for a number of years to try to have a more universal set up weights at least in our area but some AD/coaches are stubborn in their ways and in other cases the coaches change the weights yearly to what best aids that years team. With no MS governing body it will take most teams adopt a universial weight set before enough influence will be put on those type of schools to finally conform as well.
  2. Hughes vs IU?

    He’s out for the season. Messed his shoulder up during pre-season. Had surgery to repair it.
  3. If you are going by one sectional seeding interpretetion that says most wins over sectional opponents gets the seed then swain358’s version would be correct. Though there are flaws in that seeding interpretation which could lead to poor seeding. If you go by a different seed interpretation a 1 win lead give you advantage over the other wrestler, but additional wins over that same opponent has not added seeding benefit. In that case go to the next criteria to determine the seeds.
  4. Sectional mis-seeding

    That specific situation shouldn’t be an issue using Sectional Seed Criteria. After head to head and common opponents comes Semi-state quarterfinalist an furthest before record criteria is used. c. Semi‐State quarterfinalist, or higher in previous year IHSAA Tournament Series;d. Win percentage. A contestant with the best overall record (winning percentage) who has wrestled at least 10 Now if he was just a semi-state qualifier then the criteria of fathest advancement in the state tournament doesn’t come into play until after record.
  5. Illegal equipment

    So to clarify a “normal length” slide on knee pads, which are just around the knee area, is still OK to wear? And just these “extended length” full sleeve knee pads, which go up the thigh and down near the ankle, that are now illegal.
  6. Southridge Sectional

    Based on HHC results I’d say Floyd should have no issue getting 12 through with 9 finalists. NA 9 through with possibly 5 finalists.
  7. Big wins/upsets 1/20

    And also over Wathen 9-4.
  8. IndianaMat Poster Hall of Fame

    ^ This AncientElder grecoref Hook and Half I enjoy the nostalgic stories they would share.
  9. Brownsburg looks like they will pull this one off to cement the state top ranking and their 21st national ranking.
  10. The younger ones doing ok. Better than some Big10 Student U announcers I’ve heard. Biggest issue for new announcers is you don’t have to do a complete play-by-play since we can see the action. The older one at least is asking good questions to help clarify some stuff for those listening. Keep using your background knowledge of the wrestlers to help add to the info they don’t have readily available. All in all not an awful production Nick.
  11. Dang #thecounty dial up internet service.
  12. Undefeated????

    He didn’t even get to use his one free cat grooming lesson from Fabio. How sad.
  13. Hoosier Hills Conference

    Glad someone got something straightened out. Hopefully the papers republish it correctly.
  14. Nick Lee question

    I’m a major Lee fan and I’d say 6th a little high based on his current resume. Not saying he can’t get there, but he hasn’t proven he’s top 6 yet. I’d place him around 10th currently with room to improve. I’m sure PSU is banking on a AA finishing for him and hopefully he gets there by the end of the season. I’d put a similar ranking for Red based on his recent struggles. Maybe around 8th or 9th, but that could change depending on his next few matches. Either way Big10s will be exciting and both will be one match away from AA status.
  15. Nick Lee question

    With his brother at UIndy.